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Growing Pain 2 少年派2 Episode 6 Recap

After returning home, Lin Miaomiao repeatedly played Qian Sanyi’s previous voice, over and over again, until she deleted all the audio, and threw the stacked stars into the trash can, saying goodbye to the past completely. Jiang Tianhao fell into a painful relationship, which made Xiao Zhao, who was already in love with him, feel that he had a chance, and deliberately hinted that the other party should cherish the person in front of him.

When Lin Miaomiao and Deng Xiaoqi were chatting, they suddenly received news from Jiang Tianhao and agreed to have dinner together in the evening. Qian Sanyi looked at the chat records in the group, silently turned off his mobile phone, and walked back to the room alone, as if he was in the torrential rain, obviously his condition was serious.

Jiang Tianhao specially arranged a whole table of meals, but unfortunately, only Qian Sanyi was missing. When he called to invite him, Yan Yudi was the one who answered the call. At this time, Vientiane Company notified Lin Miaomiao to prepare for the interview tomorrow. Lin Miaomiao did not submit her resume to the other party at all, but Jiang Tianhao analyzed that it was recommended by Lv Jiawei, and she should prepare well.

The Vientiane Company is also involved in the field of self-media, and it can be regarded as a major fit for Lin Miaomiao. Jiang Tianhao is full of praise for this, saying that if she becomes famous in the future, she must not forget to promote her restaurant. While the two were talking, Wang Shengnan suddenly called, and Lin Miaomiao almost missed out, adding in time that she applied to Taili to be transferred to be an editor.

Wang Shengnan was naturally very satisfied with his daughter’s development in the TV station, and immediately asked for a video to help him choose clothes tomorrow morning. Jiang Tianhao was also a little nervous and concerned about whether Lin Miaomiao could pass the interview. The next morning, Wang Shengnan really sent a video to personally design a suitable professional suit for his daughter. It seemed that she was mature and stable, completely out of line with her actual age.

When Qian Sanyi learned that Lin Miaomiao was going for an interview, he couldn’t help sending a message to Jiang Tianhao to ask about the situation, and even began to fantasize about the sweet picture of himself and Lin Miaomiao. Immediately after countless vines emerged, Qian Sanyi was firmly bound in place. Yan Yudi heard a cry from the bathroom, and hurried over, thinking of going to the hospital as soon as possible to check Qian Sanyi. Sany was very painful, and especially hoped to accompany Lin Miaomiao for the interview.

Here, Lin Miaomiao met the general manager in the Vientiane company. The other party was Tian Xin’s mother Tian Tian. She spoke straightforwardly and straightforwardly. Although she was smiling throughout the whole process, it was not difficult to see that she was an extremely powerful woman. However, in the process of self-introduction, Lin Miaomiao was repeatedly interrupted by her words, which gradually weakened her confidence.

I thought it was a fruitless interview, how could I know that the company’s intern suddenly resigned, Tian Tian announced on the spot that Lin Miaomiao was hired, and the salary during the internship was 3,000, and asked her to stop trying such old-fashioned clothes, young people should Vitality and energy are required.

Just when Lin Miaomiao was about to leave the company, she didn’t expect to meet Lv Jiawei in the corridor. Just as she was about to thank him, Lv Jiawei was dragged to the stairwell, and she was like a bird in shock. When he heard that Lin Miaomiao came to the company for an interview, Lv Jiawei’s expression flashed with surprise, and then he admitted that he recommended her to the company.

However, Lv Jiawei explained the company’s rules and regulations to Lin Miaomiao, and it was clear that office romance was not allowed, so the two should pay attention to their proportions in front of their colleagues. Lin Miaomiao believed it to be true, and after she left Vientiane, Lv Jiawei told Director Xiao again, confirming that he did recommend Lin Miaomiao to general manager Tian Tian.

In order to celebrate Lin Miaomiao’s successful entry into the new company, Jiang Tianhao cooked again to prepare a big meal. How could Li Xizhou come to Jiangzhou alone without notifying Deng Xiaoqi in advance. Deng Xiaoqi went to the airport to pick up her boyfriend in person. Before the two met to exchange a few words, Jiang Tianhao hurried over, deliberately wearing a mask to prevent the epidemic, and forcibly separated Li Xizhou and Deng Xiaoqi.

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