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Growing Pain 2 少年派2 Episode 9 Recap

I had seen Lv Jiawei chatting with a strange woman in a video before. The more Qian Sanyi thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong. He carefully investigated Lv Jiawei’s social account and found that the other party’s life trajectory was quite clean, but it seemed abnormal. When Jiang Tianhao learned about this, he thought that there was not enough evidence to tell Lin Miaomiao directly.

Wang Shengnan came to the kindergarten to pick up Lin Enough, but Lin Enough insisted to stay with Tian Xin until Tian Tian arrived late. In order to express his gratitude, Tian Tian took the initiative to invite Wang Shengnan to dinner, and smiled with her to eliminate his grievance. Wang Shengnan also learned that Tian Tian opened a company, and he was envious of it. He was a woman but had a different career and life.

Lv Jiawei invited Lin Miaomiao to dinner and apologized for missing the appointment last time. However, after a while, Lv Jiawei suddenly received a call saying that he was going back to the company to work overtime. Just when he was about to leave, Lin Miaomiao questioned whether the other party had something to hide from him. Lv Jiawei pretended to be embarrassed and admitted that he was taking private work outside the company, emphasizing that it was to prepare for the future life of the two.

Wang Shengnan took Lin Guguo home and saw Lin Dawei eating instant noodles, he couldn’t help but nag. On the other hand, Jiang Tianhao brought people to the booth near the Vientiane Company, and Lin Miaomiao came to help after get off work, but when he saw Qian Sanyi was there, his smile disappeared instantly, especially when he heard about Lv Jiawei’s video, he immediately retorted and turned around. Leave without giving Qian Sanyi a chance to explain.

Deng Xiaoqi couldn’t figure out why the director gave her two roles, and Li Xizhou told her not to think too much and could change the way of acting. When Lin Miaomiao returned home, Lin Dawei complained to her about Wang Shengnan. Recently, he always lost his temper for no reason, which made him very helpless.

Lin Miaomiao didn’t want to share the firepower for Lin Dawei, so how could she know that Lin Dawei hurriedly grabbed her and called Wang Shengnan loudly. Sure enough, Wang Shengnan came out with a stinky face and truthfully told the news of his divorce from Lin Dawei. At first, Lin Miaomiao didn’t quite believe it, thinking it was a joke, until she saw the divorce certificate and knew that the two would never leave home for divorce.

Deng Xiaoqi learned about this through Lin Miaomiao, and couldn’t help feeling that her uncle and aunt were very trendy. It happened that Lin Miaomiao was looking at her mobile phone and found that someone had left a message on the review of the secret room shop, and the other party added WeChat to ask about Lv Jiawei. Originally, Lin Miaomiao felt that something was wrong with Lv Jiawei, but now after chatting with the other party, it was Lv Jiawei’s fiancee Gao Feifei.

Lin Miaomiao and Gao Feifei made a plan, and they asked Lv Jiawei to meet at the same time. Lv Jiawei first accompanied Lin Miaomiao to the coffee shop, and suddenly received a text message from Gao Feifei on his mobile phone, so he pretended to have a stomachache and went to the bathroom, but in fact hurried upstairs to meet Gao Feifei.

When it was time to order food, Lin Miaomiao’s text message was also sent. Seeing this, Lv Jiawei continued to use the bathroom as an excuse, turned and ran downstairs to return to the cafe. This trip back and forth made Lv Jiawei sweat profusely, but when he came out of the restaurant again, he didn’t expect Lin Miaomiao to be standing opposite, and Gao Feifei came down the stairs.

The two women exposed Lv Jiawei’s true colors, and before leaving, Gao Feifei warned him to repay the money as soon as possible. Although Lv Jiawei kept saying that he only loved Lin Miaomiao, Lin Miaomiao didn’t believe it at all, and immediately saw Lv Jiawei turn around and chase after Gao Feifei. Just when Lin Miaomiao was leaning against the guardrail and felt sad, Lv Jiawei turned back and asked about the whereabouts of his briefcase, Lin Miaomiao slapped him directly.

As everyone knows, this scene has already been recorded on video, and then posted on the Internet to attract attention. The next day, Lin Miaomiao came to the company to learn about the video, and hurriedly contacted Gao Feifei. Unexpectedly, Gao Feifei admitted that she had asked someone to shoot the video. The reason for doing this was to want Lv Jiawei to lose his reputation.

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