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Out of Court 庭外 Episode 2 Recap

It turned out that Brother Xiao was also an undercover agent arranged by Wu Han, and he was finally going to close the net in Jinnan area, but he didn’t expect that Lunan would almost ruin a major event. If Brother Xiao didn’t save him and knocked out two of his subordinates, I’m afraid he would act now. It was all exposed, and Fu Ting also reprimanded Lu Nan. Brother Xiao couldn’t help complaining that his undercover operation was almost over. Lu Nan had only been here for two hours, and he almost ruined his two-year action. .

Lu Nan explained that he was there by following the vine, and originally planned to retreat, but was forcibly brought to see Brother Xiao, which was not something within his control.

Wu Han took them to watch the video of the camera. There was an injured man named Yue Zhichao. He was Chen Man’s dog-headed military adviser. He also had a car accident in the bridge case. Chao now has an accident, and Chen Man is likely to go back. If Chen Man changes his schedule, the closing of the net must be delayed. Fu Ting thought that this matter could not have anything to do with Lu Nan. Even if Chen Man didn’t come back today, he could come back later.

Wu Han was annoyed, thinking that any part of the link might leak, and suddenly there were two big living people missing, which must be unbearable. It would soon be exposed and the action would fail. Wu Han suddenly remembered In Ran Sen’s words, Ran Sen felt that Wu Han was the biggest umbrella for the smuggling gang. Wu Han was still angry, and even blamed Fu Ting for improperly employing people. If Chen Man did not come back at night, the operation would be declared a failure, and Lu Nan knew that he would not say more.

Lu Nan asked Fu Ting to find a remedy, but Fu Ting didn’t seem to be in a hurry. He ate lunch leisurely, and urged Lu Nan to go to a special dumpling shop. Lu Nan had to leave and eat with Sen Ran, so as to find out why he was so sure. Li Mengqi is still alive. Ran Sen remembered that when Tian Yang was arrested, the police searched the room and found an earring, a cosmetic item in the trunk, and a note of love, and Ran Sen knew that Tian Yang had only one woman, Li Mengqi.

Ran Sen repeatedly emphasized that he hoped to maintain the justice of the law. He thought that Tian Yang was only guilty of Li Mengqi, and Lu Nan suddenly admired Ran Sen a little.

Lu Nan’s job requires the cooperation of two good lawyers. The first is his good buddy Qiao Shaoting, who is mainly professional, and the other is Ran Sen, whom he admires, but Wu Han does not agree.

The foreman found the missing two and cast his doubtful eyes on Brother Xiao. Brother Xiao had to preempt him and bring him down. In a hurry, he called Wu Han and wanted to deal with the person, but he was met by Wu Han. He strongly objected and ordered him to withdraw from the industrial zone as soon as possible, but he couldn’t do it, and he couldn’t be undercover for a long time and then he forgot his identity as a policeman.

When Lu Nan heard Wu Han’s call, he hurried to the industrial zone to find Brother Xiao. Looking at the foreman who was tied up on the ground, Lu Nan asked Brother Xiao to leave first, handed it over to him, and prepared a car. Brother Xiao gave Lu Nan the gun, hoping that he would defend himself, but Lu Nan didn’t want it, and even loosened the foreman’s feet.

Ran Sen received a call from Tian Yang’s wife and rushed over. She found a bottle of mouthwash when she was sorting out Tian Yang’s belongings, and Tian’s wife knew that Tian Yang never used mouthwash and guessed that it might be related to Li Mengqi.

Before Lu Nan went to the foreman, he prepared a bottle of wine, poured it into the foreman’s mouth through various methods, and helped him out of the office, who was dizzy and dizzy. The security department saw it and thought the foreman was drunk. , no doubts arose.

Qiao Shaoting was asked by Lu Nan to contact Chen Man as a lawyer. In order to protect Qiao Shaoting’s safety, the police secretly arranged for someone to protect him.

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