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Growing Pain 2 少年派2 Episode 1 Recap

Since the death of his mentor, Qian Sanyi has suffered from severe depression, his mental state is often unstable, and he tends to die. He is not afraid of it, but pursues it, like a kind of unresolved pulling, hidden spiritual collapse and liberation. Because of this, Yan Yudi found Sanyi, the money he wanted to invest in the lake, and rescued him from the tide.

Yan Yudi was about to leave for Jiangzhou. This time he said goodbye to Pei Yin. How could he know that Qian San stood at the door with a pale face, expressing that he would go back with Yan Yudi. At first, Pei Yin did not agree, and Qian Sanyi suddenly knelt on his knees, just like his teacher committed suicide. He felt that he was the source of sin and the extension of pain.

In the public classroom of the university, the teacher was giving a lecture on the stage, and the same table saw the little boy squatting under Lin Miaomiao’s desk, it was his younger brother Lin Enough. It turned out that it was Wang Shengnan, the old mother who went out early in the morning, and completely forgot to bring her son, but Lin Dawei’s volunteer work was very busy, so Lin Miaomiao had no choice but to take care of her. While Lin Miaomiao was talking with her tablemate, Lin Guguo actually introduced herself in public, causing the audience to burst into laughter.

Due to poor management, Jiang Tianhao had no choice but to sell the restaurant to President Wu at a low price, although Xiao Zhao felt very sorry. At the same time, Deng Xiaoqi was interviewing for the drama, and the director began to call to stop before it was completely finished, which made her feel uneasy. Originally, Deng Xiaoqi wanted to ask Deng Xinhua’s opinion, but the other party’s response was too perfunctory, so she went out to answer the phone, but her boyfriend Li Xizhou pointed out that she was not concentrating, which obviously caught the director’s attention.

Now that graduation is imminent, Lin Miaomiao applied for an internship at Jiangzhou TV Station. The first task is to be responsible for walking the streets, interviewing passers-by and doing happiness index surveys. However, the interview process did not go well, Lin Miaomiao accidentally learned about Jiang Tianhao’s store sale, and when she hurried over, she saw Jiang Tianhao drinking wine to drown her sorrows on the rooftop.

After understanding the cause and effect, Lin Miaomiao advised Jiang Tianhao not to take loan sharks again in the future. After all, he sold the store he worked so hard to manage, and even took in the income from the previous years. Fortunately, after a brief disappointment, Jiang Tianhao was still alive and well and did not continue to be depressed. I believe that sooner or later, he will recover.

With the announcement of the theater list, Deng Xiaoqi fell off the list without any suspense. After that, he stayed in the practice room all day, practicing without a moment’s rest. Li Xizhou believes that the golden period of an actor’s career is very short, and suggested that Deng Xiaoqi try to go to the crew instead of wasting his youth on the stage.

Deng Xiaoqi didn’t follow Li Xizhou’s suggestion. She didn’t like the way of interpretation of film and television dramas, but enjoyed the dizziness of being illuminated at a fixed point. This kind of beauty is the real reason for her persistence. Although the ideas are different, Li Xizhou supports Deng Xiaoqi’s decision and is willing to fight for his girlfriend’s right to speak by running a group.

For the next few days, Lin Miaomiao’s interviews repeatedly hit a wall, and no one was willing to respond to whether she was happy with her current life. Taking advantage of the noon break, Lin Miaomiao couldn’t help but complain to her colleagues about her schooling experience and various trivial matters at home.

Colleagues of photographers thought Lin Miaomiao’s story was interesting, and maybe they could be recorded and used as material. Others gathered around to listen, as well as the female intern who joined the TV station together. Lin Miaomiao talked eloquently in front of the camera, and she was very dissatisfied with it.

But when Lin Miaomiao mentioned family-related topics, colleagues walked away one after another. In fact, Lin Miaomiao thought about it carefully, and she felt that college life was still a little interesting, not to mention that the family was also very happy, and it was not a problem for parents to get along, at least All are warmer. It’s just that this sentence was not recorded at all, it was all Lin Miaomiao’s self-talk, and what was actually recorded was relatively negative.

Lin Dawei personally drove to pick up Wang Shengnan. Considering that today was the wedding anniversary, he discussed with her about remarriage. Wang Shengnan resolutely refused, and repeatedly stressed that Lin Dawei did not respect himself at all. Although Lin Dawei had already repented, he still failed to get Wang Shengnan to agree to remarry.

Deng Xiaoqi accompanies her mother to dinner, and she is absent-minded throughout the whole process. Even if she fails the exam this year, she can continue as usual next year. Anyway, Beijing is a feng shui treasure worthy of development. Deng Xinhua was able to persuade her daughter to return to Jiangzhou, and deliberately revealed that the Jiangzhou Theater wanted to ask Shen Qiaohua to arrange “Faust”. Sure enough, Deng Xiaoqi felt extremely complicated after hearing the news.

In the evening, when the whole family had a reunion dinner and raised their glasses to celebrate, Wang Shengnan mentioned that Lin Miaomiao’s graduate student had to pass the exam successfully, but he did not notice that Lin Miaomiao’s expression changed slightly. The next morning, Lin Miaomiao came to the TV station and found that her colleagues were all looking at her strangely. Until the leader called her into the office and saw a video about her complaining on the screen, she finally understood that the female intern would do anything to improve her position.

Just because Lin Miaomiao lost her job, she complained to Jiang Tianhao and informed Deng Xiaoqi that she was returning to Jiangzhou. Jiang Tianhao knew that Lin Miaomiao was depressed about many things, including whether the research paper could pass the test was a problem, so as not to be unable to graduate in the end, I was afraid that the family would be turned upside down.

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