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Out of Court 庭外 Episode 3 Recap

A few years ago, Lu Nan was an escort who was escorting prisoners. He encountered a landslide during an escort. After asking his superiors for instructions, he was forced to release the suspect Shen Qing first to avoid accidents. He insisted that it was not easy to catch them, and forced Shen Qing to help the injured comrade Liu Bai to continue moving forward while calling the rescue center.

Qiao Shaoting was chattering about Yue Zhichao and his wife in the car. Unexpectedly, the more he talked, the more he revealed his whereabouts, because the bridge they were driving on was the place where Yue Zhichao had a car accident, and it was impossible to entrust Qiao Shaoting to do things. Therefore, he ordered his subordinates to stop, and someone used a rope to restrain Qiao Shaoting’s neck.

Fortunately, Qiao Shaoting was able to adapt to the situation and gradually let Chen Man relax his vigilance and signaled his subordinates to let go of Qiao Shaoting. Qiao Shaoting was dissatisfied with Chen Man’s attitude. If he didn’t believe that he could not be used, there was no need to kill him. One sentence made Chen Man smile.

Chen Man still has every sentence of the temptation, which completely makes Qiao Shaoting irritable. Qiao Shaoting is angry and tells Chen Man to use him if he wants to use him, and pull him down if he doesn’t need it. ask.

Ran Sen gave Lu Nan the mouthwash he got from Xu Huiwen, guessing that what Tian Yang could carry with him was someone who was very important to him. But Lu Nan has a different opinion, thinking that Xu Huiwen may have another purpose to take it out at this time, and it is impossible to determine the truth of her words.

Qiao Shaoyan visited Xu Huiwen and asked about the business of Tian Yang’s company, but Xu Huiwen didn’t even know. Qiao Shaoyan checked the bathroom and each bedroom again. Xu Huiwen explained that because she didn’t like to hear snoring, she occasionally separated from Tian Yang in two rooms. live. Qiao Shaoting left without saying anything after reading all the rooms, which made Xu Huiwen a little nervous.

Qiao Shaoting suddenly received a call from Lu Nan. In order to avoid suspicion, Qiao Shaoting also put on the loudspeaker so that Chen Man could also hear it. Lu Nan satirized that Qiao Shaoting’s lawyer card had been suspended, and he was not suitable or worthy of being a client. I hope he Being able to be cautious, Qiao Shaoting was angry and quarreling with Lu Nan, and insisted that maybe he had recovered his license before the trial.

When Qiao Shaoting was going to the toilet, he was also asked by Chen Man’s subordinates to accompany him. He even left Qiao Shaoting’s mobile phone with Chen Man, but he didn’t expect that someone next door to Qiao Shaoting’s toilet had already handed over the mobile phone, and Qiao Shaoting sent the information I entered it into the toilet paper box on my phone and left it pretending to be safe. This information was also quickly sent to Lu Nan and Wu Han.

Ran Sen originally wanted to check the situation of the laundromat’s mouthwash and implement the agreement whether the love mouthwash was found here, but he saw Qiao Shaoyan at the door of the laundromat. Ran Sen hurriedly called Lu Nan, but Lu Nan rushed over without taking care of official business.

Wu Han and Fu Ting are going to cooperate with Qiao Shaoting to perform a play. Zhe’s attendance is to show Chen Man, and he is strictly preventing Chen Man from escaping again. Now Chen Man’s ticket is in sight.

Qiao Shaoting helped Chen Man to pass the customs declaration and informed Chen Man that he could leave. Chen Man was also investigating the information about Qiao Shaoting, knowing that he had been detained in the detention center for a month, why he was suddenly able to go to other places, and how to contact Yue Zhi super. Qiao Shaoting told Chen Man that he had a sister who was a political commissar of the police station, so he could go out. Chen Man also investigated Qiao Shaoyan and found that her family members did not say that she had a younger brother.

Chen Man had doubts about Qiao Shaoting again, and asked Qiao Shaoting to take out his mobile phone and call the sister who was noted in the address book.

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