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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 14 Recap

After a few days of rest, the imperial decree was passed to Hua County, along with Huangfuyi’s teacher and apprentice, but they didn’t show up, they just stood not far away to watch. Huangfuyi looked at Cheng Zhi’s gentle care for Sang Shunhua, and suddenly stopped, realizing that meeting him rashly would only add to the joke, and simply decided to go home.

Ling Buxuan presided over the funeral according to the decree, and because of his gratitude to Cheng Lao County magistrate’s generosity and righteousness, he gave his name to future generations, and then he was awarded the second-class Guanneihou. All the people in the city sent their coffins in tears and looked back at the current peace. It was all the safety they had brought with their lives. Cheng Shaoshang seemed to grow up overnight and understood a lot of truth.

Lou Yao knew why his brother wanted him to gain fame. Only by being an official can he benefit one party, and he assured Cheng Shaoshang that he would follow the old county magistrate Cheng in the future and use his director to benefit the public. This is a scholar. real pursuit. Cheng Shaoshang was deeply moved, and his eyes were obviously different when he looked at Lou Yao, and this scene fell into the sight of Ling Budo and Yuan Shen.

In the medical room that day, Cheng Shaoshang clenched a cold little hand and couldn’t help but burst into tears. Although she has tried her best to take care of her and give medicine to her wounds in recent days, it is a pity that Nannan still couldn’t get through it.

Cheng Shaoshang was heartbroken, buried her with her family in person, and stood in front of the tomb playing the flute to see him off. Ling Buxuan passed by this place, originally thinking of trying to comfort Cheng Shaoshang, how did he know that Lou Yao came to his side earlier, and Cheng Shaoshang suddenly felt powerless, neither able to keep Nannan, nor to fight the enemy like his father and brother.

Lou Yao does not allow Cheng Shaoshang to give up on himself, saying that in his heart, Cheng Shaoshang is still the best girl in the world, proficient in building and rebuilding homes; encouraging dying people to receive treatment; It is enough to let people see the softness and light of Cheng Shaoshang.

Listening to Lou Yao’s true confession to Cheng Shaoshang, Ling Budo stood upright against the rain, and did not feel cold at all. On the other hand, looking at the enthusiasm radiating from Lou Yao’s body, it seemed as if the biting chill had evaporated into nothingness. Cheng Shaoshang stared at Lou Yao in a daze, and a warmth surged from his heart, and finally accepted the other party. Ling Budo turned around and left without saying a word, knowing that his hands were covered in blood, and he was no longer worthy of Cheng Shaoshang.

Because of Lou Yao’s determination, he immediately repaired the book and passed it on to the elders in the family. As for Lou Yao’s conduct, Cheng Zhi was there for all to see, so he sent someone to tell his brother quickly, but Sang Shunhua was solemn and hoped that Cheng Shaoshang would consider it carefully. Cheng Shaoshang didn’t understand the love between men and women, and felt that Lou Yao treated her with sincerity, sincerity, simplicity, and she was a good match.

At the same time, Cheng Shi hurried to Hua County, trying to make things difficult for Lou Yao, but when he found out that Lou Yao was sincere towards his daughter, he immediately smiled and accepted the marriage. However, Xiao Yuanyi firmly opposed it, because the second room where Lou Yao was located was in a weak position, and Cheng Shaoshang would definitely be wronged when he married, so he decided to return the betrothal gift. Old lady Cheng was reluctant to give up gold and silver jewelry, and forced Xiao Yuanyi to agree to the marriage in public. How could she know that Xiao Yuanyi ordered her maid to send her back to her room and sealed all the dowry gifts.

Fan Chang wrote a blood letter of repentance in prison. Wen Di Nian thought that he had a friendship with himself, and wanted to open up the Internet, but Ling Budo, combined with the various performances of this person, decided that it was a bitter plan, and he never explained the same. Party remnants. Emperor Wen felt that what he said was reasonable, so he asked Ling Budo to escort him back to the capital for trial. Ji Zun followed suit, and then mentioned the relationship between the Lou family and the Cheng family. When Ling Wuxuan learned that Cheng Shaoshang was going to marry Lou Yao, he was inexplicably gloomy, and made an excuse to leave. Emperor Wen couldn’t help but sigh that Cheng Zhi had too few daughters.

Xiao Yuanyi is a person who is resolute and resolute, not to mention that the distance between the two places is acceptable, but he has been in Hua County for a few days, and happened to see the picture of the tree on the floor of the mountain getting a kite for Cheng Shaoshang. Lou Yao hurriedly greeted Xiao Yuanyi, but Xiao Yuanyi did not accept it, and a series of rhetorical questions made him speechless.

Just when Cheng Shaoshang was fighting for Lou Yao, Cheng Shi and others came to hear the sound, Xiao Yuanyi questioned Cheng Shi in public, and without his own opinion, why did he ever ask for help. Cheng Shi is a typical wise man, letting go of trivial matters and clear-mindedness in major matters. Although Xiao Yuanyi looks strong, he usually rarely changes the things he has made up on. Today’s actions are enough to show the seriousness of the situation.

Cheng Zhi looked at his niece with pity, and Sang Shunhua didn’t say anything, but in Cheng Shaoshang’s opinion, Xiao Yuanyi’s obstruction of this marriage was not aimed at Lou Yao. Xiao Yuanyi felt even more depressed when she heard these words, and said that she really didn’t care, and let her marry into Yan Luo Palace, regardless of life or death.

That night, Cheng Shaoshang and Lou Yao had a secret meeting, but was caught by Xiao Yuanyi. Seeing Lou Yao leave in a hurry, Cheng Shaoshang felt aggrieved. In the face of Xiao Yuanyi’s rebuke, Cheng Shaoshang retorted, but Xiao Yuanyi decided that Cheng Shaoshang did not have the love between men and women for Lou Yao, so how could they be a couple to withstand the future storms together. Cheng Shaoshang did not agree with his mother’s point of view, and felt that the husband and wife in the world were by no means a single thing.

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