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The Heart of Genius 天才基本法 Episode 2 Recap

Ji Jiang was called Dang Aimin when he was a child, but he changed his name to Ji Jiang when he grew up and became an actor. He came to call Lin Chaoxi to go to school early in the morning, but Lin Chaoxi resisted. She was 23 years old, but she was going to primary school. Ji Jiang reminded her Don’t make a fool of yourself, or you will be regarded as mentally ill, and you will be punished for truancy. Lin Zhaoxi is determined not to do it, she wants to go home immediately, and hopes to travel back to 2018 from there.

Teacher Li from the welfare home called out to the children to gather downstairs. Lin Chaoxi had to go downstairs with Ji Jiang to line up. Teacher Li took the children to school. The bus, she decided to go to the wall to find the formula that was erased, hoping to cross back in the same way. If there is no formula on the wall, tear up the photo of the group photo and try to see if it can be returned to the original. Neither of these two plans worked, so Lin Chaoxi went to find her father, Lin Zhaosheng. How could she be an orphan? Ji Jiang felt that what Li Zhengxun said made sense.

The teacher found that Lin Chaoxi and Ji Jiang had not come to class, so she called to inform Teacher Li. Teacher Li was so anxious, Dang Aiping advised her not to worry. Lin Chaoxi and Ji Jiang hurried back to their original home and found that the formula on the wall had been erased. Ji Jiang shredded the photos on the spot, but they didn’t go back. Lin Chaoxi was so anxious that he had to take Ji Jiang to find Lin Zhaosheng.

Lin Zhaosheng took his girlfriend Qian Qian home on a motorcycle. Lin Zhaoxi came up to meet him. Lin Zhaosheng did not know Lin Zhaoxi at all. Lin Zhaoxi accurately stated Lin Zhaosheng’s birth year and the names of his grandparents. Qian Qian believed that Lin Zhaosheng was lying. , pissed off, turned around and left. Lin Chaoxi insisted that Lin Zhaosheng was her father, and told in detail how Lin Zhaosheng was knocked out and discharged from the hospital. Lin Zhaosheng warned her not to talk nonsense, and then walked away.

Ji Jiang persuaded Lin Chaoxi to go back to the orphanage first, and then find a way to travel back. Lin Chaoxi was thinking about Lin Zhaosheng, who was unconscious in the hospital. She was eager to return to 2018, but she couldn’t think of a practical way. Teacher Li came to them, took them to a restaurant for lunch, and persuaded them to go back to school. Ji Jiang Hanchuang studied hard for 16 years before he became famous. He was not willing to give up, but there was nothing he could do.

Lin Chaoxi and Ji Jiang resolutely went back to school. Lin Chaoxi was so full of thoughts that she wanted to go back, but she couldn’t listen at all. The teacher ordered her to stand in the back and listen to the class. When Ji Jiang heard that Lin Zhaoxi was punished, he came to comfort her. Lu Zhihao, a classmate, thought they were dating and threatened to tell the teacher. Ji Jiang tried his best to please him because he would be his manager in the future. Zhang Fangwensan’s CD.

Ji Jiang, Lin Zhaoxi and Lu Zhihao came to the video store together. Lin Chaoxi saw the 2006 CD, and without saying a word, pulled Ji Jiang and went to the Internet cafe. After finding out what happened in the entertainment industry, Lin Chaoxi suddenly felt that they were here. In a parallel world, she called it the “cheese” world, and what she wanted to go back to was the “strawberry” world. She had never seen Lin Zhaosheng with shawl hair since she was a child.

Lin Chaoxi realized that a small change in the cheese world would change the world. There is a different life, she and Ji Jiang discussed it, and wanted to take another photo of the same thing through hard work, maybe they can successfully return to the strawberry world. Ji Jiang thinks it makes sense. First of all, they must study mathematics well and get admitted to Zhang Shuping’s Olympiad. training camp.

Today, some caring people came to the orphanage to send warmth. Dang Aiping dressed up Lin Chaoxi, hoping that someone would adopt her. Lin Chaoxi sneaked Ji Jiang out in the chaos. They came to Lin Zhaosheng’s house and took out the door from the mailbox. The key, the neighbor passed by, Lin Chaoxi pretended to be Lin Zhaosheng’s niece, and asked from the neighbor that Lin Zhaosheng worked in the Youth Palace. Lin Zhaoxi and Ji Jiang opened the door and entered the house, and found that the home was full of mathematics learning materials.

Lin Chaoxi took Ji Jiang to the Youth Palace, but there was no teacher named Lin Zhaosheng, so Lin Chaoxi had to leave in disappointment. She and Ji Jiang came to the street and saw someone selling a book about mental arithmetic at a high price. Lin Chaoxi exposed the book in public. The book was pirated, and the original author’s name was mentioned.

That person deliberately made things difficult for Lin Chaoxi, and asked the parents onlookers to give a difficult arithmetic question. Lin Chaoxi couldn’t answer it. Pei Zhi gave the answer accurately. After chasing to beat Pei Zhi, Pei Zhi was so frightened that she ordered her, and Lin Zhaoxi and Ji Jiang ran with him. Lin Zhaosheng tripped the man, forbid him to sell pirated books to deceive people, and forcibly drove him away.

Lin Chaoxi pestered Lin Zhaosheng and insisted that the two of them were father and daughter relationship, and accurately stated all the information of Lin Zhaosheng, but Lin Zhaosheng still did not believe it.

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