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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 8 Recap

After Ying Yuan left without saying goodbye, Emperor Zun blocked the news, not allowing anyone to enter the Tianyi Hall, and not allowing Tianyi to reveal Ying Yuan’s condition. The immortal servants of Yanxu Tiangong could only bully Ying Yuan. Yan Dan ignored the dissuasion of the immortal servants and insisted on going to the Tianyi Museum to see what happened. The fire poison in Ying Yuan’s body has penetrated into the bone marrow, causing blindness in both eyes and trance. Ying Yuan’s spirit and spirit are completely lost. He is like a transparent person who walks on the roof with his eyes covered with white cloth. The top tile belt fell to the ground.

Yan Dan passed by, she couldn’t see Ying Yuan, only saw fragments of bricks and tiles, she couldn’t help thinking of Ying Yuan, Yan Dan was very sad, prayed with tears for Ying Yuan to come back soon, and let Ying Yuan watch the big play she wrote. When Ying Yuan heard Yan Dan’s heartfelt words in a trance, he had mixed feelings in his heart and did not dare to recognize Yan Dan, worried that his death would only increase Yan Dan’s pain, Yan Dan ran away with tears in his heart, and Ying Yuan’s heart was twisted like a knife.

Yan Dan came to the Tianyi Museum and strongly demanded to go in to take care of Ying Yuan. Tianyi had to say that Ying Yuan had bid farewell to the emperor to relax. Yan Dan didn’t believe it at all, so he came to Beiming Xianjun to inquire about the situation, but he did not expect Beiming Xianjun He had already been sentenced to death by the Heavenly Doctor, and his fairy spirit and soul had been lost. He was in unbearable pain and only wanted to die. Marshal Huo De couldn’t bear to watch it, so he had to leave silently.

Yan Dan took the revival pill and wanted to save the life of Xianjun Beiming. Yu Mo came after hearing the news. He didn’t want to see Xianjun Beiming being tortured to the point of death. Mo’s wish is to recognize Beiming Xianjun after transforming into a human form. She uses all her spiritual power to relieve Beiming Xianjun’s pain and wants him and Yu Mo to see each other for the last time. Beiming Xianjun gradually woke up, Yu Mo knelt on the ground and recognized him, Beiming Xianjun was very pleased, and then passed away, Yan Dan was so sad that he wanted to live, Yu Mo took it out

His scales are commemorated by Xianjun Beiming. Afterwards, Emperor Zun led all the immortals in the heavens to bury Beiming Xianjun and Jidu Xingjun and others. Yu Mo and Yan Dan were sitting on the cliff, thinking of the death of Xianjun Beiming, but the immortals in the heaven were indifferent, and the emperor just gave him a coffin. Xiandu was ruthless, and Yu Mo couldn’t vent the anguish in his heart. Yan Dan used the mana in his body to rain down on Xianjun Beiming, promising to take good care of Yu Mo, and Yan Dan also lent his shoulder to Yu Mo to rely on.

The feast of Yaochi is about to be held. All the gods and gods from all walks of life are invited to the heaven. The heaven is boiling. Lu Ming forcibly pulls Yan Dan to watch the fun. The Dragon King of the East China Sea has prepared a generous gift to attend the feast. The gifts that come will be stored in the Treasure Pavilion. After the feast is over, the emperor will distribute these treasures. Yan Dan wants to take the opportunity to send the little fairy turtle out of the heaven. The big play was going to start at noon, so Yan Dan gave Yu Mo an invitation letter and forged his identity as a black fish spirit. Yu Mo spent most of his spiritual power, worried that he would not be able to transform into a human form by then, so he could only work overtime to practice. .

In a blink of an eye, three days passed, and the grand show officially kicked off. The emperor and the guests watched the grand show together. Yan Dan found out that Ying Yuan and Yu Mo were not here, and felt very disappointed. Yu Mo couldn’t transform into a human form even after several attempts, so he had no choice but to give up. The drama was a complete success, and it lived up to the expectations and came out on top. He was still able to chat and laugh, and he yelled in anger.

Marshal Huode disregarded Yan Dan’s obstruction, and poured all his anger on Emperor Zun, scolding Emperor Zun for being stupid, and the Dragon King of the East China Sea couldn’t stand it. , punished him to go to Xianxin Cliff to take care of his life, Marshal Huo De left in anger, Yan Dan hurriedly rescued Marshal Huo De, and even moved out Ying Yuan’s wish to comfort Emperor Zun, Emperor Zun only relaxed a little and wanted to talk about Yan Dan As a reward for meritorious deeds, Yan Dan offered to go down to the world for Zhixi, and he could also take the opportunity to write more scripts.

Yan Dan sewed a piece of clothes by himself, and wanted to give it to Ying Yuan before going down to earth. Emperor Zun agreed to Yan Dan’s request, but he didn’t know when Ying Yuan would come back. Yan Dan came to congratulate Zhixi, but Zhixi didn’t buy it, thinking that Yan Dan was in the limelight in the name of helping her, Yan Dan couldn’t argue. , Yan Dan was confused and didn’t know what he had done wrong, Ying Deng spoke ill of Yan Dan and forcibly dragged Zhi Xi to enjoy the flowers.

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