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Growing Pain 2 少年派2 Episode 5 Recap

In order to cater to Deng Xiaoqi’s cheongsam dress, Jiang Tianhao showed people in women’s clothes and showed his motherhood. In fact, Deng Xiaoqi deliberately appeared to be bright, and she also wanted to complete the three important tasks today. First, she had to observe whether Lin Miaomiao was deceiving herself, and she had not completely turned the page in her heart.

Secondly, Deng Xiaoqi must find out what Lv Jiawei’s character is, and finally know Yan Yudi’s identity and the relationship between her and Qian Sanyi. If the relationship between the two is innocent, and Lv Jiawei happens to be a scumbag, he will specifically help Lin Miaomiao’s relationship get back on track in the future.

While they were talking, Lin Miaomiao and Qian Sanyi each brought people over to the appointment, and the scene was still very incongruous, especially when Lin Miaomiao saw Yan Yudi, her tone and attitude were extremely bad. Through Yan Yudi’s self-introduction, everyone knew that the other party was a dentist and Qian Sanyi’s childhood sweetheart.

When Lin Miaomiao heard these words, she felt even more uncomfortable, and urged everyone to get ready to enter the secret room. However, in the elevator room, Qian Sanyi endured the claustrophobic fear, Lin Miaomiao did not notice the difference, and deliberately showed affection with Lv Jiawei in public. Deng Xiaoqi and Jiang Tianhao looked at each other, but they really couldn’t get into the topic.

At the first level of the secret room, everyone checked the details to find clues. Lv Jiawei found the playing cards on the ground, but Deng Xiaoqi pretended to be afraid and posted them, so he quickly handed Deng Xiaoqi to Lin Miaomiao to take care of. Through this move, it is temporarily determined that Lv Jiawei is Liu Xiahui, who is not in a state of confusion, and he gave full play to his wit and his gentleness towards his girlfriend Lin Miaomiao in the process of breaking through.

On the other hand, Yan Yudi paid attention to Qian Sanyi’s situation throughout the whole process, from the initial forbearance to the back almost exhausted, watching his face become more and more pale. Jiang Tianhao accidentally guessed the organization, which caused the scene to be dark. Fortunately, he was carrying an electric baton with him. Just as he was distributing it to everyone, the typewriter beside him suddenly rang.

There were various Morse codes written on a piece of paper. Qian Sanyi parsed the content of the code. Lv Jiawei understood it and added the next words to enter the correct answer. When entering the third level, Jiang Tianhao and Deng Xiaoqi decided to speed up their actions, and each led people into the two secret rooms, leaving Lin Miaomiao and Qian Sanyi with space to be alone.

Deng Xiaoqi felt that Yan Yudi was concealing many things, but Yan Yudi refused to disclose it. At the same time, Jiang Tianhao deliberately chatted with Lv Jiawei, and offered to take him to a nightclub another day, but Lv Jiawei refused righteously. On the other hand, Qian Sanyi wanted to explain to Lin Miaomiao, but before he finished speaking, the electronic screen fell from the sky, and it took three people to crack it at the same time to open the door.

Lv Jiawei, Qian Sanyi, and Yan Yudi were all intellectuals, and they quickly thought of the direction of cracking. After the door opened, the last level appeared in front of everyone. Lv Jiawei observed the surrounding details, and if he wanted to escape within five minutes, he needed someone to complete the performance.

It happened that Yan Yudi could play the piano, and Qian Sanyi immediately said the name of the piece after listening to the numbers reported by Lv Jiawei. After Yan Yudi’s performance, the escape door was completely opened, and everyone took a group photo with different thoughts. Because Qian Sanyi was not feeling well, Yan Yudi sent him home first, and Lin Miaomiao also left with Lv Jiawei.

On the way back, Deng Xiaoqi thought again and again and decided to explain the situation to Jiang Tianhao, saying that she was already in love and was very happy. Although Jiang Tianhao felt very uncomfortable, after calming down, he still accepted this reality, and only hoped that the friendship between the four would never change.

Lv Jiawei noticed that Lin Miaomiao was always in a low mood, and knew that she still couldn’t give up Qian Sanyi, and was willing to give her enough time. Lin Miaomiao felt that after Qian Sanyi came back, she seemed to be a different person, which made her feel very unfamiliar, but she still couldn’t accept Lv Jiawei’s approach, and kept maintaining a normal relationship and distance. That night, Qian Sanyi woke up from the nightmare in a dream that his mentor committed suicide.

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