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Guo’s Summer 张卫国的夏天 Episode 3 Recap

Lin Hongnian came home full of grievances, and as soon as she opened her mouth, she scolded Gu Jiayi. If she hadn’t made a fuss in the company, how could she have gotten to this point. What’s more, in Lin Hongnian’s eyes, he treats the Gu family with sincerity, but in the end, he has no biological flesh and blood. If he recognizes Gu Lin and has to change his name, he just feels humiliated and regrets marrying Gu Jiayi the most in his life.

However, these words had already been heard by Gu Lin. Seeing Gu Jiayi slam the door and leave, she came out of the next room and truthfully told the truth with guilt and unease. Lin Hongnian did not delve into it. After all, the essence of this quarrel was the breakdown of the relationship between husband and wife and the outbreak of long-standing grievances. If there was no daughter to maintain it, maybe the two would have already parted ways.

Early the next morning, Zhou Xiaoqiu hurried to the door, saying that her daughter had disappeared suddenly, and Lin Hongnian knew that Gu Jiayi was going to Nanjing without her mother-in-law, mainly to send her daughter Gu Lin to learn painting. Since Gu Jiayi was already on the train, Lin Hongnian thought that Zhang Weiguo was also on the same train, so he asked him to monitor the mother and daughter for himself, making sure to find out the exact residence.

Zhang Weiguo is rather dull and sincere, and is not good at this kind of thing at all, but because of the entrustment of the senior brother, he can only take a step by step. After leaving the station, Zhang Weigui immediately saw the man who greeted the mother and daughter of the Gu family. He wore black-rimmed glasses in a gentle manner, and his behavior and speech were very decent. Even Gu Jiayi, who had known him since childhood, could not help but be surprised.

Lin Hongnian learned over the phone that the man was driving a luxury car, and urged Zhang Weiguo to follow up quickly. At this time, a car passed by, Zhang Weiguo was anxious, and fabricated himself and Gu Jiayi as husband and wife. The owner of the car had just experienced the pain of divorce, so he was able to put himself in Zhang Weiguo’s shoes, comforted Zhang Weiguo with enthusiasm and emotion, and persevered with the luxury car to the hotel.

However, the front desk refused to disclose the room number of the mother and daughter of the Gu family. Zhang Weiguo had to think otherwise. As for Gu Lin, he felt that his parents were about to divorce and return to being single, so he might as well match Gu Jiayi to pursue love again, leaving her and Wen Zhiyuan a chance to get along alone. Wen Zhiyuan was dark and fat when he was a child, but now he is handsome and elegant, and even a successful person in his career. When Gu Jiayi was facing his confession, a trace of gratitude mixed with an inexplicable taste passed through his heart, and he could not give an answer in a short time.

Because the ashes of the old man were all sprinkled into the Yangtze River, Zhang Weiguo came back with a pot of Yangtze River water, and he did not have to come and go to worship each year during Qingming Festival. Zhang Weiguo asked his son Zhang An’an to help him find out the address of Gu Lin’s studio. Unexpectedly, Zhang An’an came to the hotel as a deliveryman and explained the situation bluntly. Zhang An’an’s serious humor attracted Gu Lin’s favor, so they added WeChat to each other and sent them to the address as agreed.

Wen Zhiyuan regretted that Gu Jiayi did not continue to learn dance. The main reason was because of her mother’s request, and her seemingly indifferent appearance actually had a passion that was not obvious, and it continued to flow into Wen Zhiyuan’s Deep down. In the deepest part of his heart, the window that has been closed for a long time welcomes sunlight. He desperately hopes that Gu Jiayi can develop in Beijing and recommends the other party to serve as the director of a private Chinese medicine hospital, but he is politely rejected.

The General Organizing Bureau of Zhao recommended Mr. Wang to Lin Hongnian, and strongly persuaded him to go to work in Beijing. Mr. Wang, who was originally from the pharmaceutical and wine industry, has recently transformed into investing in the media, and is lacking an experienced content director who is willing to offer high salary and independence. right. Lin Hongnian was heartbroken, pretending to be calm on the surface, but in fact, in his opinion, Nanjing is a rather boring city, and it should be seeking new opportunities.

After Lin Hongnian appeased Zhou Xiaoqiu, he immediately set off to fly to Beijing. He just got off the airport and received a call to learn that Gu Jiayi had returned to Nanjing. At the same time, Gu Jiayi quarreled with her mother again because of what happened back then. Zhou Xiaoqiu felt that learning painting was useless.

But Gu Jiayi thought that her life was shackled, and she must not let her daughter go the same way. In the past, she was not good at words and timid, so she could only let her mother arrange it, so that she lived in pain for the rest of her life and was often anxious and irritable. It was also as time went on that Zhou Xiaoqiu gradually realized that Gu Jiayi had learned to resist, and no longer became the obedience she expected just because of a few orders, at least in Gu Lin’s affairs.

Regarding Lin Hongnian’s sudden appearance, Gu Lin’s attitude was not very good, and he also had the sensitivity and autism reflected in Gu Jiayi. Fortunately, at a critical moment, Zhou Xiaoqiu called and expressed his attitude and was willing to let Gu Lin continue to learn to paint. Lin Hongnian thought it was incredible. He wanted to take his daughter to dinner, but she returned to the hotel alone.

Seeing that the balance of the bank card was running out, and there was no news of the antique auction, Zhang Weiguo frowned, and the intermediary Xiao Fang, entrusted by Sun Yao, came over to inform that the rent had been set at 30,000, and brought the drafted contract. Zhang Weiguo was so nervous that he couldn’t get so much money for a while, so the discussion was postponed for another five days. As everyone knows, this scene fell in the eyes of the tenant, Lao Wu.

Lao Wu discussed the countermeasures with other tenants and decided to rely on the rent not to increase the price. Although the practice is a bit immoral, it is also a way of harming others and benefiting oneself. No amount of great kindness can compare to the cruelty of reality. How do you know that Zhang Weiguo still raised money, a series of troubles followed, the so-called treasure appraiser businessman Dong Boss is actually a liar.

Zhang Weiguo came out of the Silitun police station and looked up at the bright blue sky and daylight. Boss Dong did not throw himself into the net, and the 700,000 life savings disappeared. Sitting in front of the old man’s portrait, Zhang Weiguo uttered all his grievances, and at the same time regretted the loss of 500,000 yuan to his father-in-law. Zhang Anan entered the door and saw Zhang Weiguo kissing the kettle like a demon. He was stunned for a while. Hearing that his grandfather’s ashes were thrown into the Yangtze River, he was speechless.

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