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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 26 Recap

After the banquet was over, Ling Budo personally escorted Cheng Shaoshang back to the house. There was silence in the carriage, and the sound of the wheels turning outside could be heard. Ling Budo took the initiative to chat with Cheng Shaoshang, wondering why she was so sullen. Cheng Shaoshang bluntly stated his true thoughts and did not want to rely on Ling Budo’s power.

But Ling Budo didn’t understand at all. After all, husband and wife are one body, so why should they care about each other? He is also willing to give everything for each other. In fact, Cheng Shaoshang was so pretentious and hypocritical, but it was just mediocre, and he was even afraid that he would marry Ling Budo in the future and live according to the rules of the other party. Cheng Shaoshang took out a piece of cake from the towel and really wanted to be stopped by Ling Budo, saying that eating after noon was not good for the health.

However, Cheng Shaoshang didn’t like to be in control, and he didn’t want to tell the reason. Just as Ling Budo was deeply at a loss, a report about the suburban West Village suddenly came from outside the carriage. Ling Budo sent someone to take Cheng Shaoshang back to the mansion, and then learned that Han Wu was delayed in returning, and it was suspected that something unexpected happened, so he decided to go to Xicun to investigate in person.

The last divorce from the Lou family had already caused Madam Cheng’s dissatisfaction, and now she is engaged to Ling Budo, and Madam Cheng is overjoyed. Especially Ling Wusu was the righteous son of Emperor Wen, equivalent to the royal family and noble family, and his family background was much higher than Lou Yao. Mrs. Cheng hurriedly ordered her servants to tidy up the yard so that the dowry could be arranged.

However, Ling Budo had not handed Geng Tie, Xiao Yuanyi felt that Mrs. Cheng was too happy, and Mrs. Cheng immediately refused, urging Xiao Yuanyi to take care of this marriage. At this time, news came from the lotus house that the Chunyu family was unable to hire on time because of her ill health, and the Cheng family was very angry.

Princess Ruyang thought that as long as the betrothal gifts had not been given and the Geng Tie had not been exchanged, it meant that the marriage would not be counted, and the Yuchang County Master would still have the opportunity to marry Ling Budo. Unexpectedly, Ling Buxu ordered someone to enter the palace to ask the sage to arrange the marriage on his behalf.

The old prince of the dynasty was the prince of Ruyang. However, Princess Ruyang relied on the grace of a meal to Emperor Wen, and asked for decades of glory and wealth, and now she is forcing King Ruyang to try her best to destroy the marriage between Cheng Shaoshang and Ling Budo.

Emperor Wen’s “acting his father’s duties” was very thorough, and King Ruyang was ordered to come to Cheng’s family for employment. King Ruyang quietly sneaked to the remote courtyard, and saw Cheng Shaoshang hammering the wooden case as if venting. At first, he wanted to dispose of her, but after some conversations, he changed his mind and decided to preserve the marriage. To make up for the unhappiness of his marriage.

When Princess Ruyang learned about this, she took her granddaughter to question King Ruyang. The Princess of Yuchang was willing to serve the two daughters together in order to marry Ling Budo. King Ruyang thought it was extremely absurd. First, he reprimanded Princess Ruyang for being greedy and unrestrained. At the same time, he felt that the princess of Yuchang was unruly and willful, and ordered her to find a husband and marry her as soon as possible, otherwise she would make a fortune.

Ling Budo carefully observed the surroundings of Xi Village, and finally found a clue left by Han Wu in one place. Presumably it was Han Wu who found out that he was being hunted down, so after burying the clues, he had already hidden in other places, and he would personally come forward to find Ling Budo.

Now that the confusion has been resolved, Ling Budo decided to go back to the city overnight to apologize to the Cheng family. Liang Qiuqi felt that Ling Budo was too serious and murderous. Not only did it not seem like an apology, but it was more like going to a teacher to ask the guilt. Ling Budo obviously listened to it, and simply asked the Liang brothers for interesting stories, in order to enhance his good impression in the hearts of the Cheng family.

Cheng Shaoshang still believed that Xiao Yuanyi didn’t care about him at all. Xiao Yuanyi, who had a hot temper, was uncharacteristically indifferent. Even Cheng Cha and the Cheng brothers couldn’t stand it, so he took the initiative to say everything for his mother. good words. Cheng Song and Cheng Shaogong whispered behind their little sister, feeling that Cheng Shaoshang repeatedly provokes Xiao Yuanyi today, it must be because Ling Budo did not come to hire himself, so they decided to wait for Ling Budo to appear and give each other a showdown on behalf of his sister.

As soon as the words fell, a group of black armored guards appeared aggressively, and Ling Budo walked in and took the initiative to apologize to everyone. Although it was sincere, it had a different meaning in the eyes of the Cheng family. The Cheng family was born in Caoze, and the local flavor was not taken off. Every meal was full of talk. As a result, because Ling Buxuan joined the dinner together, the meal was extremely deserted and embarrassing.

Ling Budo also noticed that the atmosphere was delicate, so he immediately told the joke he learned first, and even laughed loudly, making everyone present tremble with fear. After that, Ling Budo made a toast one after another, and the Cheng brothers did not dare to shirk, until Mrs. Cheng came over after hearing the news, and looked at Ling Budo with a beautiful smile, full of eyes full of love.

After that day, after the Ming ceremony had passed, Ling Budo was like the future husband-in-law of an ordinary family. Looking at the six bodyguards and the other team of more than ten people, including the guards standing at the door, Cheng Shaoshang’s mood was extremely complicated, and he couldn’t help frowning.

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