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Growing Pain 2 少年派2 Episode 2 Recap

Jiang Tianhao felt extremely complicated when he learned that Deng Xiaoqi was going back to Jiangzhou. In the end, he sent a message to invite the other party to have a dinner, and truthfully informed Lin Miaomiao of the situation. Deng Xiaoqi asked Qian Sanyi if there was any news, but Jiang Tianhao didn’t know it at all, including Lin Miaomiao’s previous experience abroad, which was completely heartbreaking anyway.

At the same time, Lin Miaomiao sat alone in the room in a daze, stacking five-pointed stars again and again, obviously spending a lot of thought. On the second day, Yan Yudi knew that Qian Sanyi was very resistant to taking medicine, so he deliberately opened the curtains and waited for him to finish taking the medicine before going to work.

In order to prepare the reception banquet, Jiang Tianhao cleaned up the dining room himself, and he was busy for a long time before he was done. Even Xiao Zhao stayed as a waiter. However, the loan shark, who was collecting debts, suddenly came to the store. Seeing that Jiang Tianhao couldn’t get the money, a bucket of swill was poured on him, and he was extremely embarrassed.

Lin Miaomiao received Deng Xiaoqi at the station, but there was too much traffic jam on the road, so she received a call from Jiang Tianhao before she passed, and learned that he had something to do and couldn’t have dinner together. Deng Xiaoqi didn’t complain after learning about it, but asked Lin Miaomiao to go back first, and she also planned to go home to accompany her mother.

Just as Lin Miaomiao was passing through the intersection, she suddenly noticed the man approaching, even though he was wearing a black hoodie, she couldn’t help but shout Qian Sanyi’s name. Sure enough, Qian San turned his head and saw Lin Miaomiao was stunned for a moment, and was afraid to run away without turning back.

Qian San got off the overpass and saw Lin Miaomiao riding a bicycle across from him. She walked over with tears in her eyes, and she didn’t know where to start for a while. However, these were all hallucinations of Qian Sanyi. When he opened his eyes again, the only woman who appeared beside him was Yan Yudi.

On the other hand, Lin Miaomiao stood on the flyover and listened to Qian Sanyi’s voice message repeatedly. She recalled that when she went abroad to look for her partner, she accidentally encountered a volcanic eruption in Iceland. In the end, she was stuck at the airport for many days without contacting Qian Sanyi because of the language barrier. Since then, Qian Sanyi has become a restricted area that Lin Miaomiao avoids talking about. Now she wants to delete these recordings, but finally clicks Cancel.

Tonight, because of Qian Sanyi’s appearance, Lin Miaomiao was distraught, and took the initiative to ask Jiang Tianhao to borrow wine at the food stall to relieve her worries. At the same time, Qian Sanyi felt helpless and squatted on the street crying bitterly. When Lin Miaomiao and Jiang Tianhao mentioned the matter just now, Jiang Tianhao was shocked by this, watching Lin Miaomiao drinking frequently without listening to persuasion, trying to use alcohol to numb himself.

Lin Dawei sent a message to Lin Miaomiao but received no response. Wang Shengnan also learned that his daughter did not take the postgraduate entrance examination, including Yang Xueying’s phone bombing, which made Lin Miaomiao shut down decisively. Lin Dawei reassured Wang Shengnan that he didn’t have to worry too much. After all, his daughter had grown up, and the couple came to Lin Miaomiao’s residence. They knocked on the door and no one came to open it. In the end, Wang Shengnan found the key at the bottom of the flower pot.

After entering the room, Wang Shengnan looked around carefully and walked directly to Lin Miaomiao’s bedroom, only to find that two people were lying on the bed, and when the quilt was lifted, it was actually Lin Miaomiao and Jiang Tianhao. This move also made Jiang Tianhao feel drunk. Wang Shengnan immediately pulled Lin Dawei away when he saw it. The couple thought something was wrong, but Lin Miaomiao was reminded by Jiang Tianhao who recalled seeing him last night. Qian Sanyi.

Wang Shengnan was sitting downstairs in shock, and he really didn’t know how to deal with this matter. It happened that Jiang Tianhao went downstairs, and she and Lin Dawei pretended not to see, so as not to be too embarrassed. How could he know that Jiang Tianhao still took the initiative to greet Lin Dawei, took the ice cream and left, Lin Dawei took Wang Shengnan upstairs to cross-examine his daughter.

Regarding the postgraduate entrance examination, renting and even what happened today, Wang Shengnan threw a series of questions. Lin Miaomiao said that he and Jiang Tianhao were like brothers and sisters, and there was no relationship between men and women. But Wang Shengnan didn’t believe it at all, and he continued to express his opinions. How could Lin Miaomiao interrupt him by saying that he repeatedly swore that the relationship was quite pure. As for the postgraduate entrance examination, she knew that her strength was insufficient, so she simply did not sign up.

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