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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 13 Recap

The desolate scene that can be seen before the eyes has already made everyone realize that it is not good. The county government compound stands at the end of the long street, and the white soul banners on the roof in front of the door are completely sitting on the old county magistrate and his descendants. This accident caused heavy casualties among the people in the village, and layers of sadness under the dark clouds. Cheng Zhi was greatly shocked when he heard the bad news, and did not close his door to cherish the memory of his deceased.

Thinking of the sixtieth year of the county magistrate Cheng, he still has to go out of the city to take risks without hesitation, and even use the life of the whole family as bait, Cheng Shaoshang feels extremely regretful. But in Sang Shunhua’s view, in troubled times, those who are capable do their part, so this is the main reason why Xiao Yuanyi went to the lonely city with her husband.

That night, when he was stationed in a different hospital, Ling Busu’s injury suddenly deteriorated. Emperor Wen immediately summoned the imperial doctor for diagnosis and treatment, treating him like his own son. After all, Emperor Wen and Ling Budo’s uncle had known each other since childhood and had a deep relationship. Later, his uncle’s whole family died for the country. Emperor Wen felt guilty for this, and simply rewarded Ling Budo with the glory of the Huo family. His only wish was to hope that he would be well Live, marry and have children, and continue the blood and glory of the Huo family.

Nai He Ling Bu doubt fights and kills all day, every time he comes back injured, which makes Emperor Wen feel a headache. Originally, Emperor Wen was going to give Ling Budo the marriage of the master of Yuchang County, but Ling Budo chose to go to war to escape the marriage, and wanted to marry his beloved like his uncle, instead of abandoning his mother like Chengyang Hou Chaoqin Muchu, causing the two to meet each other. I hate half my life, otherwise I’d rather be alone.

Emperor Wen knew that Ling Budo had a stubborn temper, so he did not criticize him too much. He then came to the main hall to question the Liang brothers, and unexpectedly learned about the fourth mother of the Cheng family. Liang Qiufei quickly explained the whole story, bluntly saying that Cheng Shaoshang and Ling Budo had a very close personal relationship. Hearing that Emperor Wen was delighted by Longyan, he hurriedly asked Cheng Shaoshang’s appearance and conduct.

Now that Cheng Zhi has put on his plain clothes, he insists on keeping the spirit of the old county magistrate. At this time, someone came to report to find Nan Nan, but because of the serious injury, I am afraid there is not much time. Cheng Shaoshang was with Nan Nan, and he couldn’t help but think of his younger self. He had always longed to be with his parents and brothers, so he was often maliciously bullied.

Although she is still young, her mind is far superior to her peers, and her will to survive is very strong. She has endured severe pain after gritting her teeth, and even when she is in a coma, she will murmur her father and brother. Cheng Shaoshang took care of Nan Nan with all his might, and was willing to help doctors find scarce medicinal materials, and traveled between the county government office and the medical house.

However, many of the injured lost hope and their hearts were ashes. Cheng Shaoshang knew that persuasion was useless, and asked them in public if they could really value the sacrifice of the old county magistrate. He face lightly gave up his life and faced his deceased relatives.

Sure enough, under the guidance and encouragement of Cheng Shaoshang, these people finally ignited their fighting spirit and took the initiative to receive treatment, which Lou Yao admired. In the days that followed, Cheng Shaoshang was thinking about how to help the people rebuild their homes. Lou Yao was always by his side and took care of her.

Since the money in the treasury was not enough to buy the required wood, Lou Yao took out all the valuable things on his body, saying that because he was sheltered by his family and enjoyed the comfort of food and clothing, he never thought that he would be in embarrassment today, and only cared about gaining a good reputation. Cheng Shaoshang was deeply inspired, and immediately suggested to Cheng Zhi to hold a fundraiser in the city, and give awards to businesses that donated more.

Cheng Zhi admired Cheng Shaoshang’s clever plan, and soon enough funds were obtained. Cheng Shaoshang took Lou Yao to start preparations with great fanfare, and reconstructed it according to her drawings. When Nannan heard the heat outside, she couldn’t help but look out the window. Cheng Shaoshang listened to Nannan’s beautiful fantasy about the future, and couldn’t bear to interrupt.

The Liang brothers reported the situation of Hua County to Ling Budoubt, and they believed that it would be revitalized in the near future. Unfortunately, Ling Budoubt told him to keep a low profile, so Cheng Shaoshang still knew that the most anonymous donations came from Ling Budoubt. On the other hand, Lou Yao was responsive to Cheng Shaoshang’s needs, and he handled things properly and carefully, and was praised by Cheng Shaoshang.

Because of this, the deeper Lou Yao’s admiration for Cheng Shaoshang, the more others can see the love in his eyes. Cheng Shaoshang didn’t notice it at all, and casually mentioned that he was going to take him to see his father Cheng Shi. How could he know that Lou Yao was so pleasantly surprised that he immediately went out to buy food for Cheng Shaoshang, but it happened that Cheng Zhi and Sang Shunhua heard the conversation outside the door, Couldn’t help but smile.

When Emperor Wen saw the report submitted by Cheng Zhi, he deliberately praised Cheng Shaoshang in front of Ling Budo and praised him for his intelligence and ability. Ling Buning immediately regained her spirits, not to mention that she has recovered without any problems recently, so she took the initiative to go to Hua County to present the award on the grounds that Cheng Lao County Magistrate died for the country.

In fact, Emperor Wen had already seen through Ling Budo’s thoughts, but he didn’t, so he simply gave him this opportunity. Huangfuyi heard that Cheng Zhi was in danger during his tenure, and was extremely concerned about Sang Shunhua’s safety, so he decided to go to Hua County in person. Yuan Shenji was concerned about Cheng Shaoshang, so he no longer opposed it, but wanted to go with Huangfuyi.

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