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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 6 Recap

Yan Dan heard that Si Xuan was very kind before her death, but she was trapped by love and violated the law of heaven, and she died in Huangquan. Yan Dan felt that the law of heaven went against human nature. If one day she became emotional, I wonder if Ying Yuan would also To kill her, Ying Yuan made it clear that he would be ordered to kill her, but Yan Dan was dumbfounded.

The two Tianfu came to Ying Yuan to discuss the battle plan. Ying Yuan did not wait for Yan Dan to calm down and went out. He took out the longevity chess game that Yan Dan had cracked, and arranged them at the east, south, west, and north gates. The Celestial Soldiers took turns to guard, and used the four-robbery chess game to deal with the enemies who invaded from all sides. The two Celestial Generals were amazed, and they could not guess which Shangxian broke this longevity robbery. Ying Yuan was inconvenient to say it clearly.

Ying Yuan sent away the general, thinking of Yan Dan who was punished for copying the Tiantian a hundred times, he felt that his words were heavy, so he came to Yan Dan overnight to explain, and saw the copied Tiantian scattered all over the floor, Yan Dan said in his mouth. Lying on the ground with a pen in his head, Ying Yuan couldn’t help laughing at her cute and unrestrained appearance, so he carried her to the bed.

Ying Yuan copied the Heavenly Articles himself and quickly finished it a hundred times. Yan Dan woke up in a daze, remembering that there were still unfinished writing, she hurriedly jumped out of bed, and found a hundred times neatly placed on the desk, guessing that Ying Yuan did it, Yan Dan felt warm in her heart. .

Emperor Zun sent someone to post a notice, applauding Yan Dan’s heroic behavior, and calling on all the immortals to learn from her. The immortal servants in the library saw the notice and whispered that Zhixi’s spiritual power was too weak. When Yan Dan made a comparison, Zhixi felt even more ashamed when she heard these words, and in a fit of rage, she took down the notice.

Ying Deng passed by and took the opportunity to instigate the relationship between Yan Dan and Zhi Xi, insisted that Yan Dan would take credit in front of the emperor, and privately arranged Zhi Xi’s incompetence in front of the immortal servants. Ying Deng sneered at Zhi Xi and punished her Following the notice to kneel for three hours, Zhixi had no choice but to do it. The immortal servants explained to Zhixi that she didn’t listen at all, and felt resentment towards Yan Dan.

Yan Dan returned to her residence and found that the fairy turtle didn’t eat or drink, and ran around the room, wanting to escape. She couldn’t guess the fairy turtle’s intention, so she had to go to Yu Mo for help. Yu Mo was drinking wine to drown his sorrows. He thought of the Jiu-Fin Clan that had been wiped out by the army, and he felt sighed in his heart.

Yan Dan persuaded him nicely. In that battle of creation, the Shura tribe and the allied forces of other tribes fought fiercely. The Queen of the Nine-Fin Clan personally led the troops to fight bloody battles, but the result was heavy casualties. The Queen was waiting for reinforcements, so she had to entrust her son, Xiao Heiyu. To Xianjun Beiming, and finally the whole family died in battle.

Yu Mo was so drunk that he turned into a little black fish. Yan Dan recognized that Yu Mo was the fish she had fed for 800 years. Ying Yuan used all his immortal power to cultivate, wanting to get rid of the remaining magic power in his body as soon as possible and repay the emperor’s kindness of upbringing. His immortal power was almost possessed by an evil spirit, and Emperor Zun rescued him in time.

Ying Yuan finally woke up. He was worried that he would be eroded by evil spirits again and fell into the devil’s way. He implored the emperor to kill him to avoid future troubles. The root of evil, Emperor Zun told him the answer, otherwise Ying Yuan would be a sinner through the ages.

After Yu Mo woke up, he returned to the human form. He explained to Yan Dan the gaffe just now. Yan Dan didn’t care, but comforted Yu Mo. Yan Dan took out the fairy tortoise, and Yu Mo understood the voice of the fairy tortoise. He was tired of being tossed around by Ying Yuan and wanted to escape from the immortal world, otherwise he would go on hunger strike and die, but the immortal beast violated the rules by leaving without authorization, and Yan Dan decided to take a risk and let the immortal tortoise go.

Yan Dan secretly went to Ying Yuan’s room to take away the waist card of Yanxu Tiangong, and wanted to take the fairy tortoise to leave the fairyland. Taiyou Xingjun wanted to leave Jiuzhongtian from Nantianmen, but was stopped by the heavenly soldiers. He showed his waist card to no avail. Taiyouxingjun was so anxious that he had a conflict with the heavenly soldiers. Ying Yuan came in time to save the siege. Arriving suddenly, Ying Yuan drove them away effortlessly, and sent people to guard them, fearing that the demons would invade again.

Yan Dan wanted to take the fairy turtle away, but unexpectedly, he was blocked by the demon general Tuofeng. Tuofeng recognized that the waist card in her hand belonged to Yanxu Tiangong, and wanted to use her as a hostage to capture Yingyuan. Yan Dan lied. Unfamiliar with Ying Yuan, he used his three-inch incorrupt tongue to help himself out. He also made roundabout clichés and asked Tuofeng that they were going to the north. Yan Dan promised to lead them. Tuofeng didn’t believe it at all.

He stabbed Yan Dan with the sword that slashed mountains and seas. Thanks to Ying Yuan who came to the rescue in time, Tuofeng and others were knocked to the ground. Both he and Yan Dan were scratched. Chu Tuofeng is Elder Shuohua’s favorite general, and the broken sword is Elder Shuohua’s magic weapon. Ying Yuan can’t guess what Tuofeng wants to do with the broken sword.

Tuofeng and his subordinates committed suicide by using the death curse. Yan Dan thanked Ying Yuan for his life-saving grace and advised him to go back and bandage the wound first. Ying Yuan was anxious to formulate a battle plan against the demons and let Yan Dan go back to rest first. Yan Dan secretly put her waist card in Ying Yuan’s room, and accidentally saw that there was an unannotated script on the table, only then did she know that her script was an annotation made by Ying Yuan. Ying Yuan came back later, and Yan Dan offered to help him bandage the wound and invited him to go to the play.

Ying Yuan has always been worried, Ji Du Xingjun inquired that the elders of the demon clan coerced the evil god Xuanxiang to agree to go to war, the demon clan united with demons, and millions of soldiers from the two worlds were ready to declare war on Jiuzhongtian. Tuofeng led the vanguard to kill Tao Ziqi, the messenger of the Immortal Realm, and then rushed into Nantianmen. Ying Yuan decided to lead the Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals to expedition two hours later, and gave Yan Dan a thousand exhortations. Yan Dan wished him a victory and an early victory.

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