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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 27 Recap

Since the appointment, the Cheng family has become very lively, Ling Budo sent people to guard the front and back yards, patrolling day and night, and it is called protection. The Cheng brothers followed Ling Budo to practice martial arts. At first, they were still interested, but later they complained. Even Cheng Shi was willing to be defeated. It was really unstoppable.

Cheng Shaoshang had not woken up yet, but Ling Wuxuan had already carried him to the yard with a bed and a cover. When she looked closely, the yard was full of swords, spears, swords and halberds, and the sound of shouting could not stop. Cheng Songtuo held a stone and stomped a horse, Cheng Shao Gong practiced bowing and archery with difficulty, and even the delicate Cheng Cha was forced to dance the sword. Tired and sweaty.

Because Ling Budo treated him equally, Cheng Shaoshang couldn’t escape the practice. He held the porcelain basin in his left and right hands, and kept his head still. On the other hand, Ling Budo was not at all tired or unusual when he was training with weights, and he looked extremely relaxed. It wasn’t until an hour later that Cheng Shaoshang ordered the lotus house to prepare cold drinks for everyone to cool off.

The calm conditions of the first three days made the Cheng family mistakenly believe that the worst situation after their engagement was nothing more than sharing food with the bridegroom and son-in-law, but now they have suffered from the training crit, which has left a shadow in the hearts of everyone. After all, the marriage has become a fixed number. Although Cheng Shaoshang had the intention of breaking off the marriage, he was reprimanded by Mrs. Cheng, who repeatedly emphasized that the marriage must be kept, and even threatened with his life.

The always wise Xiao Yuanyi ran away first, followed by Cheng Shi and his brothers and cousins, leaving Cheng Shaoshang to face the mess alone. That night, Cheng Shaoshang went over the wall and went to Wanjia, and took the initiative to spit bitterness to Wanqiqi, and used wine to drown his sorrows. But in just a few days, Cheng Shaoshang began to miss Lou Yao in the past. The two were physically the same age. Even if Lou Yao knew that the cold wine in early spring was not good, at least he would not interfere for various reasons.

On the contrary, it is not the case with Ling Budo. He grew up by the side of the emperor and was able to take charge of himself at a young age. He had his own opinions whether he was studying or going into battle, so he would not obey Cheng Shaoshang like Lou Yao. Ask Cheng Shaoshang to listen to his own arrangements. It was these days that made Cheng Shaoshang feel boring and unbearable.

Listening to Cheng Shaoshang’s complaints, Wan Eqi still thinks that she has feelings for Ling Budo, otherwise why would she be willing to marry him. But Cheng Shaoshang didn’t know what it was like to like, how could he know that Ling Budo was suddenly close at hand, and before Cheng Shaoshang could react, he carried Cheng Shaoshang back and walked back.

Xiao Yuanyi thinks that although the two are engaged, they are not yet married, so they should pay attention to the difference between men and women. However, Ling Budo didn’t want that, just because Cheng Shaoshang hugged him and refused to let go, Xiao Yuanyi felt extremely embarrassed seeing her daughter being so rude, and Cheng Song went to visit Wanqiqi in the carriage, but she did not expect her He was so drunk that he went crazy in the car, and Cheng Song kissed him in a hurry.

Early the next morning, Cheng Shaoshang woke up from a hangover, apparently having no memory of the night before, and only learned the general situation through the lotus room. Ling Budo personally brought the sobering soup, and ordered someone to make peach blossom stuffed that is not easy to get drunk. How could Cheng Shaoshang bluntly say that he prefers Qianli Zui, and his speech and demeanor were all indifferent and rejection.

Ling Budo noticed that Cheng Shaoshang was not happy, and the estrangement between them was mostly due to differences of opinion. To put it simply, Cheng Shaoshang had a big idea, but Ling Budo had a bigger idea than hers. It is precisely because Cheng Shaoshang is resolute and decisive, Ling Budo is decisive, and he is indomitable, so every time the two meet, there will basically be conflicting points.

Cheng Shaoshang couldn’t bear Ling Budo’s oppression, and couldn’t treat him as an ordinary person. There were always some things that he couldn’t bear. He hoped that each other could cherish each other. In fact, Ling Budo had been trained in the army since he was a child, and he had never experienced family affection and did not know how to get along with his family. Unfortunately, Cheng Shaoshang turned a blind eye to the process of his efforts to change, and the two broke up in the end.

After Ling Budo left Cheng’s house, Cheng Shaoshang was still addicted to loss. When she heard that Ling Budo had taken care of herself all night and never despised her rudeness and trouble, she couldn’t help feeling mixed feelings. When Cheng Shaoshang was about to go out to see his parents, he found a pair of brand new snakeskin shoes placed at the door. Only then did he know that Ling Budo had made them for hunting pythons in order to prevent Cheng Shaoshang from being greedy and unwilling to wear shoes.

Cheng Shi and his wife had already noticed the difference between their daughter and Ling Budo, but they didn’t take it to heart. They thought it was just a prank between the couple, but they learned that Cheng Shaoshang proposed to Ling Budo to retire. , and immediately persuaded her that she should consider it carefully.

Because in this matter, Ling Budo was absolutely right. He and Cheng Shaoshang talked with each other in a friendly manner, and they talked very happily, which was enough to show that they both had a good impression of each other. No one in this world can live as they wish, not to mention that Xiao Yuanyi felt that Cheng Shaoshang had agreed to the marriage contract, and it was a gentleman’s act to break off the marriage rashly.

Cheng Shi and his wife watched Cheng Shaoshang’s expression change, and continued to talk about the way husband and wife get along. It is completely possible to resign from office and return to his hometown to be a farmer and unconditionally support his daughter’s decision.

Sure enough, Cheng Shaoshang was in a turmoil, hesitating and undecided, so he simply returned to his residence first, and sat by the window like a log in a daze, recalling the words of his parents, the words of the lotus house, and the bits and pieces of his experience with Ling Budo. Cheng Shaoshang suddenly woke up when the lights were on, and immediately got up and went out the door, heading straight to the main hall, expressing his willingness to marry Ling Budo.

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