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Out of Court 庭外 Episode 5 Recap

It was pouring rain in the sky. Lu Nan and Shen Qingjia were walking on the muddy mountain road with Liu Bai who was seriously injured. Suddenly, a car came in front of him, claiming to be a person from the rescue station, but Lu Nan still came through the other party without a stretcher. , and questioned the identity of the other party. Seeing that the plan to rescue Shen Qing was going to fail, the two bad guys directly attacked Lu Nan, but they were not shot and killed by Lu Nan, and at the same time restrained Shen Qing who was about to rush up.

Lu Nan got out of the car to find Wu Han, and unexpectedly met Qiao Shaoyan in the parking lot, and also saw Xu Huiwen’s body. Several people were taken to the police station. Facing the questioning of the police, Qiao Shaoyan said that he only passed after receiving a call from Xu Huiwen, and Wu Han also received a mysterious call while driving and rushed to Qiao Shaoyan’s place. location, only to find that Xu Huiwen died there.

Lu Nan also explained that he only got out of the car to check when he heard the sound, and it was not the same door as Wu Han. Wu Han was very angry at this, thinking that Lu Nan did not believe her ability to go down to see. Fu Ting was very angry that Lu Nan was suspected for no reason. He originally asked Lu Nan to assist in the investigation, but turned out to be the object of suspicion. Fu Ting asked Lu Nan to leave here quickly. However, Lu Nan felt that the matter was not as simple as it seemed on the surface, and he did not intend to leave, and he would never withdraw his troops without investigating clearly.

Xu Huiwen used an Internet phone to call Qiao Shaoyan. At that time, Qiao Shaoyan rushed over according to Xu Huiwen’s address, but the call could not be connected. And on the bottle of mouthwash given by Ran Sen, Qiao Shaoyan’s DNA appeared, which made Qiao Shaoyan speechless. At the same time, Wu Han also consulted the leaders of Qiao Shaoyan, and learned that Qiao Shaoyan had left the police force for a few years, and he continued to work after returning, and even got a promotion. The years she left were blank, Wu Han asked Qiao Shaoyan to give an explanation. Qiao Shaoyan said that because her husband was working abroad, she was only accompanying her. Wu Han obviously did not believe it.

Lu Nan offered to examine Tian Yang, and learned from the conversation with Tian Yang that although Tian Yang claimed to be in a relationship with Li Mengqi, it was not the case. The two were just neighbors living under the same roof. Li Mengqi agreed to her ex-husband eight years ago. but later met a wealthier person and accepted a new ring, but was reluctant to throw away the previous ring, so it was polished and used as earrings.

When I first saw the earrings, I was not sure whether it was a ring or earrings, but Ran Sen at that time could see that it was an earring at a glance. In Lu Nan’s opinion, only those who really took it off Li Mengqi’s ear would recognize it as an earring, while Tian Yang The relationship with Jansen has always been very good, even beyond the normal relationship. Ran Sen could not see that Li Mengqi hooked up with Tian Yang, and later became interested in killing. In the end, Li Mengqi died in Ran Sen’s hands, but handed over to Tian Yang to decompose and bury the body.

Tian Yang was arrested, and Ran Sen has been running around for him outside. Many people regard him as a loyal subordinate, but they did not expect the extraordinary relationship between the two.

Wu Han was about to close the net to arrest Chen Man. Lu Nan accidentally found the lost Martha key in Wu Han’s car. Because the underground garage was dark at the time and the circuit was damaged, the autopsy and on-site environmental investigation were all done. It caused difficulties, and the precise target could not be locked for a while, but it was found that Xu Huiwen did not have Martha’s key on her body. Who was driving to the underground garage, this person would be the murderer.

At the same time, Ran Sen thought of Xu Huiwen’s voice while driving. Xu Huiwen told Ran Sen that all the bad things he had with Tian Yang were recorded by Tian Yang, and they could only live if Tian Yang died. Thinking of this, Jansen parked the car on the bridge, and the USB flash drive in his hand was thrown into the river far away.

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