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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 4 Recap

Ying Deng used to be the immortal servant of Yanxu Temple, and was cultivated by Ying Yuan. Now she has been promoted to the head of Miaofa Pavilion. She sewed a jade belt with first-class brocade and accessories and gave it to Ying Yuan, but Ying Yuan did not buy it. Ying Deng kept claiming that Yan Dan was vulgar and was not worthy of Ying Yuan to mend the jade belt, and would use gold and silver threads to help him mend it.

The immortal attendant just brought the immortal law books copied by Yan Dan. Ying Deng was not convinced. She did not expect that Yan Dan, who was in a low rank, could come into contact with these.

It turned out that this was Yan Dan’s manipulation outside the door, just wanting to show Ying Yuan some color. She was so proud of herself that she left a note saying “I won” to demonstrate to Ying Yuan. Ying Deng was very angry and demanded that Yan Dan be severely punished, but Ying Yuan did not agree, not allowing Ying Deng to interfere with Yanxu Tiangong again, and forcibly drove her away. Ying Deng went out to see Yan Dan and sneered at her, Ying Yuan punished Yan Dan for copying the “Pure Heart Mantra” ten times, Yan Dan was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

Yan Dan brought the immortal attendants to the Phixiang Hall to rehearse the script, Ying Deng brought people to make trouble, Yan Dan was not allowed to come here, and he made unkind words to her sister Zhi Xi, Yan Dan was not convinced, so he argued with her according to reason, Ying Deng was angry with her. She fought hard, and Yan used all her spiritual power, but she was still unable to resist. Thanks to Ying Yuan’s timely arrival to relieve the siege, Ying Deng taught Ying Deng a lesson, and Ying Deng had to leave angrily.

Zhixi heard that Yan Dan had a conflict with Ying Deng, so she came to appease Yan Dan. After a while, she was anxious to leave. Over the night, she was going to send the seven damaged instruments to the Qianyun Palace and burn them together. Yan Dan learned about it. There is a crape myrtle bottle, remembering that Jidu Xingjun and Ying Yuan once said that the demons used the crape myrtle bottle and the sap of the divine tree to refine poison, and guessed that this was Ying Yuan’s plan to lure snakes out of their holes.

Yan Dan was worried that Zhixi would be in danger, so he came to ask Yingyuan to replace him as a bait, but Yingyuan categorically refused, he had made careful arrangements to ensure that Zhixi would not be in danger, Yan Dan offered to send the magic weapon for Zhixi , Ying Yuan couldn’t be bothered, so he had to agree.

Ying Deng received a secret order from Ying Yuan to ask Zhixi for the seven instruments and sent them to Yanxu Temple. Ying Deng suspected that Yan Dan and Zhixi had other plans, and slapped Zhixi hard. He casually said that Yan Dan gave Zhixi a magic weapon, and Zhixi was puzzled. Yan Dan used the transformation formula to make up Zhixi’s appearance. She escorted seven instruments to Qianyun Palace. Ying Yuan kept an eye on Yan Dan’s every move in Yanxu Temple. Zhixi was worried and followed Yan Dan quietly. Take a look outside the Qianyun Palace.

Xianjun Yanchi inspected the seven instruments one by one. Yan Dan wanted to see these instruments being sent to the alchemy furnace. Xianjun Yanchi hid the crape myrtle bottle in his sleeve when he was unprepared, and Yan Dan saw it all.

At this moment, Zhixi was caught in, Yanchi Xianjun exposed Yan Dan’s true face, wanted to kill Yan Dan, Zhixi rushed to fight with Yanchi Xianjun, and was quickly defeated. Yan Dan stepped forward to fight, and the two were indistinguishable. Ying Yuan came in time and subdued Xianjun Yanchi without any effort. Yan Dan was so frightened that he hugged Ying Yuan tightly, and said that the crape myrtle bottle was in Yanchi. In the hands of Xianjun.

Yan Dan sent Zhixi back to the Miaofa Pavilion, and overheard the immortal servants talking about Zhixi in private, making fun of her lack of spiritual power. Yan Dan gritted his teeth and yelled at them. Zhixi felt ashamed and persuaded Yan Dan to leave as soon as possible. In order not to make things difficult for her. The more Zhixi thought about it, the more sad she became.

After she and Yan Dan transformed into human figures, they learned spells. Although she tried her best, she still couldn’t grasp the essentials. Yan Dan often skipped classes, but she practiced well. Immortal servants laughed at Zhixi’s stupid nature. Zhixi was not convinced, she studied harder, and finally took up the position of deputy chief with her strength. Seeing that she was only one step away from the fairy world, she felt that she was powerless.

Yan Dan returned to Yanxu Tiangong and saw Ying Yuan sitting on the roof drinking wine to drown his sorrows, so he came to talk to him, Ying Yuan opened his heart to Yan Dan through the strength of the wine, and told the backlog of entanglement and anguish in his heart.

A meteor flashed across the sky, Ying Yuan and Yan Dan made a wish together, Yan Dan prayed for their sisters and their good friend, Ying Yuan wanted to make the six worlds peaceful, he guessed that Yan Dan was filming to be a blockbuster in the fairy world, Yan Dan admitted All of this is for Zhixi to gain a firm foothold. The emperor sent an immortal attendant to invite Ying Yuan to discuss the details of the interrogation of the demons. Yan Dan was so frightened that he ducked aside, and Ying Yuan rushed over immediately.

Jidu Xingjun wanted to practice in the lower world, he came to say goodbye to Yingyuan, and Yingyuan gave him thousands of instructions. Afterwards, Ying Yuan sent people to torture Yanchi Xianjun and other demons in detail. They always refused to admit their guilt. Ying Yuan made careful arrangements and strengthened the defense of the Phixiang Hall where Yan Dan used to film. The chief came to thank him in person.

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