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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 25 Recap

Ling Budo found a wishful girl, and immediately came to Xinghua Courtyard to tell her mother that all suffering will eventually become the past, and happiness will come from now on. Unexpectedly, as soon as the words fell, Ling Yi came to the door rashly, persuading Ling Budo to think about it, because he really didn’t like this marriage, the new military generals in Chengjia District, Cheng Shaoshang was even more notorious, and it was completely wrong. .

However, these words sounded too ironic to Ling Budo. In the past, Ling Yi relied on his wife’s crony to ascend to the throne, and I am afraid that now he still wants to rely on his son’s marriage in exchange for a splendid future. Just when Ling Budo was about to see off the guests, Huo Junhua suddenly came out, and then beat Ling Yi like a madman, and finally Ling Yi had to leave first.

That night, Han Wu came to the mourning hall to worship the old general’s spiritual seat, and blamed himself for this pain. After his emotions calmed down, Han Wu reported the progress of the investigation to Ling Budo, and found that the military doctor under Yue Hou had already changed his name and surnamed, and was living in seclusion in the suburb of Xicun, so he decided to investigate alone, and he would definitely return within three days. The next branch that is short and three long is two short and two long if there is nothing wrong with each other.

Han Wu couldn’t figure out why Ling Buxuan was in such a hurry to find the remnants of the lonely city, and only after asking did he find out that Ling Buxuan already had a favorite girl. The wedding was imminent, Ling Budo praised Cheng Shaoshang a lot. People like him who were trapped in the past should have been alone.

On the other side, Cheng Shaoshang came to the door full of worries. Cheng Shi and his wife heard the flute wandering, and couldn’t help feeling overwhelmed. Xiao Yuanyi never thought that her daughter had such an unbearable impression of herself. Cheng Shaoshang must remember the events of the past, so she would rather risk her marriage and fight against her, how to make her feel at ease.

Cheng Shi thought that his daughter and Xiao Yuanyi were both hard-mouthed and soft-hearted, and at the same time they were stubborn and refused to bow their heads. Xiao Yuanyi did not blame Cheng Shaoshang, but more than self-blame. Although there are countless resentments in the world, Xiao Yuanyi hopes that Cheng Shaoshang and Ling Budo are not one of them, and they can join hands in love and grow their heads in peace.

Tomorrow is the big wedding of the Lou He family. Yuan Shen took the initiative to come to see his mother, but Yuan’s mother still responded indifferently and was unwilling to attend. Even if Master Wu was looking for a portrait of a woman in the city for Yuan Shen, Yuan’s mother did not have the slightest interest, and warned Yuan Shen that he should make his own decisions, because he can rely on his own affairs, and he must not pretend to be someone else. When faced with Yuan’s mother’s attitude, Yuan Shen comforted himself when he was disappointed. Maybe Cheng Shaoshang would envy that he was unrestrained.

Ling Budo sent a message to Cheng Shaoshang, and took him to Lou’s house to celebrate the next day. He Zhaojun led Cheng Shaoshang to the side hall of the women’s seat, and he no longer cares about the past grievances with her, which is quite a confidant. Yuan Shen ridiculed Cheng Shaoshang everywhere in front of Ling Budo, and bluntly said that she was a girl who never cared about love between men and women, but only knew how to manage calculations. Ling Budo retorted.

Lou Yao saw that the two of them were arguing, and was about to come forward to resolve it, how could he know it was boring. Everyone went to the main hall for a banquet, and Ling Budo toasted Lou Ben in public, congratulating him for his great deeds, and he would definitely live in the hall in the future. Master Lou in disguise reminded Lou Ben not to covet fame, but Ling Budo gave Lou Ben enough face, saying that if the sage was Qixian, no one would dare to stop him.

Lou Li publicly accused Shaoshang of abandoning his cousin and turned around to choose Ling Budo. Shao Shang confessed in public that he quit his marriage because of General Yuan He’s last words, and also to follow His Majesty’s will to marry Ling Budo. What reason does Lou Li question the Cheng family and himself? . Wang Ai and others deliberately humiliated Cheng Shaoshang in public, claiming that she was coquettish and coquettish. When Wang Yanji heard these remarks, she walked quickly to the main hall, implying that Ling Budo was going to help Cheng Shaoshang.

Sure enough, all the black guards appeared in the side hall, scaring the girls into trembling. Ling Budo ignored the male and female seats, and spoke up on the spot to maintain it, and even pushed the screen to the ground, threatening to teach everyone how to understand etiquette and shame. Ling Budo raised his voice to come to Wang Ai’s father and brother to share the scandal of the two Yan Ji, Wang Ai was speechless, and the onlookers whispered, shocking Cheng Shaoshang, it was a blessing to be able to get Ling Budo’s protection.

But Yuan Shen was very upset when he heard the words, and on the grounds of greed to watch the fun, he deliberately touched the venison in the bowl, causing the robes of the two people next to him to be filthy. Remembering that Yuan Shen is good at arguing, few people can get the slightest benefit, so they simply ignore it. After Ling Budo finished humiliating Wang Ai, he scolded Lou Li for being a woman in the market before she got married, and warned Mrs. Lou that she should educate her daughter well.

All the people present had different expressions, and they were very jealous. Ling Budo raised the wine bowl to face everyone, expressing that he and Cheng Shaoshang were married, and hoped that they would all come to participate. Sure enough, as soon as these words came out, there was a warm response immediately, and the bereaved family members and girls in Chinese costumes apologized and congratulated each other. Although it was Ling Budo who came forward to protect Cheng Shaoshang’s dignity, in Cheng Shaoshang’s view, he was using power to oppress others.

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