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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 15 Recap

Although Cheng Shaoshang’s feelings for Lou Yao are not whether they are not married, but the relationship between the two is increasing day by day, they will enjoy the scenery and play the flute on weekdays, and they can share a few cups at night. In the eyes of everyone, Cheng Shaoshang has met the right person, and he will be happy for the rest of his life, but Cheng Shaoshang met Ling Budo and Yuan Shen in the tea garden, which made Lou Yao jealous.

At the dinner banquet, Lou Yao couldn’t wait to tell everyone about their marriage proposal. Ling Budo can only send blessings, thinking that if there is a way of heaven, he will not let lovers be separated, and he also went to see Cheng Shaoshang privately, saying that in a hundred years of life, only choosing the right person and walking the right path will bring great luck, so Hope Cheng Shaoshang can be cautious.

Cheng Shaoshang asked Fu Deng to find some books about love and love, claiming that he wanted to read more and study hard. The books that Fu Deng found were unsightly, and Cheng Shaoshang hid them after reading them. Lou Yao heard that Cheng Shaoshang was studying hard in the house, so he brought a drink to visit. When Cheng Shaoshang saw Lou Yao’s arrival, he immediately hid the manuscript under the bookcase, but Lou Yao still saw it.

It’s just that Lou Yao doesn’t think it’s strange to read this kind of booklet, they often read it when they are in the academy. Cheng Shaoshang saw that Lou Yao didn’t take books seriously, so he invited him to study together. Cheng Shaoshang and Lou Yao read the book together.

After a while, Cheng Shaoshang threw away the booklet, she believed that the best love in the world is to walk side by side, not one high and one low, one master and one auxiliary. Lou Yao nodded in agreement, feeling that what Cheng Shaoshang said was very good, as long as two people get along well, they should not stick to the words on the slips.

Sang Shunhua advised Xiao Yuanyi not to interfere too much with Cheng Shaoshang, after all she was Shaoshang’s biological mother. Xiao Yuanyi felt that Lou Yao was parallel and upright, but after all, Lou Yao was the eldest son of the second room of the Lou family. Sang Shunhua thinks that Cheng Shaoshang treats people gently, and if he is married to Lou’s family, he will be liked by people.

Xiao Yuanyi listened, but she still thought that if Cheng Shaoshang married better than Cheng Cha, then Ge Shi would definitely feel uncomfortable, and Cheng Cha was also a cousin, and according to the rules, she would marry before Cheng Shaoshang. When Sang Shunhua saw Xiao Yuanyi say this, it was not easy to persuade him to continue, so he had to give an idea. If men and women in the world do not love each other without the support of their parents, it will definitely be like a pair of miserable mandarin ducks. If Xiao Yuanyi really wants to know Cheng The sincerity between Shaoshang and Lou Yao, let them go for the time being, and after a long time, they will know the true thoughts in their hearts.

Lou Yao drove the limousine to visit the tea garden, while Cheng Shaoshang was sitting next to him and played the flute in the wind. The song was melodious for thousands of miles. After hearing it, Huangfu Yi stepped forward to stop the two, and recognized Cheng Shaoshang as Sang Shunhua. niece. Cheng Shaoshang saw that the person introduced was Huangfuyi, so he maintained Cheng Zhi everywhere between words, so that Huangfuyi could pass by.

Cheng Shaoshang saw that the sky was about to rain, and when Huangfuyi heard it, he took the two to a different courtyard where the saint stayed, which was also convenient for shelter from the rain. After the two came to the small pavilion, they saw Ling Buxuan and Yuan Shen, so they asked Ling Buxuan whether the injury could be healed. Ling Budo didn’t answer, but Lou Yao brought up the matter of his marriage proposal. Ling Budo and Yuan Shen both put away their sad expressions when they heard it.

Suddenly, there was thunder in the sky, and Cheng Shaoshang’s shoulders shook in fright. Lou Yao immediately covered Cheng Shaoshang’s ears when he saw it, and Ling Budo’s face became freezing cold when he saw it. The rain was getting heavier and heavier, Ling Budo let Cheng Shaoshang ride his own carriage to the other courtyard, while Lou Yao went to the other courtyard with him wearing a robe and riding a fast horse.

Ling Budo held an umbrella to protect Cheng Shaoshang and got off the carriage. Seeing that he had been looking at the rear, he must be worried about Lou Yao. When Ling Budo saw it, he immediately asked his servant to take Cheng Shaoshang back to the house to wash up, and Lou Yao handed him over to take care of him. Yuan Shen and Lou Yao’s eldest brother were classmates, so he lied that he was going to take Lou Yao’s homework, but he was actually asking about Lou Yao and Cheng Shaoshang. After learning that Lou Yao fell in love with Cheng Shaoshang at first sight, he also asked about Cheng Shaoshang and Ling Budo. After all, Cheng Shaoshang was a carefully calculated girl in Yuan Shen’s heart.

When they were having dinner, Cheng Shaoshang wanted to sit next to Louyao, but Yuan Shen cut him off. Ling Budo couldn’t stand on the other side, so he took a drink and toasted a few people. Huangfuyi said that he wanted to tell a little story to everyone, but it was actually his own past. Many years ago, a son of an aristocratic family was famous for his outstanding talent. This son of a family had a fiancee who had been engaged since childhood.

However, the fiancée felt that her appearance was ordinary and unworthy of the son of the aristocratic family. Not long after that, the son of the aristocratic family fell into a downfall, but the fiancée always stayed by her side, without a single complaint at all. When Cheng Shaoshang heard this, he claimed that Huangfuyi should not have let his fiancee wait. Ling Budo also agreed with his idea, believing that if there is no way in heaven, people should follow the mandate of heaven.

And Huangfuyi finally became famous after seven years, and was able to marry his fiancée and go home. Who would have thought that the guards died protecting him on the way home, and entrusted his daughter to Huangfuyi before leaving, and it was this orphan who killed him. this past marriage. Yuan Shen looked at Cheng Shaoshang, and couldn’t help but imagine that Cheng Shaoshang and Ling Budo got married, but he could only watch from the side, the sadness in his heart was the same as Huangfuyi.

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