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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 6 Recap

It is precisely because the calamus seizes the book case and refuses to hand it over to the lotus room, which leads to a quarrel between the two parties. Mother Fu deliberately led Xiao Yuanyi here to let her see this farce. Calamus took the opportunity to pass out, but it caught the audience off guard. At the time of the incident, Cheng Shaoshang stood by the door and looked up, waiting for a long time to come to the lotus room, and he was inevitably puzzled.

Until Qing Li came over and notified Cheng Shaoshang to go to Jiuyatang for questioning, he instantly realized that the situation was not good, including Cheng Song and Cheng Shaogong were dumbfounded. Before coming here, whether it was Mother Fu or someone else suing, the implication was that the fourth wife of the Cheng family was afraid of the strong and bullied the weak, with a domineering face, and robbing Cheng Cha’s bookcase.

In the face of Xiao Yuanyi’s questioning, Cheng Shaogong repeatedly emphasized that he gave it to his sister, and the book case is still engraved with the head of the unicorn, which can prove that what he said is true. Seeing that the situation was wrong, Mother Fu did not wait for Cheng Shaoshang to defend herself, and insisted that Lianfang deliberately carried the book case to show off to Cheng Cha, the purpose of which was to show that Cheng Shaoshang had two older brothers for protection.

As soon as these words came out, the Cheng brothers were dissatisfied, and even Cheng Song, who had always been mature and steady, couldn’t bear it, and bluntly said that he would call Calamus in for questioning. Xiao Yuanyi’s eyes flickered towards Qing Li, as if she was signaling, but when Qing Li raised her foot to step on the calamus’s face, she immediately woke up and no longer pretended to be in a coma.

Because of Xiao Yuanyi’s aura that shocked everyone, Changpu could only tell the truth, including the maid Zhu Yi in the room. However, Xiao Yuanyi deliberately shielded Cheng Hao, determined that the maids in both rooms were at fault and should be punished, and then in front of everyone, she heard a few words of comfort for Cheng Hao.

Seeing that the atmosphere is gradually harmonious, all unpleasantness can be wiped away, but Cheng Shaoshang still knelt down and smiled bitterly as if he had just woken up from a dream, lamenting that what happened today is really ironic. Cheng Shaoshang turned his head slightly and asked Lianfang back, taking people’s words one by one, guessing the meaning of people, and insinuating the second room to dodge responsibility, and then a series of aggressive questions, completely made Fu Mu and Changpu feel ashamed.

Xiao Yuanyi stopped Cheng Shaoshang from continuing to talk, and stated that this incident did not need to be investigated, but Fu’s mother accepted it without knowing what to do, as if she had a backer, she continued to cry that Cheng Shaoshang was bullied because of his brother’s support. But because of this, Sang Shunhua, who had never spoken, couldn’t listen, and scolded Fu’s mother for arguing about the master’s right and wrong.

Originally, Cheng Shaoshang waited for her grandmother’s release, but Xiao Yuanyi’s handling made her dissatisfied, and she simply asked the other party if she felt that Fu’s mother’s words were accurate. Xiao Yuanyi was already extremely annoyed, but when he heard that Cheng Shaoshang was being unreasonable, he scolded him for disobedience in a rage.

As soon as these words were uttered, Xiao Yuanyi instantly regretted it, and Qing Li and the others were surprised, obviously in disbelief. Cheng Shaoshang knew that although he was the daughter of the head of the family, his situation was not optimistic. If he could not solve it properly today, he would be afraid for the rest of his life, and he would never be able to turn over.

After making up his mind, Cheng Shaoshang refuted Mother Fu in a cold voice, saying that the reason why Xiao Yuanyi didn’t reprimand her was because of Cheng Cha’s face. Xiao Yuanyi was so angry that he wanted to practice the family law. Seeing the two brothers begging for him again, he vented his anger on Cheng Shaogong, and scolded him that if he sent two books, there would be no difficult ending.

Cheng Shaoshang still knelt down straight, without the slightest bit of fear, and even thought that Xiao Yuanyi should not blame his brother. At the same time, based on the book case he used, he asserted that his mother had no sense, and acted eccentrically with the intention of fairness. The Cheng brothers and Cheng Cha both knelt beside Cheng Shaoshang and were willing to be punished on their behalf. Sang Shunhua appreciated Cheng Shaoshang’s loneliness, so he took Xiao Yuanyi away from Jiuyatang under the pretext of abdominal pain.

In fact, in this matter, Sang Shunhua thought that Xiao Yuanyi’s approach was unfair. It was obviously Cheng Cha’s servant who made a big mistake, but every word was blaming Cheng Shaoshang. Xiao Yuanyi had to admit that this time, she was a bully, she was wrong and lost, and she just lost her head, so she made such a slip of the tongue.

Originally, Xiao Yuanyi wanted to make big things small and small things into small ones, but now that things are getting bigger and bigger, Sang Shunhua suggested that she should come forward and end the situation. Sure enough, Cheng Shaoshang was willing to give face to the third uncle, but did not pursue further investigations, and also wanted to go out to play on the Shangyuan Festival. Sang Shunhua readily agreed, the mood full of melancholy disappeared instantly, and everyone was happy.

After the book case turmoil, it soon came to the Shangyuan Festival. It was also a rare time of peace and there was no war in the surrounding area. Therefore, the curfew was postponed for two hours, and a long and broad street was available for the subjects to watch the lanterns and play. When the Cheng family went out, Cheng Shaoshang wore a skirt presented by Sang Shunhua, which made him look particularly dazzling.

The Liang brothers were ordered to arrange it properly. If someone took the lantern that Xu Jinzhong met tonight, they would act immediately. Ling Budo saw Cheng Shaoshang on the city wall, and couldn’t take her eyes away for a while, but at the moment she was having a good time accompanied by her brother.

There are various lanterns hanging in the buildings on both sides of the street, and each lantern has riddles on it. Cheng Shaoshang is dizzying to see, but his interest in guessing the riddles is not too strong. Many people heard that Yuan Shen, the great genius of Bailu Mountain, went to an appointment to guess riddles, and they all crowded around the downstairs. He Zhaojun brought Louyao to guess the riddles.

Without any accident, Yuan Shen is still the top of this year’s guessing list. He also created a puzzle in person. He Zhaojun felt ashamed and could not help but leave angrily. Just when she almost fell, she was fortunately rescued by Xiao Shizi.

Ling Budo had already guessed that the person behind the scenes of Xu Jinzhong was related to King Yong, but King Yong had been away from Beijing for a few months recently, so he would appear at Tianjia Restaurant tonight. At the same time, Lou Yao fell in love with Cheng Shaoshang at first sight, and Yuan Shen also took the initiative to throw the hydrangea at her, but Cheng Shaoshang heard that someone fell into the water and threw the hydrangea back with his backhand.

The owner of Yuchang County deliberately fell into the water to attract Ling Wuxuan’s attention. Cheng Shaoshang noticed the silt in the river, and kicked other people into the river with one foot, confirming that the water level was not deep. Just as Ling Budo cast an admiring look, the Tianjia restaurant suddenly caught fire, the people fled in panic, and Cheng Shaoshang almost lost his life trying to find his father. Fortunately, Ling Budo appeared at a critical moment, and a princess hugged her and took her out of danger, then turned around leave.

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