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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 7 Recap

Today is the time when the Cheng family moved to a new house and held a banquet, the house was decorated with lights, and all colleagues and friends from all walks of life came to congratulate them. Because Wan Songbai and Cheng Shi were acquaintances of slaughtering the neck, and they knew that Xiao Yuanyi was too rigid and good at following the rules, so they gave Cheng Shaoshang a precious dagger and told her that if she was wronged in the future, she could come and call her own. The gift was very much in line with Cheng Shaoshang’s preference, and he couldn’t help but feel a little favored by Wanjia.

Afterwards, the guests who visited were mostly female guests left to chat, the male guests ran to the outer hall, and if there was a wife, they would sit beside Mrs. Cheng. Gold and silver, quite exaggerated. Cheng Shaoshang and his cousin Cheng Cha knelt down and sat down, always acting as mascots, and the visitors were like Fan Yun, which was hard to impress.

However, during the conversation, two beautiful women came late, Lou Yao’s sister Lou Zhang, and Wang Ling, the daughter of the General’s Mansion. Because Wang Ling relied on the fact that her mother was the queen’s sister-in-law, she was naturally arrogant and ignorant of etiquette.

Cheng Shaoshang was angry but retorted and scolded the other party for criticizing them in person. Cheng Hao didn’t want to cause trouble, and hurriedly spoke out to smooth things out. At this moment, the sound of “Jiaodong Yuan Shi” attracted everyone’s attention, and the women present were all happy. Seeing that the visitor was handsome and graceful, the money was generous, and the shyness of the daughter’s family was in their eyes.

Yuan Shen has a good reputation, and he is also quite scheming, but he suddenly came uninvited. Although he came to congratulate him, his eyes lingered on Cheng Shaoshang for a long time. Cheng Shaoshang was so upset about what he was doing, so he simply left the table and went back to the backyard. How could he know that Yuan Shen actually chased after him, and deliberately reminded her to remember the fate of the hydrangea that night.

At first Cheng Shaoshang thought that Yuan Shen was here for Hydrangea, but he didn’t expect the other party to speak bluntly, hoping that she could speak to the third aunt for him. Listening to Yuan Shendao’s a lot of sour and rotten words, Cheng Shaoshang not only didn’t understand it, he was even a little impatient, so he simply asked Yuan Shen to translate it into vernacular.

As soon as the words fell, Cheng Shaoshang didn’t stay too long, bowed and saluted, then bypassed Yuan Shen and left quickly, walking very neatly. After entering the table, Cheng Shaoshang couldn’t help but narrate to Cheng Cha, only then did he realize that what Yuan Shen said came from the famous poem “Changmen” by Master Sima. Involving political affairs, there are often women in the boudoir who like to read.

On the birthday of the Lord of Yuchang County, the famous ladies of the capital were widely invited, including Cheng Shaoshang and Cheng Cha. When Ling Budo saw the Cheng family carriage passing by, his eyes couldn’t help falling on Cheng Shaoshang. It happened that Ling Yi’s step-wife Chunyu came to visit and specially presented an invitation to the birthday party, hoping that he would be able to attend.

Ling Budo hesitated to respond, but Liang Qiufei did not understand the wink, took it over on his own initiative, and finally took the ten army sticks and was punished. At the same time, Cheng Cha took Cheng Shaoshang to prepare a gift for Yuchang County Master, and did not want to meet Yuan Shen in front of the warehouse. Cheng Shaoshang followed Yuan Shen to a remote place, expressing that he did not want to help with the words, but Yuan Shen used the enticement as a reward, making Cheng Shaoshang ashamed of the other party’s teasing and teasing.

Yang Sikong wanted to marry his sister to Yuan Shen, and the two became friends of Qin and Jin. Yuan Shen immediately returned the letter after hearing the words, and marked several errors to remind the other party that they were not matched. Seeing Yang Sikong leave in embarrassment, the wife also came to care about Yuan Shen’s marriage, but Yuan Shen didn’t want to get married too hastily and become an unfortunate marriage like his parents.

That night, Cheng Zhi and his wife were in love with each other, and Cheng Shaoshang suddenly came over and conveyed Yuan Shen’s meaning truthfully. Sure enough, Cheng Zhi became restless in an instant, and Sang Shunhua spoke out to comfort her. After all, she and Huangfuyi were in the past, and all these were words of youth. Sang Shunhua wrote down a sentence, first read it to Cheng Zhi, and then let Cheng Shaoshang pass it on on his behalf. Although he did not lose his name, it was enough for Huangfu Yi to read the handwriting. It is precisely because of this that Cheng Zhi finally fell down, and then smiled.

Ling Budo found out that Xiao Shizi had been strange recently. In the first half of the year, he was still shy, and the shop under his name was not well managed. As a result, in the second half of the year, he suddenly made a lot of money. This shows that the other party has sold the stolen money from ordnance. Because it is certain that Prince Xiao is unbearable to be poor, sooner or later, he will take risks again, but Prince Xiao and He Zhaojun are very close.

On the birthday of Yuchang County Master, Xiao Yuanyi and Sang Shunhua took the daughter of the Cheng family to the banquet. There were many famous ladies present, most of them were dignified and Shuxian, but Wan Qiqi, the daughter of Wan Songbai, was truly worthy of the “General Door”. Tiger girl” four characters. Although Wan Qiqi was of noble birth, she was approachable and approachable. She followed her father on expeditions since she was a child, and developed an informal temperament. Seeing that Cheng Shaoshang and Cheng Cha were dressed simply, she directly fetched the headdresses and hairpins as gifts for them.

When the three came to the inner hall, seeing the unfriendly eyes of Yuchang County Lord, Cheng Shaoshang saw at a glance that she was the one who fell into the water in the Shangyuan Festival, and it was inconvenient to say much. The Lord of Yuchang County was instigated by Lou Gang and Wang Ling, and held a grudge against Cheng Shaoshang, obviously wanting to take revenge today.

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