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Growing Pain 2 少年派2 Episode 7 Recap

In order to save face for himself, Jiang Tianhao specially rented a nanny car to pick him up, and arranged for a high-end hotel. However, at the dinner table, Li Xizhou and Deng Xiaoqi chatted out of their minds, especially with his experience as an actor, he could provide Deng Xiaoqi with valuable experience and fully elaborate on the tension of the drama and the problems of lines.

Because of this, Jiang Tianhao was aware of his own shortcomings. Although he knew that Li Xizhou was more suitable, he still didn’t want to give up, and felt that he might see rewards in the end. Not long after the dinner, Wang Shengnan suddenly came to check Ganglin Miaomiao.

However, Lin Miaomiao couldn’t understand Jiang Tianhao’s flamboyant behavior, and she couldn’t help asking Jiang Tianhao’s opinion on Li Xizhou. In all fairness, Jiang Tianhao didn’t dislike Li Xizhou at all, and even thought that he and Deng Xiaoqi had a common topic, but it was a pity that the face was too much tonight, so that there was not much left in the account.

When Li Xizhou checked into the hotel Jiang Tianhao had booked, he obviously noticed that Jiang Tianhao liked Deng Xiaoqi, so he couldn’t help but teased a few words, which angered Deng Xiaoqi. From Deng Xiaoqi’s point of view, Jiang Tianhao and Lin Miaomiao were both the people he cared about the most. If it wasn’t for their help at the beginning, it would have been difficult for them to complete their studies.

Qian Sanyi knew that Lin Miaomiao joined the Vientiane Company, so he carefully analyzed and compiled a document through the content of the Vientiane official account, hoping to give Lin Miaomiao a reference. Lin Miaomiao stayed at her parents’ house and lay in bed in the middle of the night, tossing and turning.

Wang Shengnan has reached menopause, and his emotional state is often unstable. In the middle of the night, he suddenly pulls up his husband and begins to talk about the hard process of his pregnancy and childbirth. Although Wang Shengnan complained and complained, he felt very happy after thinking about it. After all, the family was in harmony with his children, and as a result Lin Dawei’s snoring became louder and louder.

In order to get life back on track as soon as possible, Qian Sanyi changed the night run to a morning run, but his face still looked rather haggard. Lin Miaomiao was almost late for work on the first day because of the traffic jam in the morning rush hour. Fortunately, Tian Tian did not go into it, and directly informed Director Xiao to bring Lin Miaomiao to familiarize himself with the department environment.

Director Xiao kindly told Lin Miaomiao to prepare for the regular meeting. After all, President Tian often checks interns, and if he is not careful, he may be swept out of the house. Sure enough, as soon as these words came out, an intern screamed and left the company. Lin Miaomiao was frightened and nodded hurriedly to show her understanding.

At this regular meeting, Tian Tian asked about the recent data changes. Director Xiao said that there was not much fluctuation, and others did not dare to say much, so it was difficult to give a clever plan to break through the current bottleneck period. Because the problems the company is facing now are common phenomena on the Internet, and the countermeasures are completely unthinkable for a while.

Tian Tian saw that Lin Miaomiao nodded frequently and asked her to answer by calling her name in public. Lin Miaomiao thought of the information she saw last night in a hurry, and she recounted it truthfully without a word. It really won Tian Tian’s favor, and reminded Director Xiao to be careful. With Lin Miaomiao. Director Xiao is naturally very willing, but Lv Jiawei’s face is ugly, and he is jealous.

After the regular meeting, Lin Miaomiao took the initiative to send a message to Qian Sanyi to express her gratitude. Originally, Qian Sanyi was full of smiles, but when he saw Jiang Tianhao’s reply and learned that Lv Jiawei recommended Lin Miaomiao to go to Vientiane Company, his smile immediately condensed, and then he became disappointed and sad.

It was already past get off work hours, but everyone was still busy in the company. Lin Miaomiao couldn’t help sending a message to Lv Jiawei, only to know that Director Xiao left the company to officially leave work. Knowing that Lin Miaomiao was still hungry, Lv Jiawei quietly handed her a box of potato chips. Fortunately, Director Xiao left the company after receiving a call from a customer, and the other employees immediately packed up and left.

Just when Lv Jiawei was about to send Lin Miaomiao home, he suddenly received a call to attend the client’s dinner. Lin Miaomiao didn’t say much, and went straight to Tianhao’s small kitchen to eat. Seeing Lin Miaomiao gobbling it, Jiang Tianhao directly asked why the media industry was so difficult, and those who didn’t know it thought he was going to be a laborer.

Wang Shengnan was about to retire, so Mr. Wu recruited a young teacher, Sun Qi, to replace Wang Shengnan. Although President Wu emphasized that he was cooperating with Wang Shengnan to take charge of the training, but for a period of time after that, Sun Qi took the power alone and paid no attention to other teachers at all.

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