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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 9 Recap

Yan Dan lowered her head and returned to the library in frustration. Luming saw that something was wrong with her, and asked her for warmth. Yan Dan didn’t want to say too much. She hurriedly went to the treasure library to wait for Yu Mo, and wanted to hide the fairy tortoise in the treasure box and transport it out of the heaven. Yan Dan hid quietly on the roof of the Treasure Pavilion, and Yu Mo didn’t show up for a long time. Yan Dan fell asleep in a daze. He dreamed that Ying Yuan came to ask her for his life. Yan Dan was so frightened that he lost his footing and fell from the roof.

The sky soldier on patrol at night saw Yan Dan and mistook her for a thief. Yan Dan explained repeatedly that he was able to escape, and she decided to find another opportunity to send the fairy turtle away. Yu Mo finally turned into a human figure. He came to the appointed place and found that Yan Dan had long since disappeared. Yan Dan came to Diya unknowingly and saw Ying Yuan tied himself under the Kunlun tree to atone for his sins, Yan Dan was very sad, Ying Yuan couldn’t see her because of her blindness, and persuaded her to leave as soon as possible, Yan Dan lied that she was hiding.

The little immortal servant of the Fa Pavilion wanted to save Ying Yuan, but Ying Yuan had to admit that the fire poison had eroded his bone marrow, he would die soon, and wanted to fend for himself here, Yan Dan encouraged him to stay strong and asked casually. Ying Yuan asked her about the feast of Yaochi, and Yan Dan told her about the grand occasion at that time.

Yu Mo didn’t wait for Yan Dan, so he came to Lu Ming to ask, and Lu Ming didn’t know where Yan Dan was going. Yu Mo came to Diya and saw Yan Dan acting for Ying Yuan from a distance, he felt sour and had to leave silently. Yan Dan finished the play from beginning to end, and once again persuaded Ying Yuan to release the bondage and return to Yanxu Tiangong. Ying Yuan did not want to live in the world and forced her away.

The Dragon King of the East China Sea came to Xuanxin Cliff to visit Ao Xuan and Chao Lan. He saw the immortal energy here, and he was overjoyed. The Dragon King of the East China Sea taught Ao Xuan a set of Qi Gathering Mind Techniques to help them both transform into human figures as soon as possible and achieve a period The story of the Dragon Clan, Yu Mo was drinking wine by the lotus pond to drown his sorrows, and when he saw this warm scene accidentally, he couldn’t help thinking of the beautiful past, and he had mixed feelings in his heart.

Yan Dan came to the temple and sincerely prayed for Yingyuan. Yu Mo lost his soul and came to the library to find Yan Dan. Luming saw at a glance that Yu Mo was in love with Yan Dan. Yu Mo admitted that he had wishful thinking about Yan Dan, and asked Luming to help him hide it.

Yan Dan came later and complained that Yu Mo had missed the appointment. Yu Mo and Huang Chenguang followed the East China Sea Dragon King to learn the mind and forget the time. Yan Dan no longer pursued it. Yu Mo wanted to find another chance to let go of the fairy turtle, but Yan Dan had to give up. Lu Ming complained that Yu Mo shouldn’t hide his feelings, Yu Mo didn’t want to make Yan Dan more troublesome, he just wanted to stay by her side silently.

Yan Dan went to the library to check the books, and learned that the fire poison in Ying Yuan was incurable. She was not reconciled. She came to Di Ya again to find Ying Yuan and brought him sweet-scented osmanthus cake. Ying Yuan smelled a faint smell on her body. Hanlian Huaxiang suspected that she was Yan Dan, but she didn’t dare to confirm. Yan Dan wanted to stay by his side to take care of him. Ying Yuan said a lot of heartless words, but Yan Dan didn’t care at all.

The shock went out so far, the Buli bracelet on his wrist fell to the ground and shattered. Ying Yuan was tortured to the death, and the pain was unbearable. Yan Dan used all his mana to help Ying Yuan relieve the pain, hugged him tightly and did not let go, vowing to be with him. He was dependent on life and death, and Ying Yuan gradually calmed down.

Yan Dan found out that the Dragon King of the East China Sea was going to bring a batch of medicinal materials back to the Dragon Palace, so he and Yu Mo came to the Tianyi Museum. They put the fairy tortoise in the batch of medicinal materials. The heart of four-leaf hanli can detoxify fire. Yan Dan was very surprised and decided to use her heart to save Ying Yuan. She came to Diya again and found that Ying Yuan had isolated herself with the Jue Chen technique. Yan Dan could not get close, so she had to dig a tunnel, but unexpectedly dug out the seal below.

Asura Undead–Ren Soul Sword Spirit, Yan Dan was chased and intercepted by Asura Undead Spirit, Ying Yuan had to help, Ren Soul Sword Spirit took the opportunity to sneak up on Yan Dan, Ying Yuan fought with him, he recognized Ying Yuan as a descendant of Asura, and was willing to sacrifice Yan Dan did not expect that Ying Yuan was a descendant of the Shura clan. Ying Yuan saw the leaves of the Kunlun wither and yellowed and persuaded Yan Dan to leave as soon as possible to avoid being seriously injured. Yan Dan refused to leave and wanted to live with him. die together.

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