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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 8 Recap

At this time, the female relatives of the banquet guests entered the table one after another, and the servants served the desserts before everyone tasted it. After the Yuchang County Master and Wang Ling exchanged glances, they mocked Cheng Shaoshang sisters for not having seen the world, not using the golden jujube as an excuse. Know etiquette. The female relatives around saw that the Yuchang County Master was deliberately making things difficult, and sometimes covered their faces and whispered, making sneer.

Wan Qiqi fought against Cheng Shaoshang, and scolded Yuchang County Master for extravagance and degrading people, which was contrary to the actions of the family. How do you know that Wang Ling replied that Wan Eqi was dressed gorgeously, but she said it in a high-sounding manner, and all the doglegs immediately echoed. It was precisely because Wan Qiqi was outspoken and not good at their sophistry that it was difficult for him to respond for a while.

Cheng Shaoshang couldn’t stand it anymore, and criticized the female family members present, thinking that everyone can have a peaceful and peaceful day now, all relying on the emperor’s sage and the hard work of the soldiers ahead. What’s more, Wan Qiqi has been on the battlefield with his father for more than ten years, and he and his mother are responsible for the comfort of the fallen soldiers every day, which is no easier than farming.

With Cheng Shaoshang’s words sonorous, the girl who had just made a sarcastic speech had all avoided her eyes and dared not look at her, Wan Qiqi felt extremely happy in her heart. Wang Ling saw that Yuchang County Lord was defeated, and quickly came forward to smooth things out, bluntly saying that Eleven Lang would come today, but Cheng Shaoshang was not interested at all, and even boasted that Eleven Lang admired him.

How could he know that Shirou had already come in from outside the door, and Cheng Shaoshang could see that the other party was actually Ling Budo, and he had met him twice before. After Cheng Shaoshang went out, Ling Budo had no interest in the banquet at all, and he heard people insulting the family of the generals outside the door, so he turned around and left.

Wan Eqi and Cheng Shaoshang met late, and they only knew each other for half a day, but they already had a deep relationship. But when she heard that Cheng Cha was criticizing herself behind her back, she took Cheng Cha to settle the account in a fit of rage. In order to avoid getting lost, Cheng Shaoshang walked along the promenade, and suddenly saw a man in golden clothes and Chinese clothes standing in front of him. This man was Yuan Shen, and he couldn’t help arguing with him.

On the other hand, Shizi Xiao chased He Zhaojun to the garden, expressing that he was ready to offer a betrothal gift to the He family. He Zhaojun thought that he and Lou Yao still had a marriage contract, but he did not agree, but this scene was seen by Lou Yao, and He Zhaojun immediately stopped Lou Yao for fear of a conflict between the two.

Because of He Zhaojun’s actions, Lou Yao believed that she was climbing a high branch, and the quarrel between the two suddenly stopped. It was all because of seeing Cheng Shaoshang not far away, which made He Zhaojun feel ashamed, so she stomped her feet again and again and rushed away in a hurry. Lou Yao was born in a famous family and was well educated. Even if he wanted to leave, he would first say goodbye to Cheng Shaoshang.

Ling Budo stood on the high platform and looked at Cheng Shaoshang, involuntarily fell into contemplation, and then ordered his subordinates to investigate the officials who traveled between the capital and Shu in recent years. Although Shu has been surrendered for many years, and there has been no war, but the recent frequent shipment of ordnance, I am afraid that he has long been second-minded, so Ling Budo knows that he needs to plan as soon as possible to respond.

Cheng Shaoshang learned that his cousin fell into the water and rushed to the pond following the sound. He accidentally found a tripping rope in the grass, so he took the opportunity to cut the rope and immediately rescued Cheng Cha. In the face of Wang Ling and her companions pushing and shoving, Cheng Shaoshang preempted and beat Wang Ling unable to fight back. When Lou Yao, Yuan Shen and others appeared, she deliberately punched herself again, her eyes became red and swollen.

In the back hall, Wang Ling’s wailing could not stop, and Cheng Shaoshang was not to be outdone, leaning on Wan Qiqi’s arms, seemingly dying. Princess Ruyang called the mistresses to confront each other. Wan Qiqi made up her mind to be righteous, and was dissatisfied with the suspicion that Princess Ruyang was covering up Wang Ling.

The two fighting girls were both in trouble, but Cheng Shaoshang was obviously more tragic than Wang Ling. Cheng Shaoshang observed everyone’s expressions and pretended to be pitiful and weak. On the other hand, Wang Ling’s words were rude and her voice was sharp, and normal people could tell the difference at a glance. The two parties were arguing endlessly, and Ling Wusu appeared with a tripping rope to personally prove Cheng Shaoshang’s innocence and Cheng Cha’s falling into the water was deliberately done by someone.

Also because of Ling Budo’s tough attitude, Princess Ruyang couldn’t punish Cheng Shaoshang, so she decided to make a big issue a small one. Originally, Wang Ling wanted to sell badly, but Cheng Shaoshang immediately pretended to be dizzy, and the matter was over. That night, the lotus room looked at Cheng Shaoshang’s appearance, and was very sad about it. I didn’t expect Cheng Shaoshang to be triumphant, saying that Wang Ling was injured in the waist, and I am afraid that it would take ten days and a half to heal.

Xiao Yuanyi ordered Cheng Shaoshang to go to Jiuyatang, but Cheng Shaoshang shouted that it was not good, and told Lianfang to find his brother. After coming to Jiuyatang, Cheng Shaoshang still pretended to be weak, and was shaky when he knelt down, which made Cheng Shi feel distressed. Cheng Shaoshang admitted his mistake on the surface, but he was refuting every word for himself, revealing that it was to protect the reputation of his cousin and the Cheng family.

Just as Xiao Yuanyi was about to implement the family law, Cheng Song and Cheng Shaogong came to intercede in time. Cheng Shi told them to get out and took Cheng Shaoshang away to avoid punishment. Considering that this matter was not over yet, Cheng Shaoshang decided to run away from home. How could he know that he met Yuan Shen halfway, so he simply advanced in the carriage to avoid the wind and cold.

Yuan Shen ridiculed Cheng Shaoshang for being ferocious and sturdy. I’m afraid no one would dare to invite her to a banquet in the future. Cheng Shaoshang disagreed, and finally got off the carriage after taking the ointment handed by Yuan Shen. At this time, the Cheng brothers came out to look for Cheng Shaoshang, indicating that Xiao Yuanyi had changed her mind and only punished her for writing. Cheng Shaoshang couldn’t accept it, so he said goodbye to his brother and went to Wanqiqi.

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