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Growing Pain 2 少年派2 Episode 8 Recap

It was because Wang Shengnan was treated differently at work, so she went directly to Mr. Wu for the theory, but Mr. Wu said that the club was full of radishes and a pit, and now she has no suitable position. At the insistence of Wang Shengnan, President Wu had to call the personnel department, and then informed that only the equipment manager and cleaning were left.

Originally, Wu always wanted to use this method to force Wang Shengnan to retreat. How could he know that Wang Shengnan would rather be a cleaner than leave, and secretly used a computer to make a resume at night. Unfortunately, due to his age, most units are not very optimistic about Wang Shengnan, and the chance of successful application is close to zero.

While Deng Xiaoqi was waiting for the cast to assign roles, director Shen Qiaohua took a look at Li Xizhou and hoped that he would come to play the role of Faust. Since Li Xizhou was going to participate in a web drama, he really couldn’t be separated, so he decisively rejected Shen Qiaohua, but Deng Xiaoqi felt that Li Xizhou didn’t know how to cherish it and had a dispute with him.

In the subsequent assignment of roles, Deng Xiaoqi got an inconspicuous small role, and she felt very disappointed. Li Xizhou reassured Deng Xiaoqi not to care too much. If he is inexperienced, he will receive a big role. If he plays badly, it will greatly affect his self-confidence. However, Deng Xiaoqi couldn’t understand and could not accept it. At this time, in order to develop business, Jiang Tianhao specially came to the theater to deliver meals and planned to cooperate for a long time.

When Lin Dawei was watching TV at home, he found that his daughter Lin Miaomiao had actually become a photogenic reporter for an interview, so he hurriedly called Wang Shengnan. Although Wang Shengnan was very pleased, she was not as happy as she imagined, but she felt that she seemed to be getting older and was about to be eliminated by this society. However, Lin Dawei disagreed with this point of view, saying that at least he is still young, and Lin has not grown up yet.

Lv Jiawei asked Lin Miaomiao to go out for dinner, thinking about going to her house later, but Lin Miaomiao hesitated for a moment, and politely refused again. Although Lin Miaomiao would take this relationship seriously, but did not want to progress too fast, Lv Jiawei immediately explained that he did not have so many ideas and just wanted to watch a movie with Lin Miaomiao.

It happened that Deng Xiaoqi called to inform Li Xizhou that he was leaving, and everyone was going to have a dinner to see him off. Lv Jiawei readily agreed after knowing it. Jiang Tianhao also took the initiative to contact Qian Sanyi, mainly because Li Xizhou wanted to see him by name. After all, Deng Xiaoqi had a crush on Qian Sanyi before, so he always responded in a fair and open manner.

Since Wang Shengnan lost his position as head coach, he became more and more irritable, and Lin Dawei noticed something was wrong, not to mention the fact that he always mentioned age, which made Wang Shengnan even more angry. It is precisely because of this that Lin Dawei took Wang Shengnan to the hospital for examination, and the report showed that there was nothing wrong with the result, but it was a symptom of menopause.

After Jiang Tianhao organized the game, everyone prepared a farewell banquet for Li Xizhou. Qian Sanyi asked about Lin Miaomiao’s recent situation, but still got a cold response from the other party. Jiang Tianhao knew that Li Xizhou was leaving, and his mood became very good. He even sent Li Xizhou a good person card. Unexpectedly, Li Xizhou suddenly changed his decision and announced on the spot that he would stay and accompany Deng Xiaoqi to finish the play.

Deng Xiaoqi burst into tears when she heard it, but Jiang Tianhao’s happy expression disappeared instantly. After the dinner, Lv Jiawei came to pick up Lin Miaomiao in person, leaving only Jiang Tianhao and Qian Sanyi. Both of them felt that as long as the person they liked was willing to turn back, there would definitely be a chance. If Lin Miaomiao was willing to turn back, he would definitely stay where he was. Hearing the good brother’s words, Jiang Tianhao instantly felt relieved, bluntly said that this was true love, and immediately established a reserve alliance.

Early in the morning the next day, Qian Sanyi ran as usual. When he was passing downstairs of the Vientiane office, he suddenly saw Lv Jiawei chatting with a strange woman in a video chat, and the content of his words was intimate and ambiguous. In order to prevent himself from being exposed, Lv Jiawei took the initiative to find Lin Miaomiao, and said that Qian Sanyi saw that he was chatting with a client, and he was afraid that he would make a small report in front of her. The meaning of these words is to imply that Qian Sanyi is targeting him, and Lin Miaomiao will be suspicious.

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