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Guo’s Summer 张卫国的夏天 Episode 2 Recap

Through Lin Hongnian’s hand, the Zhang family held a funeral for the old man. Just as they returned to the courtyard with the urn in their hands, they accidentally met Sun Yao, who had returned from the United States. It turned out that Zhang Weiguo’s father and Sun Yao’s grandfather were close friends until they rented the courtyard house in 1970. Because the two had a deep friendship, the rent was always the same as before.

Although Sun Yao had a copy of the lease-related documents, Zhang Weiguo didn’t believe it at all. He believed that he grew up here and knew exactly how many black tiles and blue bricks there were. After Sun Yao left, Zhang Weiguo, at Lin Hongnian’s suggestion, rummaged through the boxes to find the house book, but he knew it was basically the same as what Sun Yao said.

The upheaval in his head gradually calmed down, Zhang Weiguo sat in the yard in despair, no matter how unsightly he used to be, he still had a home, seeing Tianer riding a car and humming a song, tossing and turning in the streets and alleys of Beijing. But now that his father died suddenly, the safe haven has become an encirclement, and he was so worried that he could not be optimistic. In the end, Lin Hongnian found the old man’s suicide note in the iron box. Through the content, he learned that his grandfather was an eunuch, and he took in Zhang Chunquan after leaving the palace.

It was also the past experience that made Zhang Chunquan pay special attention to Lin Hongnian and accepted him as his godson. When Lin Hongnian left without saying goodbye, Zhang Chunquan was sad for a long time. He hoped that if Zhang Weiguo and Lin Hongnian met again, they would not forget the kindness of the troupe. Because Zhang Chunquan’s wish was to be buried in Nanjing after his death, Zhang Weiguo realized that the old man wanted to return to his roots. As for the origin of their original surname, it was still an unsolved mystery.

Lin Hongnian first went back to Nanjing TV station and waited anxiously for the result. When President Tian announced that there was no problem with the revision plan, then he fell down. Although it will be broadcast the day after tomorrow, Lin Hongnian insists on bringing goods in the live broadcast room. When he comes home at night and sees the goods piled up at the door, he calls the other party to send them away as soon as possible. It is revealed in his words that he deliberately asks for the goods to bring the goods.

Zhang Weiguo has not forgotten the porcelain horse worth 200 million, but unfortunately it has been smashed to pieces, and because of the lack of a horse’s front hoof, the final price is only 20 million. In order to buy the courtyard, Zhang Weiguo agreed to entrust Mr. Dong to auction it, but he didn’t expect to pay a deposit of 1 million yuan first. In the end, he tried his best to collect 700,000 yuan, and finally signed the contract.

Here, Lin Hongnian chose a cemetery for the old man. At the same time, considering that Zhang Weiguo was not well-off, he specially emphasized to Manager Xun that he would deliberately give Zhang Weiguo a 50% discount, and he would pay the rest of the discount in advance. Zhang Weiguo didn’t know it. After receiving the call from Lin Hongnian, he understood his concern and set off for Nanjing.

Manager Xun personally took Zhang Weiguo to see the cemetery, but Zhang Weiguo’s psychological expectation was 18,000 yuan, and he never thought of paying 200,000 yuan for a cemetery. Sure enough, as soon as these words came out, Manager Xun’s attitude changed drastically, and he suggested Zhang Weiguo with a cold face that he could choose to be buried in the river, which is to throw his ashes in the Yangtze River, and then turned and left.

I don’t know when it started, the weather in Nanjing suddenly dropped, and the rain was still accompanied by a small wind. Zhang Weiguo stood by the river and talked for a while, and then realized that all the ashes were sprinkled on Gu Jiayi’s face. At the same time, Gu Jiayi went from shock to screaming to fury, chasing and beating Zhang Weiguo all the way, causing him to leave the urn in the river.

During dinner on the roadside that night, Zhang Weiguo revealed to Lin Hongnian the matter of Jiang’s burial, and felt aggrieved. Lin Hongnian was also unhappy in his heart. After all, he was at fault first, so he told that he had a serious illness when he first arrived in Nanjing, and only fully recovered after six months.

After hearing what happened to Lin Hongnian, Zhang Weiguo gradually relieved himself, and couldn’t help but ask about his sister-in-law’s character, and planned to visit him another day. However, Zhang Weiguo was about to return to Beijing. Lin Hongnian thought about the next time he came to Nanjing to meet again. At the same time, he made sure that no matter how high his future status was, he would never forget that Zhang Weiguo was a junior and a brother and was close to each other.

In the new episode of the program, the parties are Gu Jiayi and Zhang Weiguo. Her daughter Gu Lin found out that the TV station was broadcasting a video of “chasing by the river”. Gu Jiayi also went to the TV station to find Lin Hongnian Xingshi and asked him to find Zhang Weiguo within three days. , otherwise report to the leader.

In order to prevent the matter from escalating, Lin Hongnian quickly contacted Zhang Weiguo to refund the ticket, and arranged for him to apologize to Gu Jiayi in the live broadcast room, explaining the whole story. At first, Zhang Weiguo did not agree because of his face, but when he heard that he would get compensation for the apology, he agreed to it.

After returning home, Lin Hongnian heard that her daughter was going to Beijing to study painting on Friday, at least for about a month. Although Gu Jiayi did not continue to pursue Zhang Weiguo, but when she learned that the powder that caused the skin allergy was ashes, she was so angry that she asked to go to the live broadcast room.

Just when Zhang Weiguo mustered up the courage to express his apology, Gu Lin recognized him as Lin Hongnian’s junior brother through the live broadcast, and took a group photo in the circle of friends and sent it to Gu Jiayi. Because of this, President Tian talked to Lin Hongnian alone and told him to voluntarily submit his resignation. In the hotel room, Lin Hongnian confided his thoughts to Zhang Weiguo, and then he comforted himself that he would not break or stand up. The two brothers and sisters recalled the good times of learning opera, and I sang you one sentence after another.

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