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Guo’s Summer 张卫国的夏天 Episode 4 Recap

The father-in-law, Zhang Dache, heard that Zhang Chunquan had passed away, and hurried over, mentioning the 500,000 that was here, hoping to take it out for financial management. However, there is no 500,000 yuan, and the account is at most 5,000 yuan. Zhang Weiguo really did not dare to explain the reason.

First, the salary advance to the head of the regiment was rejected, and he got a five-day long vacation. Later, he went to the car repair shop to borrow money from Brother Zhu, but Brother Zhu also confided in his difficulties. Zhang Weiguo knew very well that it was hopeless to borrow money, so he walked on the bridge with a look of frustration.

When Lin Hongnian came back from Beijing, he came to Zhou Xiaoqiu’s house for the first time, and unexpectedly learned that Gu Jiayi went to work in Beijing. In order to persuade Gu Jiayi to stay in Nanjing, Lin Hongnian decided to join forces with his mother-in-law. It would be more convincing for the two to do ideological work together. How could Gu Jiayi have already noticed it and warned them not to morally kidnap them in the name of their family members, and made it clear that she had made up her mind to find a good job in Beijing.

Because of Gu Jiayi’s firm attitude, Lin Hongnian suspected that this incident had something to do with a friend who drove a luxury car, and even felt that he had planned to let Gu Lin go to Beijing to study painting from the very beginning. Gu Jiayi scolded Lin Hongnian for agreeing to learn painting at first, but now it is inexplicable to suddenly object.

However, the couple’s quarrel revealed a signal of divorce, and they complained to Zhou Xiaoqiu in turn, detailing Lin Hongnian’s right and wrong. In order to prevent Gu Jiayi from pretending to be unwell, Zhou Xiaoqiu was dismantled by Gu Jiayi on the spot. This matter was over, Lin Hongnian had to confess to his mother-in-law that he was going to Beijing. He wanted to appease the other party’s emotions, but Zhou Xiaoqiu proposed to go to Beijing together.

In order to solve the current problem, the only way is to rely on the tenants to contribute money consciously. Zhang Weiguo simply stated that if he can raise the money, he will pay the rent. If he can’t, he will discuss it with Sun Yao himself. In the end, everyone didn’t reach an agreement. Instead, the trouble broke up, and Zhang Weiguo didn’t dare to answer the phone call from his father-in-law.

The head of the regiment saw Zhang Weiguo’s difficulties, so he took over his private work and asked not to delay the work in the regiment. In order to make more money in the short term, Zhang Weiguo applied for a door-to-door cleaning service. Surrounded by aunts in their 50s, it seemed that he was too much.

The order came suddenly that day. Zhang Weiguo came to the door with cleaning tools. The other party was actually a young girl. It was suspected that she was holding a birthday party at home last night. There were drinking bottles and balloons everywhere, and the bathroom was dirty and smelly. After an afternoon of cleaning, Zhang Weiguo was satisfied and finished work, and he adjusted honey water for the head of the household. As a visitor, he persuaded her not to be greedy for cups. The girl was moved and sent a red envelope, but Zhang Weiguo did not accept it.

Lin Hongnian and his mother-in-law came to Beijing, got off the car and went straight to the studio. Gu Lin was not happy at all, so he brought the two to the hotel in desperation, but when Lin Hongnian saw that the hotel was so luxurious, he believed that the man who drove the luxury car had a close relationship with Gu Jiayi. Just when Gu Lin didn’t know how to answer, he suddenly received a call from Gu Jiayi, and Lin Hongnian was also about to leave.

Gu Jiayi came to the hotel in a hurry, complaining that Lin Hongnian brought her mother to Beijing, deliberately trying to get along with her, and even threatened that she would not agree to divorce. Lin Hongnian didn’t care, saying that a man could afford forty-one flowers. But turning around, Gu Jiayi once again warned Lin Hongnian not to think about cheating in marriage, otherwise he would break the news to the outside world and swear to ruin his reputation.

After leaving the hotel, Lin Hongnian took a car to Zhang Weiguo’s residence, and he felt very cordial as soon as he got to the small yard. While Zhang Weiguo was busy in the kitchen, Lin Hongnian gave the old man a stick of incense alone and said a lot of heartfelt words. Zhang Weiguo was also very moved, thinking that this is the real good brother.

That night, Zhang Weiguo and Lin Hongnian used alcohol to drown their sorrows, and blamed Lin Hongnian for the hardships they had suffered. You don’t even own where you live. A pair of brothers and sisters were miserable with each other. Zhang Anan in the next room heard it clearly, and only then did he know when his father happened.

Originally, Zhang Anan was going to come out and question Zhang Weiguo, but he couldn’t bear it anymore, so he stood at the door and hesitated for a long time. On the other hand, Lin Hongnian said that he would give up all his money and was willing to lend money to Zhang Weiguo, at least to get through this economic crisis first. After half a lifetime, people are still worried about money, and their thoughts and thoughts are all about money, otherwise, a hero will not be stumped by a penny.

Because of this, Lin Hongnian and Zhang Weiguo decided to set a small goal and find a way to make money to buy back porcelain horses and a small yard. In the second half of the night, the two brothers and sisters fell asleep on the wine table holding hands. Zhang Anan had no choice but to return to the room if he couldn’t wake up, and chatted with Gu Lin on WeChat behind his back.

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