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Out of Court 庭外 Episode 4 Recap

Shen Qing and Lu Nan helped Liu Bai, who was seriously injured, continue to move forward, but Shen Qing also heard Lu Nan’s call to the command center for instructions, and seemed to see hope. He knew that even if he was captured, what Lu Nan would get There are only a handful of rewards, so Lu Nan is tempted with the best interests, promising that if he is released, he will give Lu Nan and Liu Bai 5 million each. The most important thing is that if he is released, he will not be responsible , but Lu Nan pointed a gun at Shen Qing’s head, forcing him to continue supporting Liu Bai.

Chen Man took Qiao Shaoting’s cell phone and dialed Qiao Shaoyan’s cell phone, in order to find out the flaws between them, but unexpectedly Lu Nan was standing next to Qiao Shaoyan. Lu Nan is the couple with Qiao Shaoyan. Lu Nan also whispered to her that Qiao Shaoting was being held hostage. With the help of Qiao Shaoyan he found, he passed the customs application. Chen Man praised Qiao Shaoyan for being more reliable than Qiao Shaoting, and just after the words fell, Qiao Shaoting also applied for customs to transport the goods, and Chen Man completely put down his doubts about Qiao Shaoting.

While Xu Huiwen was driving, he was thinking about the quarrel between himself and Tian Yang. Tian Yang almost collapsed and smashed everything in the bathroom on Xu Huiwen, angrily scolding Xu Huiwen and Chen Man for using him as a gunner, and Xu Huiwen was dissatisfied with Tian Yang He believed that Tian Yang was also a beneficiary of it. Tian Yang warned Xu Huiwen that if he angered him, he would stab Xu Huiwen’s affairs out, and then nothing would be better. Thinking of this, Xu Huiwen slammed on the accelerator and overtook several cars in an instant.

Qiao Shaoyan didn’t go home for a long time because of his busy work. Since his mother fell ill and died, she almost didn’t serve her, which made Qiao Shaoting and his father dissatisfied. Although Qiao Shaoyan also went home in the later period, the father and son ignored her in the same way. This has also become a pain in Qiao Shaoyan’s heart, and Qiao Shaoting has never called her. But this time when I heard that her brother had an accident, Qiao Shaoyan covered her face and cried after hanging up the phone, trembling all over. Lu Nan knew that she was worried about her brother, and was full of apologies, and at the same time ensured Qiao Shaoting’s safety.

Since Qiao Shaoyan checked Xu Huiwen’s house, she found out that some brands of cosmetics she often used, and then went to the laundry to inquire. She came here because she found that Xu Huiwen had two mobile phone numbers, and one of them had a very strong confidentiality function. A mobile phone that ordinary people don’t use, so Qiao Shaoyan will appear in the telecom hall to retrieve the call records. Unfortunately, because of insufficient permissions, she could not find it, and she planned to go back to Wu Han and Lu Nan for help. Lu Nan will appear in the lobby.

Qiao Shaoting called Lu Nan to complain and reminded Lu Nan that he must bring Chen Man to justice and strangle him to death as soon as they meet. Such a person will not be a good person. If he catches him, he can let go of the past. . Qiao Shaoting couldn’t help but asked Lu Nan about her situation because he cared about Qiao Shaoyan. Lu Nan also persuaded Qiao Shaoting not to get along with his sister all the time.

Ran Sen found the trace of a Masha, and quickly gave the dash cam to Lu Nan. Wu Han also sent someone out to find the trace of Masha. At the same time, he also asked the customs people to be ready to arrest Chen Man at any time. Wu Han was suspicious of Tian Yang. It is a puppet. The real person in charge of the company should be Xu Huiwen, because it was found from the call records that Chen Man and Xu Huiwen were also connected.

Qiao Shaoyan was cooking in the cafeteria, and suddenly received a call from Xu Huiwen asking to see her, claiming that she had some important news leaked to her, and if she wanted to find Li Mengqi, she would come to see her alone. Find Xu Huiwen.

In the case of serial traffic accidents on the bridge, Lunan also went to the traffic brigade to be questioned as an alarm person. Here, he learned that there was a car behind the taxi driver at that time, but it happened to be in the blind spot of the taxi driver, so he did not find it. The car collided and the rest of the cars were not put away, resulting in a traffic accident. When he was about to leave, Lu Nan found a cream that fell out of a girl’s bag, exactly the same as what Qiao Shaoyan used.

Wu Han took Lu Nan to check the DNA results of the mouthwash. At the same time, he also told Wu Han a secret. In fact, Liu Bai was Wu Han’s husband. Liu Bai was seriously injured in that operation. Later, he met the robbers, but Lu Nan It was still solved with one shot, and he continued to send Liu Baikang to the hospital in time on his shoulder, which saved Liu Bai’s life, and because of this, he trusted Lu Nan more.

In the middle of the way, Wu Han was going to pick up something and asked Lu Nan to wait in the car, but Wu Han, who had just entered, was held down, and Lu Nan got out of the car to check when he heard the sound was wrong.

On the other hand, Qiao Shaoyan found the underground garage according to the address given by Xu Huiwen, but found that the car was empty.

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