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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 3 Recap

Lu Ming came over after hearing the news, and asked Yan Dan to go to someone of high immortality to save Yu Mo. Yan Dan went to find someone without saying a word, and met Jidu Xingjun head-on, Jidu Xingjun came to the rescue and rescued Yu Mo. save. Jidu Xingjun is powerful, second only to the four emperors, and he is humble. Yan Dan is full of praise for him.

Yan Dan engraved a lily flower on Yu Mo’s arm, promising to protect him at all costs. During her lifetime, Si Xuan colluded with Zhanyi of the Demon Race, stole many ancient artifacts, and secretly brought the Demon Race’s fine work to Jiuzhongtian. Ying Yuan found that the fine work was coming and going from the end of the earth, and asked the emperor for instructions to destroy it. Ying Yuan brought Jidu Xingjun to Diya and used Zhaosheng Emperor’s divine weapon Lichen to clean it up. Jidu Xingjun wanted to seal the exit, Yingyuan hurriedly stopped him and wanted to stay as bait.

Ying Yuan and Jidu Xingjun discussed to find out other fine works hidden in Jiuzhongtian as soon as possible. Jidu Xingjun found that the fine works were disguised as immortal servants of Maitreya Palace. , the two of them came to the only way to check on Tian Street. Ying Yuan found that there were five-petal plums carved on the palace wall, and only one was six.

Yan Dan brought Yu Mo to Taiyou Pavilion to secretly cook soup, and suddenly wanted to teach Yu Mo the magic of self-defense. Yu Mo was very disdainful, but he couldn’t beat her. Yan Dan didn’t have time to think about it. Immortal Zihuai from Taiyou Pavilion came with the immortal servants to hear the news. Yan Dan had to hide with Yu Mo. Immortal Zihuai set up a barrier at the door, and the two of them were trapped inside. Yan Dan decided to go out first to admit his mistake, and promised to find an opportunity to rescue Yu Mo.

Yan Dan daringly came out and lied that she was making soup for Ying Yuan, and Immortal Zihuai came to Yanxu Temple to admit her mistake to Ying Yuan, but Ying Yuan knew nothing about it. Yan Dan knelt on the ground crying and robbing the ground, accusing Ying Yuan of lying and being inhumane, and even pulled Xianjun Zihuai to decide for her, Xianjun Zihuai was scared and ran away.

Yan Dan admits her mistake to Ying Yuan, Ying Yuan punishes her for copying spells and chess games, Yu Mo persuades Yan Dan to leave as soon as possible, Yan Dan wants to stay and expose Ying Yuan’s true face.

Yan Dan thought hard and came up with a good idea. She wanted to help the immortal tortoise to repair the immortal body and let the immortal tortoise testify to Ying Yuan’s eccentricities. Yan Dan looked through the ancient books to find a way. After he died, Yu Mo managed to save the fairy tortoise. Yan Dan found out early in the morning that the tortoise had been turned over again, she was so angry that she gritted her teeth, and secretly vowed to teach Ying Yuan a lesson.

Ying Yuan and Jidu Xingjun discussed ways to capture the demons’ detailed work while playing chess. Yan Dan brought them different tea drinks, and put medicine in Yingyuan’s teacup beforehand. Yingyuan saw it on the spot and wanted to talk to Jiduxing. Jun exchanged, Yan Dan was so frightened that she hurriedly stopped her, so she had to go get another cup of tea that was exactly the same.

Yan Dan was unwilling to give up, she stole her clothes while Ying Yuan was soaking in the hot spring, but Ying Yuan found out and humiliated her, and Yan Dan was even more angry. Not long after that, Yan Dan repaired the jade belt of Hunyuan, she brought it to Ying Yuan, Ying Yuan forcibly put a step away bracelet on her, as long as Yan Dan got close to Ying Yuan, it would be ejected far away, and Yan Dan complained endlessly.

Elder Shuohua had 100,000 troops, and he also recruited soldiers and horses everywhere, wanting to conquer the immortal world in one fell swoop, but the evil god Xuanxiang firmly opposed it. Yan Dan hides from Ying Yuan everywhere, but Ying Yuan still refuses to let go.

As soon as they meet, they use the step-by-step bracelet spell. Yan Dan is miserable by him, so he has to go to Lu Ming to ask for a clever trick to defeat the enemy. She came up with an idea to confuse Ying Yuan with a beauty trick, but this violated the rules of heaven. Yan Dan was unwilling to give up, she wanted to attack Ying Yuan, but was subdued by Ying Yuan instead.

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