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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 5 Recap

As Zhengdan was approaching, Ruixue went first, Ling Budo and the Liang brothers stood on the tower, discussing the matter of Xu Jinzhong. Although the clues have been interrupted, Ling Budo believes that Xu Jinzhong is in a hurry to sell ordnance, and he will definitely contact the buyer actively. There are traces of pedestrians and ruts.

As soon as he finished speaking here, he suddenly found the Cheng family carriage. Ling Budo stared at it for a long time, and then opened his mouth to ask the army to prepare the New Year’s goods. This is also his first year in the capital. The subordinates truthfully reported that there had been gossip in the outside world, and the Hou of Chengyang faced the saint many times, intending to invite Ling Buxuan to return to the residence for reunion, but Ling Buxuan immediately rejected the words.

On the day of moving the house, the sky was not yet bright, Cheng Shaoshang was wearing a big cloak and rushed into the new house with the crowd. The mansions of high-ranking officials and nobles are naturally tall and magnificent, magnificent and majestic. Cheng Shi stood at the gate and greeted them with a smile. Because Mrs. Cheng was superstitious about ghosts and gods, she made a special trip to invite the Nuo people to perform the sacrificial ceremony.

Immediately after the two doors opened, the exorcism of the Nuo drama officially began with the ancient singing and the sound of gongs and irons; Cheng Shaoshang, who was often sleepy, couldn’t help but regain his energy and watched the Nuo people singing and dancing around the courtyard. , and then waiting next to Zhu Wu, shouting the blessing words of expelling Nuo and welcoming the new year all the way. Although it was not yet dawn, the surrounding torches shone like daylight, and the housewarming was completed.

After entering the main hall, Mrs. Cheng was so overjoyed that she threatened to hold a big feast and collect gifts. After speaking, she went to visit the dormitory. Cheng Shaoshang took advantage of this seat to sit on the ground, and his behavior was very sloppy. Xiao Yuanyi scolded her for being upright. Compared with Cheng Cha, it was indeed a bit indecent.

Cheng Cha and Cheng Shi came out one after another to smooth things out. Cheng Shaoshang didn’t say much. He simply adjusted his sitting posture and nagged his father a few words to let him go back to rest early. At first, Cheng Shi was startled, wondering how his daughter knew about the military order in the DPRK, until Cheng Shaoshang Daoming guessed in his heart, and then he laughed happily and praised his intelligence.

After leaving the main hall and coming to the house, the lotus room couldn’t help but look around excitedly. Cheng Shaoshang saw the unused old things and wanted to transform them into swing chairs on a whim, so that he could sit on it and watch the moon and watch the stars in the future. Lianfang heard the smug move, so he started beside him. Xiao Yuanyi heard the sound and came over. First, he raised his face and blamed him. Before leaving, he glanced at the wood a few more times, and the corners of his mouth unknowingly hung a smile, obviously tacitly acquiescing to his daughter’s behavior. .

Cheng Zhi and his wife Sang Shunhua returned to the capital, accompanied by Cheng Shaoshang’s second brother Cheng Song, and his third twin brother Cheng Shao Gong, who was born on the same day. Cheng Shaoshang identified the two brothers through observation. After all, Cheng Song was a general in the army, and he was naturally mighty and heroic. As for Cheng Shao Gong’s childishness, she seemed to be weak and the third child, who had always been famous for his poisonous tongue, was also scolded by his own sister. To be speechless.

On the other hand, the third master, Cheng Zhi, is a beautiful man who is unforgettable. He is only around 30 or so, with handsome eyebrows and eyes, as bright as a green mountain, and the woman beside him is the daughter of the Bailu Mountain Lord, and his words and deeds are also gentle and dignified. Cheng Shaoshang had a good impression. However, this marriage came because Cheng Zhi asked for marriage, so old lady Cheng knew that her son Gao Pan still didn’t like Sang Shunhua.

On the feast, all kinds of dishes were prepared, and Mrs. Cheng’s enthusiasm was like a raging fire, but only Cheng Zhi was burning alone, unaware that the daughter-in-law beside her would occasionally respond when Sang Shunhua saluted, but most of the time she ignored it. Cheng Shaoshang couldn’t hide his gossip, so he implicitly turned to the two brothers and whispered to them, probably understanding the cause and effect.

Cheng Shaoshang regretted that his second uncle buried himself for more than ten years, all for the sake of his family, how could Mrs. Cheng have no pity. Everyone in the world knows what snobbery is, but when parents are snobbish to their children, if parents judge their children by their appearance and their power, it is really not worthy of respect. Xiao Yuanyi accidentally caught a glimpse of the three brothers and sisters chatting happily, so Cheng Song and Cheng Shaogong were also more concerned about Cheng Cha, which made the atmosphere a little embarrassing.

On the night of the Zhengdan reunion, Xiao Yuanyi took Cheng Cha to take care of the housework, and arranged it properly from the inside to the outside, and also prepared items for ancestor worship. Seeing that Cheng Cha was so skillful and sensible, Xiao Yuanyi felt that Cheng Shaoshang was becoming more and more unsatisfactory, but it happened that Cheng Shaoshang followed his brother from the outside, and he lost interest in an instant, and turned back to his room in despair.

The Marquis of Chengyang held a banquet to entertain the guests, how did he know that Ling Buxuan suddenly came to visit, the intention was not good, and he asked Ling Yi where his mother was. Chunyu was not Ling Budo’s biological mother, and before she could speak, the Yuchang County Master also followed, her beautiful eyes looking at Ling Budo with love, and even without fear of his alienation, she persevered in expressing her intentions.

Ling Budo was alone in Xinghua Courtyard missing his mother, and when he saw the lantern by chance, he immediately thought of the lamp made by Xu Jinzhong himself, thinking that this would be an important clue. There was no problem with the Liang brothers getting the lanterns. Ling Budo heard that the lanterns on the Lantern Festival were in pairs, so he understood that Xu Jinzhong was passing the news with the buyers through the lanterns and decided to go to the Lantern Festival in person.

Fu’s mother, who was in charge of serving Cheng Cha, thought she was too sensible and would suffer a big loss sooner or later. After all, everyone knows that Mrs. Cheng prioritizes sons over daughters, and now that the second room is in decline, if Cheng Cha doesn’t consolidate her position, I’m afraid she will never be able to stand out.

The two brothers didn’t get along with Cheng Shaoshang for a long time, but they already looked forward to getting closer. Cheng Shaogong saw that the bookcase was too short, so he gave the bookcase that the elder brother gave him to Cheng Shaoshang. Originally, the lotus room was ordered to pick up the book case, but how could I know that I encountered a calamus on the way, so I directly ordered someone to carry it to Cheng Cha’s study room on the grounds of checking the style.

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