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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 7 Recap

Emperor Zun assembled millions of heavenly soldiers and generals, Ying Yuan, Jidu Xingjun and Beiming Xianjun, and others were ready to go. The immortal servants lined up on both sides and prayed together for the heavenly soldiers and generals who went on the expedition.

Ying Yuan found a barrier with the weakest setting, so he asked the army to rush to the demon world first. He wanted to check it out in person, and Yan Dan sweated for him. After the army set off, Yan Dan took Yu Mo to the temple overnight. The temple was a place where all the immortals prayed for blessings. Usually no one was allowed to enter. Lu Ming was worried that he would be found to cause trouble. Opening them in, he took the wind at the door.

Yan Dan prayed that his play would win the first prize at the feast, and wanted to take the opportunity to collect some materials in the temple. Yan Dan flipped through the wishing card and saw the blessings and admiration of Xianjun Mengli corresponding to Yuan, and Ying Yuan prayed to the six realms. The desire for peace, Yan Dan felt that Ying Yuan was very boring. Yu Mo made two wishes. If he wants to become famous, he will repay the kindness of Beiming Xianjun in the future. He hopes that Yan Dan will be happy every day. Yan Dan has many wishes. Yu Mo was happy and smooth, and finally, Yan Dan prayed that Ying Yuan would break through the enemy millions and return safely.

The huge pillar in the middle of the temple suddenly made a loud noise, and Lu Ming rushed in after hearing the news. Seeing the huge pillar crumbling, Lu Ming was shocked. The giant pillar is the foundation of the temple. Once it collapses, the temple will be completely destroyed. The temple is the cornerstone of the Jade Pool, and the water in the Jade Pool will submerge the Jiuzhongtian. of people.

Sure enough, as Lu Ming expected, Ying Yuan went to the weakest place in Immortal Realm to investigate, and seeing the evil god Xuanxiang here, he wanted to shake the giant pillar to destroy the temple, and let the water of Yaochi flood the Jiuzhongtian. Xuanxiang did not want to be restrained any longer. Yu Dizun wanted to take this opportunity to unify the six realms and become the master of the six realms. Ying Yuan had thoroughly seen his wolf ambitions and wanted to fight him alone.

The giant pillar burst a little bit, and it was about to collapse. Yan Dan ignored Luming’s dissuasion. She used all her spiritual power to protect the giant pillar. He stepped forward to help Yan Dan, and when Lu Ming saw this, he had no choice but to help each other. The three of them joined forces to protect Juzhu.

The front line was full of gunpowder smoke, and the two sides fought indistinguishably. The elders of the demon world surrounded Jidu Xingjun and launched a violent attack on him. Ying Yuan came in time to relieve the siege and was surrounded by the elders. Beiming Xianjun and others led the heavenly soldiers to fight the enemy bravely and cut off the enemy’s back path.

Ying Yuan persuaded Xuanxiang to surrender. Xuanxiang was not reconciled to admit defeat, he used his trump card – the last trick of the nine-tailed snake, Ying Yuan and Jidu Xingjun joined forces to fight against the nine-tailed snake, Ying Yuan’s eyes were stabbed by the fire poison from the snake’s body, he endured the drama Pain attacked again, eradicating the Hydra, and he fainted from the poison.

Jidu Xingjun rescued Ying Yuan and persuaded him to return to the Tianyi Medical Center for treatment to prevent the fire poison from invading his heart. Ying Yuan wanted to return to the front line to fight. Beiming Xianjun came later and reported the battle situation to him on the front line. Xuan Xiang The back road was cut off, and he led his troops to retreat across the board. Ying Yuan sent the two of them to lead the troops to pursue the victory, but they had to do so.

In order to protect the temple’s spiritual power from being damaged, Yan Dan struggled to get up and saw Zhixi come to fetch the magic weapon. Yan Dan hadn’t seen Zhixi for a long time, and her excitement was beyond words. Zhixi was very indifferent, and urged her to find the magic tool and return to the Tianyi Medical Center as soon as possible. Yan Dan had to accompany her to find it. She almost fell because of her weakness, Zhixi hurriedly supported her, and complained that she did not practice well and did not perform her duties faithfully, Yan Dan did not want to explain.

After Zhixi installed the magic tools, she left without looking back. She overheard the immortal servants praising Yan Dan for being smart and brave, laughing at her incompetence, and Zhixi gritted her teeth in anger. Ying Yuan was sent to the Tianyi Museum. He woke up in a daze and heard the immortal servants talking about the war outside. Although the battle was won, the Xingjun and the three emperors were caught in the ambush of Xuanxiang and fell into the devil. As a result, all of them were killed, and the soldiers and generals of the heavens suffered 80,000 casualties. Ying Yuan’s emergency attack caused the poison to attack again, and the immortal servant hurriedly reported to the emperor.

Emperor Zun hurried to the Tianyi Medical Center, Ying Yuan had already left without saying goodbye, he left a letter to Emperor Zun, regretting that he left halfway, resulting in the death of Jidu Xingjun and the three emperors, and the fire poison had penetrated into his bone marrow, he Not wanting to live in the immortal world, Emperor Zun was very distressed. He knew Ying Yuan’s personality well. Even if he sent someone to find him, Ying Yuan would leave again.

Right now, there is only Emperor Zun left in the Immortal Realm and the God Realm, and he calls the two realms into one Heaven Realm. In this battle, the underworld was razed to the ground and ceased to exist. The emperor smashed all the remnants of the demon world into Wangchuan, and could not leave forever.

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