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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 10 Recap

Yan Dan racked his brains and came up with a way to get rid of the fire poison. She soaked Ying Yuan in ice cubes, and Ying Yuan’s body quickly froze. She couldn’t help kissing Yan Dan, because she was too hard, biting Yan Dan’s lips to blood, Yan Dan blushed with shame, and hugged Ying Yuan tightly.

Yan Dan put Ying Yuan on the bed, put a lot of warm water bags beside him to keep warm, and then stayed by his side, Ying Yuan woke up again, Yan Dan was afraid that he was bored, so he taught him to write his own Name, Ying Yuan reached out to touch Yan Dan by feeling, and found that her lips were broken, so he helped her smooth it, and gave her a hairpin that healed her injuries instantly. he died.

Yan Dan named the hut “Gou Danju”, and hung a wooden sign at the door. Yan Dan reluctantly took a piece of liana petals from his body every day to make incense, so as to relieve Ying Yuan’s pain. After Yan Dan’s meticulous care, Ying Yuan’s health gradually improved, and the number of fire poison attacks became less and less. In the end of the earth, a lotus pond was born. Yan Dan was overjoyed. He took Ying Yuan to visit, and described the beautiful scenery to him vividly. He took the opportunity to show his love to Ying Yuan. To make Yan Dan more troubled, Ying Yuan pretended not to make a sound.

Yan Dan also tied a swing between the big trees, she and Ying Yuan drifted in the wind, the two of them chatted and laughed happily. Yan Dan shouted Ying Yuan’s name in his sleep, and kept saying that he would save Ying Yuan at all costs. Ying Yuan did not expect to live long, as long as he could stay together now. Yan Dan pulled Ying Yuan’s hair and wanted to tie it with his own, praying that the two of them would never be separated.

Yan Dan wanted to save Ying Yuan with Siye Hanli’s heart, but Ying Yuan firmly opposed her and did not allow her to bring this up again. Ying Yuan had already caused many immortals to die in vain. He didn’t want anyone to make sacrifices, so Yan Dan had no choice but to give up. Ying Yuan was often haunted by nightmares, and Yan Dan was very distressed, and stayed by his side desperately to appease him.

Yan Dan wanted to go to Ying Yuan’s dream to protect him. He heard that Lu Ming had a Xiaomeng butterfly that could walk into other people’s dreams. Yan Dan came to Lu Ming to borrow it. Lu Ming has been guarding this cocoon for a long time. She never turned a cocoon into a butterfly. Yan Dan firmly believed that she could succeed, so Lu Ming handed it over to her on the spot.

There are still three days left for Ying Yuan’s birthday. Yan Dan wanted to celebrate Ying Yuan’s birthday. Yan Dan gave him a large white jade coffin and tried to lie down with Ying Yuan. On her birthday, Yan Dan took advantage of her unpreparedness to pull out one of Ying Yuan’s eyelashes and wanted to make a wish on the spot. Ying Yuan also pulled out one of Yan Dan’s eyelashes, and the two prayed for each other.

Ying Yuan fell asleep in a daze, dreaming that he returned to the heaven, where singing and dancing were peaceful and peaceful, Yan Dan wanted to take Ying Yuan to travel with others, but Ying Yuan naturally could not ask for it. Yan Dan stayed by Ying Yuan’s side all the time. The fire poison in Ying Yuan’s body broke out again, and the situation was very critical. Yan Dan used all his spiritual power to heal him. Ying Yuan was so dazed that he and Yan Dan came to the world, and they both looked at each other affectionately, and Ying Yuan expressed his heart to Yan Dan.

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