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Growing Pain 2 少年派2 Episode 4 Recap

Before the results of this interview came out, Deng Xiaoqi would continue to stay in Jiangzhou. Since the last time she saw Hidden Dragons and Crouching Tigers in the drama troupe, she has gradually lost confidence in herself. Jiang Tianhao thought that Deng Xiaoqi was in a bad mood, and Lin Miaomiao was also there, so he took the initiative to ask Qian Sanyi for a dinner, but he did not expect the other party to agree readily.

But it was precisely because of Qian Sanyi’s arrival that Lin Miaomiao never looked good, and the atmosphere between them was quite awkward. It was all due to Jiang Tianhao and Deng Xiaoqi being active in it. As a result, they bickered whenever they disagreed. Lin Miaomiao deliberately mentioned the previous encounter at the airport, and stared at Qian Sanyi, but Qian Sanyi held back her emotions and hesitated many times.

Under Jiang Tianhao’s repeated urging, Qian Sanyi sincerely apologized and hoped that everyone could accept themselves again. However, Lin Miaomiao was forced to accept the apology, and immediately announced the news of the relationship. Her boyfriend is Lv Jiawei, a college teacher, who talked about the process of getting to know each other and their hobbies.

Sure enough, as soon as these words came out, the atmosphere that had not yet completely eased, also dropped to freezing point because of this incident. Qian Sanyi ran to the bathroom to flush the water to calm down, but did not respond to Jiang Tianhao’s question. As for Lin Miaomiao’s impulse to agree to Lv Jiawei’s confession, in fact, in her opinion, as long as they get along with each other freely, there is no need to investigate whether it is true love.

After the dinner, everyone separated, Lin Miaomiao felt more and more upset when she saw a woman coming to pick up the money Sanyi, she was obviously jealous and pretended not to care. That night, Lin Miaomiao was forced by her mother to take a postgraduate entrance examination, or she was a regular trainee at the TV station. In short, both things were completely hopeless.

While eating during the day, Lin Miaomiao proposed to make an appointment to go to the secret room. Although Qian Sanyi suffered from severe claustrophobia, he did not want to miss everyone’s life and finally decided to participate. As Qian Sanyi’s temporary guardian in Jiangzhou, Yan Yudi had to check his physical condition, so he asked to accompany him.

The next morning, Wang Shengnan shared his parenting experience with Lin Dawei and how he persuaded Lin Miaomiao to accept the postgraduate entrance examination. He was very proud of it. However, Wang Shengnan sent Lin Guguo to the kindergarten, but unfortunately he ran into trouble. Lin Guguo still remembered the previous agreement, as long as Tian Xin didn’t show up, he would not enter the kindergarten.

Just when Wang Shengnan was worried, fortunately, Tian Tian had brought his daughter to the gate. Compared with Tian Xin’s father’s elegance and wit, Tian Xin’s mother’s attitude towards Wang Shengnan was not friendly, especially when there was a disagreement in educational philosophy, Wang Shengnan refused to be outdone and finally broke up.

In the following interview process, Shen Qiaohua explained his understanding of the performance and commented on the basis of everyone’s lines one by one, and was reprimanded without exception. When it was Deng Xiaoqi’s turn to memorize the manuscript, Shen Qiaohua suddenly applauded, and the others responded one after another, but Deng Xiaoqi was flattered.

However, before Deng Xiaoqi could calm down her joy, Shen Qiaohua used sharp and ruthless words to ridicule her that this method was a negative teaching material. Lin Miaomiao heard that Deng Xiaoqi was upset about this matter, but Deng Xiaoqi felt that Shen Qiaohua was right, and at the same time was disappointed in herself.

Wang Shengnan felt unwell during the training. After get off work, he went home and lay on the sofa. He was very sick. Lin Dawei suggested going to the hospital for an examination, but was rejected by Wang Shengnan, saying that he had already checked on the Internet that it was caused by atrial fibrillation, and he just needed more rest.

At the same time, Lin Miaomiao remembered that it was a secret room entry tonight, so she took the initiative to call Lu Jiawei to go with her. Lv Jiawei heard that she wanted to meet Lin Miaomiao’s friend, and regretted not dressing up properly, but Lin Miaomiao didn’t care at all. Although she praised Lv Jiawei in all her words, she still resented too intimate contact.

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