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Growing Pain 2 少年派2 Episode 3 Recap

Because Wang Shengnan was aggressive and knew his daughter’s strength quite well, Lin Dawei used the excuse of going to work so that Lin Miaomiao would not have to bear endless complaints. However, Wang Shengnan had no hope for Lin Miaomiao, and he was still thinking about retraining Lin Guige. How could he know that the teacher called to inform Lin Guate about the fight in the kindergarten.

Jiang Tianhao thought about it, but decided to go to Qian Sanyi’s residence. He didn’t expect to open the door to see Yan Yudi wearing a bathrobe, especially when the other party responded that Qian Sanyi was sleeping, which caused Jiang Tianhao to misunderstand this. Sitting on the bench downstairs, Jiang Tianhao was uncertain for a while, so he took the initiative to ask Deng Xiaoqi to meet.

Through Jiang Tianhao’s description, Deng Xiaoqi also felt that Qian Sanyi was in love, and considering that Lin Miaomiao’s mood was not stable, Jiang Tianhao did not tell the other party directly. Jiang Tianhao mentioned Lin Miaomiao and Qian Sanyi, and instantly thought of his feelings for Deng Xiaoqi, but Deng Xiaoqi interrupted him not to change the subject.

Wang Shengnan rushed to the kindergarten in a hurry, only to find out that Lin Guguo was trying to protect the little girl Tian Xin, and resolutely fought against the older children. The little girl’s father is Cao Shuangyin, the editor-in-chief of Jiangzhou Evening News. He met Wang Shengnan because of today’s events. The two added WeChat to each other so that they could contact each other in the future.

Under Deng Xiaoqi’s suggestion, Jiang Tianhao simply pulled Qian Sanyi into the WeChat group, and took the initiative to welcome everyone at Aite. Looking at the news, Qian Sanyi was in a very complicated mood. On the other hand, Lin Miaomiao, who was introduced by her brother, went to the recruitment office for an interview in person at the video network. She was well prepared, but when she saw Qian Sanyi’s reply, her whole heart was disturbed.

The interviewer released a scenario simulation to the candidates present, hoping that they would arrange the rescue order in turn. Lin Miaomiao was full of money Sanyi, and she was already in a turmoil. To distinguish priority rights, it is not necessary for entrepreneurs or scientists to be higher than others.

At least in Lin Miaomiao’s view, all living beings are equal, and it is not necessary to consider the evaluation value every time. Otherwise, those ordinary people who delay the development of human genes because of their poor bloodline lose their right to life. Such a utilitarian society is not worth nostalgic at all. As soon as this remark came out, it caused an uproar in the audience, and the onlookers whispered, and at the same time attracted the attention of Director Xiao.

After Lin Miaomiao finished speaking, she turned around and left, thinking that she had failed the interview, and then learned that her brother was pursuing her. At this time, Deng Xiaoqi called, and Lin Miaomiao took his brother’s car to the coffee shop and learned about what happened to Jiang Tianhao today.

Because of family reasons, Wang Shengnan was frequently late. During the meeting, Mr. Wu emphasized daily management and serious attendance system. The discussion draft on personnel reform was also distributed to each project center. Especially seeing Wang Shengnan, President Wu shot in public, dissatisfied with her behavior of arriving late and leaving early.

Wang Shengnan knew that Wu was always targeting him, and said that although it was wrong to be late, he had never missed the course, and his grades were obvious to all. However, President Wu still believed that Wang Shengnan’s attitude was not correct, and he warned the women present not to have a second child.

That night, Lin Miaomiao went back in the car and received a video call from her mother and brother, but she was not in the mood to have dinner, so she said that she would only go back on the weekend. Since Jiang Tianhao has experienced the previous experience, now he is fully devoted to his work, and he is also cautious about finances.

Qian Sanyi broadcasts the jigsaw puzzles live by video, from night to early the next morning, which is also an additive in his autistic life. After closing the live broadcast, Qian Sanyi called Yan Yudi again to report the result of the challenge to her, and the assigned task was finally completed.

Director Shen Qiaohua came to Jiangzhou Theater and disclosed the rules of this recruitment, hoping that everyone can take turns to show their talents, so as to better understand each other. Many people scrambled to raise their hands to mention their strengths, but Deng Xiaoqi found that she had nothing, and seemed to be in a weak position, so she did not dare to raise her hand to speak.

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