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Growing Pain 2 少年派2 Episode 10 Recap

In order to retaliate, Gao Feifei completely ignored the consequences and even the feelings of others. Although Lin Miaomiao was very angry, she has no evidence to prove her innocence now. It is also because the two became the focus of online attacks, Director Xiao saw the decadent Lin Miaomiao in the pantry and advised her not to care, just live in the moment and do her job well.

On the other hand, Cao Shuangyin lost the project because of this incident and faced liquidated damages, so he named Lin Miaomiao to fire. However, Tian Tian thought that Lin Miaomiao could not take all the responsibilities. After all, Lv Jiawei was the biggest problem, so she asked her husband Cao Shuangyin to give her some time, and then she would handle the matter well.

For the sake of his reputation, Lv Jiawei hurriedly sought Lin Miaomiao’s forgiveness, saying that she was his favorite, and Gao Feifei was just the most suitable woman for marriage in society. Lin Miaomiao didn’t care about Lv Jiawei’s thoughts at all, and the relationship between the two broke down. How could she know that Lv Jiawei suddenly knelt on the ground and begged Lin Miaomiao to clarify that the video was a short video shot by the two jokingly. Lin Miaomiao has no feelings for Lv Jiawei in her heart, no matter what the other party says, she will not agree.

Jiangzhou TV station was going to interview the club. Wang Shengnan thought he would send Lin Miaomiao over to discuss it with Sun Qi, and wanted him to leave him a coaching position. Sun Qi thought for a moment and agreed, and introduced Wang Shengnan to the TV station, claiming that he was only an assistant coach and Wang Shengnan was a senior coach.

But the problem is that the reporter in charge of the interview has the same name as Lin Miaomiao, and Wang Shengnan didn’t know about Lin Miaomiao’s dismissal until after the interview. Because of this, his mood fluctuated greatly, and he didn’t know whether to be sad or angry. On the other hand, Tian Tian called Lin Miaomiao to the office alone. Since Lin Miaomiao’s matter involved the interests of Vientiane Company, the company had to make a decision.

Lin Miaomiao offered to resign and was willing to take all the responsibilities, but Tian Tian let Lin Miaomiao choose to stay in Vientiane and slowly make up for the company’s interests. And Tian Tian feels that this video has attracted a lot of attention, which is enough to show that Lin Miaomiao is a person who can output opinions and create laughs, and is very suitable for the self-media industry.

How could Lin Miaomiao confessed to Tian Tian that the video was not planned by herself, but a passive participant. Although she wanted to stay in the Vientiane company, she was unwilling to pretend to be greedy. Tian Tian appreciated Lin Miaomiao’s sincerity, so she was transferred to the strategic planning department, responsible for planning and incubating new projects. Before Lin Miaomiao left the office, she asked Tian Tian’s company’s punishment for Lv Jiawei.

Tian Tian said that he has no right to manage Lv Jiawei’s private affairs. Lv Jiawei now has a project in his hands, and the company will not fire Lv Jiawei for profit. Lin Miaomiao suddenly realized that she would work harder to surpass Lv Jiawei, and then she would ask Tian Tian for an explanation.

When Lin Miaomiao came out of the office, Lv Jiawei deliberately provoked and pretended to help introduce the job and let her leave Wang Xiao Company. Lin Miaomiao announced to her colleagues in public that she would challenge Lv Jiawei to show that even if she was transferred to the Strategy Department, she would still have the opportunity to surpass her. Hearing this, Tian Tian showed a satisfied smile.

Because online public opinion and work had already made Lin Miaomiao irritable, Wang Shengnan was still questioning repeatedly. Lin Dawei felt very uncomfortable watching the mother and daughter arguing, but he didn’t know how to persuade them.

Wang Shengnan felt very uncomfortable. He felt that his daughter didn’t understand him, and even his husband didn’t help to speak. He sat alone on the sofa and cried. Lin Miaomiao walked aimlessly on the street, calling Deng Xiaoqi and Jiang Tianhao in succession, but both of them were busy until they opened Qian Sanyi’s chat interface, they hesitated for a long time and still did not send a message. At this time, Jiang Tianhao and Deng Xiaoqi squatted to choose the store for many days, and finally waited until the boss appeared.

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