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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 23 Recap

After some discussion, the Cheng family’s father and daughter went to Ling Budo’s residence. At the entrance, there were two neat and serious guards patrolling the house. There were no servants and maids. It looked too empty and deserted. . However, Ling Budo’s attitude towards Cheng Shi was far colder than that of the mansion. Cheng Shaoshang noticed the difference, and after a few simple conversations, he got up and said goodbye.

Just as Cheng Shi and his daughter were walking out the door, Liang Qiuqi suddenly came forward to stop him, and led Cheng Shaoshang back to the main hall on the grounds of identifying the jade pendant. Originally, Cheng Shi wanted to follow him, but when he heard that Liang Qiuqi was going to ask him about military affairs, he left in a hurry, leaving Cheng Shaoshang to deal with Ling Budo alone.

Ling Budo, who was pretending to be indifferent before, actually changed his attitude when facing Cheng Shaoshang, and said that Cheng Shaoshang didn’t care about himself at all. While the two of them were talking, His Royal Highness brought the Lord of Yuchang County to visit, along with Yuan Shen and Wang Ai. Sure enough, Wang Ai was willing to be a minion of the Lord of Yuchang County. First, he targeted Cheng Shaoshang everywhere. end.

Yuan Shen made a statement to clarify, saying that he simply came to thank Ling Budoubt, but Yuchang County Master and Wang Wei really spoiled the scenery. Cheng Shaoshang reprimanded Wang Ai for her sanctimonious appearance, but she was actually dark inside. She swore a poisonous oath on the spot to prove her innocence. Ling Budo was protecting Cheng Shaoshang and directly issued an order of expulsion. At the same time, the third prince met the prince at the door, and when he learned that Ling Budo closed the door to thank the guests, he asked someone to send supplements.

The whereabouts of Han Wu, the messenger of the Huo family, is unknown, and he did not appear until today to tell the truth about the Battle of Gucheng. Originally, Marquis Yue and King Qian An went to support after receiving the military retribution. How could they know that it was difficult to break through the miasma halfway, so they were delayed for three days, but Han Wu felt very strange.

At that time, Yue Hou once sent a team of soldiers and horses to investigate the miasma, and all of them lost their lives. Later, some people saw the horses appearing in the military camp, including the medical practitioners who were injured and disappeared for no reason. The authenticity of the miasma needs to be verified. In recent years, Han Wu wanted to convene the old department to return to Beijing to face the Holy Spirit, but he was frequently assassinated, and he had to live in the market as a last resort.

Cheng Shaoshang fell into a right and wrong way because Wang Ai spread rumors to the outside world. Emperor Wen was furious when he learned about this, and decided to match her and Ling Budo to form a good thing as soon as possible. Empress Xuan’s mention of the fifth princess’ marriage also gave Emperor Wen a headache. Most men and women in this world are criticized by others, not to mention that the fifth princess has a bad reputation.

At the suggestion of Empress Xuan, Emperor Wen ordered Cheng Shaoshang to enter the palace. When the couple set off with their daughter, Xiao Yuanyi told Cheng Shaoshang not to forget to kneel and worship. Cheng Shaoshang lifted the car curtain and looked out according to his old habit, and saw the magnificent and huge double-story gate towers standing on both sides of the palace gate, like an ancient giant, daunting.

The carriage drove to the gate of the palace, and Emperor Wen sent an oral order to allow the daughters of the Cheng family to enter the palace by car. Cheng Shaoshang imitated his parents to pay homage to the Empress, and because she was alert and lively, she talked freely, and immediately won the favor of Emperor Wen, leaving the Cheng family to dine in the palace, and Queen Xuan sent someone to send Cheng Shaoshang to the Changqiu Palace first.

While the queen was changing clothes, Cheng Shaoshang carefully looked at the building structure in the palace, and the whole person was very excited. At the same time, the fifth princess came to complain to Empress Xuan because of her marriage, indicating that she did not despise the son of Yuehou, and yearned for a free and free life. Although this marriage was related to the interests of the monarch and ministers, the Fifth Princess did not listen to the persuasion at all, and even felt that Emperor Wen favored Concubine Yue, which caused Empress Xuan to frown frequently.

As soon as the words fell, Queen Xuan hurriedly scolded the Fifth Princess, and strictly ordered her not to make such rash comments in the future. What’s more, there are many faces in the mansion of the Fifth Princess, and Empress Xuan is also turning one eye and closing one eye. If she really touches the bottom line, she will definitely not continue to tolerate it, and warn her to cut off contact with the sons as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the third princess was also chatting with the concubine Yue, gloatingly mentioning the marriage of the fifth princess. Concubine Yue knew very well that her nephew was a debauchery, even if she did not want to marry such a person, it was understandable. As for the third princess who used to be happy with Ling Budo, and later was ordered to marry the Xuan family, it was because Ling Budo did not like the third princess. Therefore, Concubine Yue just wanted to live a peaceful life, and was unwilling to participate in such intrigue and downfall.

Because the fifth princess was reprimanded by Queen Xuan, she was extremely upset. She went out and saw Cheng Shaoshang opposite, and in a fit of rage ordered someone to slap him. Cheng Shaoshang was naturally unconvinced, and bluntly said that the fifth princess was too loud. These words made the fifth princess angry and had to teach Cheng Shaoshang a lesson. Fortunately, at a critical moment, Luo Jitong, the daughter of Captain Changshui, came forward to save the siege, and this person was the companion of the Fifth Princess.

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