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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 4 Recap

The Cheng family’s mansion was not large in size. There were only two corridors from the side courtyard to the main house. Xiao Yuanyi took Qing Li and a group of martial servants a few steps before he heard Ge Shi’s sharp scolding. This is the second master’s bookstore, but now it has become chaotic. There is nowhere to put the manuscripts on the ground. Cheng Chengsheng sits in front of the desk like a loveless one, allowing Ge Shi’s words to be humiliated.

Those old sayings that have been repeated over and over again are nothing more than when Ge Shi married Cheng Cheng, when the Cheng family was in distress. Cheng Cheng was already tired of hearing it, and with his dull temperament, he could not bear it any longer, and he had the intention of divorcing his wife. However, this remark made Ge Shi furious and directly beat him up. Xiao Yuanyi immediately showed up to scold him, and asked Qing Li to lead Cheng Cheng away first.

Seeing the sister-in-law’s sudden appearance, Cheng Cheng’s face was full of embarrassment, three-point grievance and seven-point gratitude. On the other hand, when Xiao Yuanyi looked at her second brother like this, she felt uneasy in her heart. She was obviously only a few years younger than Cheng Shi, like an old man, her eyes were full of withered air, and she directly taught her that she hated Ge Shi to the point of tickling her teeth.

Ge Shi still wanted to come up to entangle him, but Xiao Yuanyi slapped him with a backhand. In such a situation in the past, it would be right for Ge Shifei to make a few more fuss, but the battle in front of her made her a little scared. The docile, dignified and meticulous eldest lady in her impression turned cold-faced, as if the next second It can rip her skin off.

Taking this opportunity, Xiao Yuanyi mentioned new and old grudges to the Ge family, ruthlessly exposed the other party’s true colors, and threatened to notify the Ge family to accept the divorce letter. Hearing this, Ge Shi was shocked, and retorted again and again, how could Xiao Yuanyi bring up the past again. It turned out that when Xiao Yuanyi was about to give birth, Ge Shi pretended to be an old immortal, claiming that the embryo would be kept in the main house to prevent Mrs. Cheng.

At first, Cheng Shi and his mother fought hard on the grounds, but the imperial decree came, requesting Cheng Shi to set off immediately with the whole army. Xiao Yuanyi gave birth to a dragon and a phoenix, and finally decided to leave her daughter to Jun-gu, and followed her husband to the battlefield with her young son. Thinking back to this day, Xiao Yuanyi can still feel the pain of separation, she ordered Ge Shi to be banned on the spot, so as not to destroy the auspicious day of the relocation, and then went out without looking back.

Ling Budo found a suspicious shop in the city, so he led people to surround it, and found Xu Jinzhong who had been missing for many days with clues. How could he know that the other party would rather kill himself by taking poison than reveal the slightest information, and the birthmark on his neck caught Ling Budo’s attention, he suddenly remembered that he had seen this man switch weapons when he was young, and ordered his subordinates to dig three feet into the ground to find clues. And the news of Xu Jinzhong’s death must not be disclosed to the outside world.

It had only been a few days since the last time the Ge family was banned, and Mrs. Ge came from a long distance with her eldest daughter-in-law. Even though it was a long journey, her face was full of wind and frost, and it was still difficult to hide her gentle manners. Everyone in the Cheng family came forward to greet her, especially when Cheng Cha saw Aunt Ge, she immediately rushed into her arms and was about to cry.

Seeing everyone surrounding Cheng Cha, paying attention to and appeasing her emotional changes, Cheng Shaoshang leaned on the edge of the porch without saying a word, trying to hide himself in the corner until everyone went to the inner hall after greeting. Xiao Yuanyi had no time to take care of her daughter, and in a hurry, she had to organize a reception banquet and arrange a guest room.

Mrs. Ge was highly respected, and she was also a reasonable person. She knew that there was no way to teach her daughter, so she took the initiative to apologize to her in-laws, and she had no complaints about the divorce. However, Ge Shi did not repent, and even Aunt Ge couldn’t stand it, accusing her of never showing filial piety, only knowing that she was making a fool of herself day after day, watching the old old lady Ge braved the wind and snow to come here, unexpectedly. No guilt yet.

On the other hand, Mrs. Ge was ashamed of the Cheng family. When she said it, she burst into tears, and Cheng Cheng couldn’t help crying. Although she usually hated the Ge family, she was very kind to this kind old man who helped the weak and the poor since childhood. It’s all love. The first marriage to the Ge family was mostly because of Mrs. Ge, who secretly felt the satisfaction of becoming Weng’s son-in-law, but did not want to fall into this field.

Cheng Shaoshang wanted to avoid the elders’ right and wrong, and returned to his small courtyard alone, but Xiao Yuanyi did not expect her to let her meet Mrs. Ge and his aunt, so as not to be rude. Following Xiao Yuanyi to the side hall, Cheng Shaoshang saw Aunt Ge and Cheng Cha were both wiping their tears, Xiao Yuanyi sat down as if he had never seen it before, and greeted with a smile.

The two sides knelt facing each other and exchanged a few words. Cheng Shaoshang heard Aunt Ge’s sincere teaching to Cheng Chayu, and was instantly in awe of her, so he took the initiative to offer a cup of buttermilk. But because of this, Cheng Shaoshang’s behavior made Xiao Yuanyi dissatisfied, thinking that she had stolen Cheng Cha’s limelight, and reprimanded her privately.

Cheng Shaoshang couldn’t understand Xiao Yuanyi’s good intentions, and even felt that Cheng Cha was honest and kind in her words and deeds in the heart of the other party, and she seemed quite calculated no matter what she did. So after what happened that night, Cheng Shaoshang felt extremely lonely. She did not have the great wisdom to replace her parents, but she could clearly feel the coldness of her biological parents.

The next day, Mrs. Ge left with her family. The Cheng family couldn’t keep it, so they could only go out with the family to see them off, and they were sent out of the city at once, still reluctant to part. The parting scene was very touching. Cheng Cha pulled Aunt Ge tearfully and cherished each other. Mrs. Ge and Cheng Cheng also spoke earnestly, but Cheng Shaoshang was like an outsider, standing beside her lonely, watching her mother treat Cheng Cha as if she were her own. Daughter, comfort her with soft words, but never use it on herself.

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