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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 22 Recap

Originally, Cheng Shaogong was alone in the back mountain for Cheng Shaoshang to fortune-telling, but he did not expect to meet Ban Xiaohou Ye, who had lost his way. Mr. Ban Xiaohou regarded Cheng Shao-gong as a close friend, and Cheng Shao-gong had no choice but to take him out first.

Wang Ai and Lou Li came to seek Cheng Shaoshang’s trouble on purpose, and Wan Eqi couldn’t help bickering with her. In the end, the two competed on horseback and archery. After Wan Qiqi left, Yuan Shen came to Cheng Shaoshang, teasing her with her low eyebrows and pleasing to the eye today, thinking that the Nagato Fu he mentioned earlier did not play the slightest role.

Cheng Shaoshang was too lazy to argue with Yuan Shen, and bluntly said that the other party had become a long-tongued woman, and then turned around and left. Seeing that Yuan Shen was still chasing after him, Cheng Shaoshang attracted all the girls, and when he had no time to leave, he ran directly to the old forest in the mountains. On the other hand, under the leadership of Cheng Shaogong, Master Ban Xiaohou finally returned to the hunting ground. When he saw Cheng Cha who was alone, he instantly fell in love.

At the same time, Cheng Shaoshang came to the top of the mountain, and accidentally found a pagoda. Looking at the exquisite interior, he climbed up layer by layer. Looking out from the window, the mountains were surrounded by fog, and there were bursts of pines. Suddenly, I realized that I was nothing more than quitting my relatives, and that there are many beautiful things in the world.

Just as Cheng Shaoshang was going to continue to climb up, she vaguely heard that someone was conspiring to abandon the storage plan, which scared her to turn back, and at the same time left her jade pendant. Fortunately, Ling Budo appeared in time and jumped down with Cheng Shaoshang in his arms. He held Cheng Shaoshang tightly in his arms and hooked the eaves of the tower with the other. The two of them hung outside the tower for a while, and didn’t climb up again until those people left.

Encountering such a thrilling event, Cheng Shaoshang was still in shock, and at the same time noticed that Ling Budo was involved in an old injury. However, Ling Budo reminded Cheng Shaoshang not to mention this to anyone, so as not to be imprisoned, and immediately escorted her down the mountain in person. When they arrived near the hunting vehicle, Ling Budo took out the jade pendant that Cheng Shaoshang had left behind. Since half of the jade pendant with female characters was missing, he took care of the remaining half, which would also ensure the safety of Cheng Shaoshang.

At the same time, Wan Eiqi’s riding and archery skills were much higher than Wang Ai’s, but after a few rounds, the true chapters could be seen, Wang Ai became angry, and deliberately made a sly trick to cause Wan Eiqi’s mount to be frightened, and rushed into the mountains. Seeing this, Cheng Song hurriedly chased after him. After several attempts to rescue him to no avail, he simply rolled aside with Wan Qiqi in his arms, thus injuring his leg. Wan Qiqi nervously checked and found that the injury was at the root of his thigh. He couldn’t help feeling embarrassed, thinking The self-promise that she just mentioned casually made her feel ashamed.

This time, the most unusual banquet of the officials, the female relatives who accompanied the emperor were the gentle and virtuous Empress Xuan, and the outspoken Concubine Yue. But after the banquet, the young masters and even the princes of various noble families were like wild horses running away. A group of women surrounded the man and became nympho, constantly talking and talking, and even found a few couples of wild mandarin ducks who had a tryst.

Emperor Wen was furious for this, and when Empress Xuan and Concubine Yue were comforting their emotions, the chamberlain suddenly came to report Ling Busu for saving Cheng Shaoshang and causing old wounds. Emperor Wen, who was originally angry, immediately changed his face, dismissed the punishment on the spot, and dragged Cheng Shi straight to the tent. Ling Budo had already guessed that Emperor Wen was going to meet Cheng Shaoshang, and told her in advance how to deal with it, but before he finished speaking, Emperor Wen came in in a hurry.

Under the instructions of Ling Budo and Cheng Shi, Cheng Shaoshang took the initiative to salute Emperor Wen, which was different from the etiquette of ordinary women from aristocratic families, showing the lack of education. Emperor Wen repeatedly asked Ling Budo about the reason for his injury, and before Cheng Shaoshang responded, Ling Budo answered on his behalf, which was enough to prove that he attached great importance to Cheng Shaoshang, so Emperor Wen repeatedly urged the Cheng family to remember their kindness.

But it was after meeting Cheng Shaoshang that Emperor Wen was caught in a tangle. On the one hand, he was happy that Ling Budo knew at least the love between men and women, but on the other hand, he felt that Cheng Shaoshang’s qualifications were mediocre and completely unworthy of his adopted son. At the beginning, Emperor Wen was pleased with Yu Ling’s determination and determination, but sometimes he was not happy that he was too outstanding, so he thought of preparing wine for him to go hunting, or having a concubine for him, but unfortunately he couldn’t.

Now that Ling Budo had an interest in Cheng Shaoshang, Emperor Wen was worried, so he nagged around Concubine Yue. Concubine Yue couldn’t take it anymore, so she pushed him out the door. How could he know that Emperor Wen turned around and went to look for the queen again, but Queen Xuan was too knowledgeable, and no matter what the emperor’s conclusion was, he always agreed with him, which made him feel very boring. In the end, it is up to the servants to think that Cheng Shaoshang is worthy of Ling Budo, it all depends on the meaning of God, but the problem is that God is not necessarily reliable.

After the hunting banquet was over, the whole family set off for their home. Cheng Shaoshang had no intention of going to class, so he was confused and there were a lot of typos in an article. Yuan Shen deliberately left Shaoshang to remind her not to use marriage to escape the bondage of the family, and also accused Shaoshang of deliberately approaching Ling Budo, which made Cheng Shaoshang very angry. Cheng Shi and Xiao Yuanyi mentioned what happened today.

Obviously, the Sage wanted to match Cheng Shaoshang and Ling Budoubt. Xiao Yuanyi also realized that the relationship between the two was not simple. Also because of the meaning of the sage, Cheng Shi suggested that Xiao Yuanyi take Cheng Shaoshang to thank Ling Budo, but Xiao Yuanyi thought that Cheng Shi was the head of the family, and he should come forward.

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