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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 21 Recap

Although Cheng Shaoshang had seen He Zhaojun’s ruthless determination, she still resisted the fear in her heart and persuaded the other party not to force the marriage. However, He Zhaojun has not yet come out of the shadow of losing his father and brother, and all his thoughts are his father’s dying words, no matter what.

It is precisely because He Zhaojun understands the meaning of his existence that he will not offend anyone from now on. Cheng Shaoshang is very sympathetic to what happened to He Zhaojun, but Lou Yao has no affection for her, so how can he ruin his own happiness. Listening to Cheng Shaoshang’s words, He Zhaojun became increasingly emotional, saying that she didn’t like Lou Yao either, and if she could get her father and brother’s life back, even thousands of Lou Yao would not care.

At this time, Ling Budo came to protect Cheng Shaoshang, first asked her to return to the carriage, and then warned He Zhaojun that he was a loyal orphan, and because the world was often pitied, but in the future, he came to Japan to grow, whether to make enemies everywhere, or be kind to others, It’s all in He Zhaojun’s thoughts, and he hopes to do it on his own.

Through Ling Budo’s narration, Cheng Shaoshang learned of the heroic actions of the He family and his son to protect the people of the city without any casualties, and his heart was quite shocking. So when Cheng Shaoshang returned home and saw Lou Yao who was guarding the door, after hesitating for a moment, he walked towards the door with his head down, not wanting to meet in a short time.

That night, Lou Yao refused to leave for a long time, and Cheng Shaoshang did not rest, looking at the stars all over the sky and felt very sad. Everyone asks Cheng Shaoshang to be righteous and considerate, but she only has one wish, that is, to marry and live in peace, but things backfired. Thinking of this, Cheng Shaoshang couldn’t help breaking down and crying. Cheng Shi and his wife were extremely complicated when they heard about this.

Early in the morning the next day, Mrs. Cheng made a big noise with the dowry gift. Cheng Shi really didn’t know what to do, and he knew the temperament of the old lady. Just as Xiao Yuanyi was coaxing Madam Cheng patiently, Cheng Shaoshang suddenly came over and said that he had decided to go to Lou’s house to retire from his relatives. When this remark came out, Madam Cheng turned pale with fright.

Therefore, when Cheng Shaoshang appeared at Lou’s house with his parents, everyone present was solemn and solemn. Today, the main hall was closed, with Mr. Lou and Cheng Shi sitting in the center. As for Mrs. Lou, Mrs. Sit up in sequence. Cheng Shidao knew his intention to retire from his relatives and returned the token. Mrs. Lou was very proud, but Lou Yao was the only one who firmly opposed it.

Seeing Lou Yao’s grief and grievance, Cheng Shaoshang chatted with him outside the door alone and told the truth about the He family. At the beginning, the county magistrate Cheng Lao was killed by the rebel swords to protect the common people, so he made Lou Yao swear to be an official. Now that he is married to He Zhaojun, it is no longer to repay the kindness of the He family, but also to take care of the orphans of General He and teach him Constrain and protect He Zhaojun from harm.

The He Lou two families are good friends. Many people are just a name to the Cheng family, but they are living memories of the Lou family. Lou Yao knew that the matter of resigning from the family could not be changed, and finally returned to the main hall with Cheng Shaoshang, and promised to marry He Zhaojun in front of the elders. Don’t meddle in the affairs of the second house after the house. Lou Yao asked Cheng’s parents to treat him as his own son and nephew in the future, and to be commensurate with Cheng Shaoshang’s brothers and sisters in the future. The two blessed each other with tears.

Princess Ruyang heard that the Lou family and the He family remarried, but she thought it was too ridiculous. On the contrary, Yuchang County Lord regretted that Cheng Shaoshang was dismissed from the family for no reason. I am afraid it will be difficult to ask for a good marriage. However, Princess Ruyang didn’t take it seriously, she didn’t look down on Cheng Shaoshang at first, and now she was looking forward to Yuchang County Master’s wish to marry Ruyi Langjun.

The Chunyu clan naturally understood what Princess Ruyang meant, so he flattered and flattered next to him, saying that Cheng Shaoshang, a small family and a small household, had no education, and was completely incomparable to the master of Yuchang County. How could Ling Bu doubt hear these words, bluntly said that Cheng Shaoshang’s divorce was in accordance with the holy will, and even warned Princess Ruyang not to criticize, otherwise it would be a sinner in the world and disrespect to the Holy One.

Old lady Cheng was reluctant to dowry, sitting beside her weeping and wiping her tears, scolding Cheng Shi for quitting such a good marriage for the so-called ruined reputation. In order to make up for Cheng Shaoshang’s grievances, Emperor Wen allowed the Cheng family to participate in the Tu Gaoshan sacrifice ceremony, but without Mrs. Cheng, it happened that Cheng Shi thought about letting his daughter go out to relax.

After a few more days, it was the brightest time of the year in spring. Although it was a sacrifice this time, in Cheng Shaoshang’s view, it was more like a large-scale spring outing and picnic. She had no interest at all. Spend time in tents. Wan Qiqi knew that Cheng Shaoshang was uncomfortable, so he took her to watch the horse-riding and archery competition held by Mr. Ban Xiaohou.

In the presence, not only many noble ladies, but also several royal princesses. Wan Eqi introduced the princess’ situation to Cheng Shaoshang, and also mentioned the life experience of Mr. Ban Xiaohou, who was also loyal to the whole family, so he resembled He Zhaojun so much that Cheng Shaoshang recalled the painful past. At this time, Lou Yao and He Zhaojun appeared one after another. Cheng Shaoshang pretended to be calm, but in reality he was upset. Wan Eqi hurriedly shifted the topic to the competition field, thus attracting Cheng Shaoshang’s attention.

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