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Guo’s Summer 张卫国的夏天 Episode 1 Recap

In the early afternoon, Zhang Weiguo rode his bicycle to the streets and alleys, and went straight to the Peking Opera Troupe on time and on time. The welcome banner hung high at the main entrance indicated that the provincial leaders would come to guide with great fanfare, and the troupe would also launch a series of intensive activities. Preparatory work.

There are many gatehouses in the backyard of the troupe, the prop room is open in the right room, and there is a practice field not far away. The young actors practice basic skills under the scorching sun as usual. Zhang Weiguo is commonplace, and he will kindly pass on his experience when passing by, but in the eyes of these juniors, he is at best a tool repairer and should not be taken seriously.

Back in those days, Zhang Weiguo was also born in Wusheng and participated in the Peking Opera selection competition. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the props, which completely ruined Zhang Weiguo’s acting career. With the decline of Peking Opera, it has reached the point where no one appreciates it. It used to stand on the stage and everyone in the audience praised it as a corner. Now it has a big face, and it is completely out of the mainstream of the public.

Among the brothers and sisters in the same school, most of them choose to change careers, either to make an iron job, or to start a business and become a boss. Only Zhang Weiguo sticks to the Peking Opera Troupe. He is middle-aged and has nothing to do. He looks ordinary and has a greasy body.

Fortunately, Zhang Weiguo is content and happy, just like a goldfish kept in a large porcelain basin, guarding his own small courtyard and enjoying himself. To this day, Zhang Weiguo has sent a few more photos to Teacher Dong, which were basically taken from old objects at home.

After some appraisals, Mr. Dong confirmed that this object was an ornament of the Empress Dowager Cixi, with a market value of at least 200 million. Zhang Weiguo was suggested to participate in the autumn auction, which would be much higher than the current price. While Zhang Weiguo was excited and joyful, he also worried that porcelain horses belonged to his father, Zhang Chunquan.

The elder brother Lin Hongnian grew up without a father or mother. He had received the favor of Zhang Chunquan. Later, he left the troupe by virtue of his talent and hard work, and finally became the first brother of the local TV station. However, the good times didn’t last long, traditional media was declining day by day, audience boredom led to a decline in click-through rates, and competition within the TV station was fierce, and newcomers completely replaced him.

Due to the compulsion of life, Lin Hongnian had to start selling live broadcasts. Although he has worked hard for many years and has rich hosting experience, his performance still varies widely. In addition to the crisis in his career, even his marriage life has turned on the red light. Lin Hongnian and his wife Gu Jiayi live in different beds and are always on the verge of divorce. Just when his life is facing a mess, he suddenly receives news of a same-sex reunion .

Zhou Xiaoqiu brought dumplings to the door, deliberately ranting about his friend’s son-in-law having an affair, divorced and found a mistress, but in the end it didn’t end well. Lin Hongnian has always respected this mother-in-law, so he did his best to report good news instead of bad news, and did not disclose specific problems.

When the news of the party from the same door spread to Mr. Zhang’s ears, the originally unpleasant expression on his face suddenly became solemn. In fact, he remembered his god son Lin Hongnian in his heart, but he didn’t ask any more questions, and Zhang Weiguo didn’t say any more. On the other hand, Zhang Weiguo fell into insomnia. He recalled that his wife insulted him for losing his roots, and his mood was extremely complicated. After thinking about it, he decided to ask assistant Xiaowen to book a ticket, and was ready to fly to Beijing to find “the fallen leaves go back to their roots”.

On the day of the real dinner party, Zhang Weiguo wore a pair of pull-up boards and ran to the luxury hotel for a walk. The million-dollar luxury cars were everywhere, and only his bicycle was disgusted by the security guards. While the two were arguing endlessly, a rare sedan passed by. The owner of the car was Zhang Weiguo’s brother and the host of the gathering.

The security guard immediately changed his attitude. Under the guidance of the waiter, Zhang Weiguo walked to the box full of brothers and sisters. The atmosphere was not harmonious, and there was still a little embarrassment, until the mysterious guest Lin Hongnian came in from the door, and it was instantly lively. Everyone laughed at each other, and they did not forget to ridicule Zhang Weiguo for being a prop master, so that he was left out in the corner of the dinner table.

Zhang Weiguo deliberately talked about the porcelain horse, claiming that it was an object brought by his grandfather from the palace. The brothers did not believe it at all. Lin Hongnian took the initiative to speak for Zhang Weiguo, and at the same time asked about his current situation, and wanted to visit the old man after the party. After three rounds of drinking, everyone pretended to be rushing to pay the bill. Zhang Weiguo went out to settle the bill without saying a word, while Lin Hongnian paid for him.

Lin Hongnian’s sudden departure from home broke the old man’s heart, so Zhang Weiguo was not sure whether his father would agree to meet, but due to Lin Hongnian’s repeated requests, he finally agreed to test his attitude tomorrow and arrange them as much as possible. The two had lunch at noon.

The Peking Opera Troupe’s performance at the Senior Citizens Activity Center suffered a change. The reason was that Wu Sheng, who played Guan Sheng, had an emergency and could not be there at all. Zhang Weiguo recommended himself to replace Guan Sheng, and then disguised himself on stage. At the same time, the old man was listening to a play at home when he suddenly fainted due to discomfort. Zhang Weiguo received a call from his son Zhang An’an and hurriedly ran home.

When Zhang Chunquan was dying, he left his last words and was buried in Nanjing, and then signaled Zhang Weiguo to fetch the porcelain horse and smash it directly. This move shocked Zhang Weiguo, and before he could react, he vaguely heard the old man’s words, intermittently revealing that his grandfather was a eunuch and his grandmother was his grandfather. When Lin Hongnian heard the news, he regretted not being able to see Zhang Chunquan for the last time, so he stayed beside the bed and cried.

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