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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 9 Recap

Ling Buxuan came to the mansion at night and asked for a map of the land of Shu, but Wan Songbai pretended not to know. Wan Songbai didn’t look carefully at first, but only when he took a closer look did he notice Cheng Shaoshang’s tragic situation, and agreed without hesitation.

Seeing Cheng Shaoshang turning around and entering the house, Ling Bu suspected that he had changed his mind, so he wanted to spend the night in Wanfu on the grounds that no dinner was prepared in the house. That night, Cheng Shaoshang Yili went to see Mrs. Wan Lao, and found that the other party had a disease in his left ear, but he did not show any abnormality. After Cheng Shaoshang and Wan Eqi left, Mrs. Wan was impulsive and impulsive behind the agenda of Shaoshang, and she did not know how to bear it.

However, Mrs. Wan Cheng Shaoshang thought that this woman was very similar to when she was young, but she was dissatisfied with Xiao Yuanyi’s words and deeds. If Cheng Shi was also a coward who was wise enough to protect himself, Mrs. Wan would naturally not let Wan Songbai swoop in with her. In troubled times, an ally who could not stand up at a critical moment would be of any use.

Therefore, Mrs. Wan lao felt a little emotional, her son has no heir, but fortunately Wan Qiqi is very pleased. However, Mrs. Wan felt ashamed and wanted to take a concubine for her husband, but Mrs. Wan did not agree. After all, she was not such an ignorant and corrupt person. At this time, the servant came to report that Ling Buxuan had not drank a drop of alcohol and was actually staying in the guest room, and Mrs. Wan’s face changed greatly.

Wan Qiqi took advantage of her father’s unpreparedness, and took Qianli Zui away, and chatted with Cheng Shaoshang about the wine in the room. It happened that Ling Buxuan passed by the window. When referring to Mrs. Wan Lao, Wan Eqi couldn’t hide her admiration. Back then, she came from a poor family and was far from the door of Wan Fu, but Mrs. Wan fell in love with her at first sight and even married her with the highest standards.

After the marriage, the two of them sang together, but the old lady passed away too early, and before she could entrust her wife and children to a trusted person, the other clansmen had already come to the door, scolding Mrs. Wan for being difficult to keep the family business, and she would definitely remarry on her own. It was precisely because the children of the ten thousand families wanted to share, and the ambitions of the wolf were exposed, Mrs. Wan knew that it was useless to swear, so she cut off her left ear on the spot and threw it on the head of the person, threatening to never remarry in this life.

Listening to Mrs. Wan Lao’s deeds, Cheng Shaoshang also felt that the other party was a hero among women, and could not help but yearn for love. Compared with Wan Qiqi marrying a great hero, Cheng Shaoshang did not have such extravagant hopes, not to mention that Xiao Yuanyi had never taught himself the ability to strategize, nor did he know the family lineage. After coming here, he would find ordinary people to live in peace. Ling Budo heard Cheng Shaoshang’s words and walked away thoughtfully.

Lou Yao stood at the door and hesitated for a long time, not knowing how to speak, but unexpectedly the door suddenly opened, and the elder brother Lou Ben came out of the room. Knowing Lou Yao’s intention to break off the marriage, Lou Ben readily agreed, and at the same time saw that he already had a crush on him, but Lou Yao concealed it, saying that he would tell the truth when there was any progress in the future.

Getting up the next day, Wan Eqi wanted to take Cheng Shaoshang to the racecourse, but Cheng Shaoshang liked to explore the buildings in the mansion, including a small curved bridge. Because the bridge has been through the wind and rain for a long time, now it has a feeling of swaying, but this bridge is exquisitely made, not ordinary craftsmen repairing and beating, the steward feels that it can only be completely demolished and rebuilt.

Cheng Shaoshang asked Wan Eqi to go to the racecourse first, but how could Ling Wuxuan and Wan Songbai come slowly, so frightened that she hurriedly hid under the bridge. Ling Budo still hoped that Wan Songbai would hand over the map as soon as possible, and then noticed Ling Budo, he deliberately hinted a few words loudly, and stomped both feet on the bridge before leaving.

After the people walked away, Cheng Shaoshang quickly climbed out from the bottom of the bridge and went straight to the racecourse. It’s a pity that Cheng Shaoshang didn’t know how to ride a horse, so he almost fell off his horse. Fortunately, Ling Budo flew on his horse to control the scene, and shoved her feet into the stirrups, which made Cheng Shaoshang very uncomfortable.

Hearing that Cheng Shaoshang euphemistically refused to approach the two on the grounds that men and women were not in a relationship, Ling Budo reiterated what he had said at the county master’s mansion that day, Cheng Shaoshang realized that the other party was making fun of him, and hesitantly said. Without a word, Ling Budo patted the horse directly, watching the horse run wild with Cheng Shaoshang on his back, he couldn’t help but smile.

In order to allow Cheng Shaoshang to help him get the map, Ling Budo directly stated the cause and effect. If someone with a heart wants to make a fuss about this matter, it may affect the Cheng family. In fact, Wan Songbai was not a traitor, but simply used it as a treasure map. Unaware of the seriousness of the situation, Cheng Shaoshang and Ling Budo reached a deal, and finally sneaked into the study disguised as Wan Eqi and rummaged through the boxes.

Mrs. Wan came in from outside the door and was keenly aware of Cheng Shaoshang, so she identified the plan as Wan Qiqi, and deliberately revealed where the map was hidden. In the evening of that day, Mrs. Wan reprimanded her son alone. Cheng Shaoshang declined Wan Eqi’s retention and was walking out holding an umbrella when suddenly he heard the screams of Wan Songbai from the study, which made the two of them shudder.

It was the beginning of the light when he returned to Cheng’s house, and before he could reunite with his siblings, Cheng Shaoshang immediately went to see his parents, skipping Ling Budo and not mentioning it, and only told them about the map of Shu. Xiao Yuanyi knew that this was a major military matter, so he advised Cheng Shi not to get angry, and warned Cheng Shaoshang to rot this matter in his stomach.

Kan Yutu completely sat on the ground and waited for an opportunity. Ling Budo thought that he would accompany the saint on the west tour in the future, lest he would encounter an ambush, and he had to make arrangements in advance. Sure enough, Prince Yong’s mansion encountered thieves that night. Although there was no loss, Ling Budo led the black armored guards to surround him and ordered a thorough investigation of the whole mansion.

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