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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 20 Recap

At that time, Chengyang Hou Lingyi and Huo Chong had different political opinions, and in the end, in order to eradicate dissidents, they destroyed the Huo family. Since then, Ling Budo has grown from an orphan of Huomen to a young general. In order to find out the truth of the year, he has been planning step by step over the years. Now that he has the opportunity to bring King Yong to trial alone, he will naturally not let him go easily. Sure enough, in the face of solid evidence, King Yong finally admitted that he sold ordnance in the isolated city, resulting in no survivors of the Huo family.

Although death was imminent, King Yong still did not repent. He felt that when the world was in turmoil, everyone could not be sure who ascended the throne after all, so he had the intention to retire. However, King Yong never thought that if the reinforcements hadn’t arrived late, how could the city end up in ruins, and Ling Budo killed him in a fit of anger, and he didn’t care how to explain to Emperor Wen.

When King Yong was completely dead, Ling Budo ordered the Liang brothers to declare that King Yong committed suicide in fear of sin, and then came to Huojia Lingtang to make an oath to comfort their spirits in heaven. Huo Junhua heard Ling Budo’s words, and recalled the tragic past again. Ling Budo saw his mother so excited and stepped forward to hug each other tightly, saying that he would not let them go.

When Emperor Wen heard that Ling Budo made a presumptive proposal to kill King Yong, Longyan couldn’t help but be furious. Compared with this crime of bullying the king, he was more worried that someone would use it to impeach Ling Budo. stable situation. It was also because Ling Buxuan knelt upright in the main hall and refused to admit his fault, Emperor Wen had nowhere to go, so Ling Buxuan was finally demoted by half of his official position and punished with food for half a year.

A few days later, the Lou family finally made a move, and sent a letter to invite Cheng Shi and his wife to spend a chat. Although there was anger in his heart, Xiao Yuanyi had gone through strong winds and waves after all, and knew that the other party wanted to withdraw from the relatives. Originally, everyone had to wait for the sage to insist.

When Mrs. Lou saw Xiao Yuanyi, she was different from the hypocritical greetings of the past, but sneered and sneered. She kept saying that Cheng Shaoshang and Lou Yao had no fate, and after all, she could not violate the meaning of the sage. Xiao Yuanyi reprimanded Mrs. Lou for deliberately targeting Lou Yao. She received more than the second room’s favor from General He back then, so why should the second room repay her kindness?

Listening to his mother’s words, Cheng Shaoshang agreed, and then pointed out that Taifu Lou, as the eldest son, would not take responsibility. Seeing the ugly faces of Mrs. Lou and Lou Li, Xiao Yuanyi slapped them in public, Lou Li wanted to fight back, but Cheng Shaoshang rushed out first to shock her.

After all, Xiao Yuanyi was a female general who had been on the battlefield for many years. Mrs. Lou knew that she was not an opponent, so she could only speak ruthlessly. Just when Xiao Yuanyi announced that the two families would no longer communicate and was about to leave with Cheng Shaoshang, the second family hurried over. Mrs. Lou Er suggested that Cheng Shaoshang and He Zhaojun should marry Lou Yao together, and the two daughters would serve a husband together. Seeing the Lou family doing this, Xiao Yuanyi left angrily.

Cheng Shaoshang asked Lou Yao’s opinion, but fortunately, after hesitating for a moment, Lou Yao stated that he would never break off the marriage easily. Seeing that this conversation could not go on, Cheng Shaoshang took Yuan Shen’s carriage back to the house first, and through Yuan Shen’s analysis on the way, he knew why Lou Yao had to marry He Zhaojun.

However, Cheng Shaoshang thought that Yuan Shen and He Zhaojun were a good match. With his good character, he would naturally not covet the property of the He family, and he could also stay with Lou Yao. Yuan Shen resolutely refused, so the man, material and financial resources to help the younger brother of the He family was obviously a loss-making business.

On the day He Zhaojun arrived in the capital, Cheng Shaoshang waited outside the city gate with Lou Yao. He wanted to make it clear to the other party, but when he saw He Zhaojun returning dressed in burlap and filial piety, he couldn’t help feeling a little unbearable. Just as the two were hesitating, a thin, bloodless face appeared in the Anche. This person was He Zhaojun, who had not been seen for a long time, and her expression was calm and indifferent, apparently guessing what Cheng Shaoshang was thinking, so he let him. Cheng Shaoshang followed himself to deal with an important matter.

Lou Yao immediately became alert when he heard the words, lest He Zhaojun would deliberately make things difficult for Cheng Shaoshang, but Cheng Shaoshang, under the stimulation of He Zhaojun, gathered up his courage and got on the carriage and followed her to the Tingwei Mansion. There were officials at the entrance of the Tingwei Mansion, and they were extremely respectful to He Zhaojun. Cheng Shaoshang thought he was going to the cold and damp prison, but he went straight to the execution ground in the backyard, only to see Xiao Shizi kneeling on the wooden execution platform superior.

The son of Xiao is still lucky, and hopes that He Zhaojun can treat the orphans of the Xiao family well in the light of his past relationship. As everyone knows, He Zhaojun has already petitioned the Holy Master to join the nine clans, and Emperor Wen remembered the merits of the Dragon King Yong, and allowed him to leave the whole corpse. Sure enough, as soon as this remark came out, Xiao Shizi became angry and threatened that he would not let He Zhaojun go if he was a ghost, but He Zhaojun didn’t care at all. She took it into her arms.

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