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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 3 Recap

According to the investigation of Liang Qiuqi and others, it was found that the person who bought Uncle Dong before was Xu Jinzhong, who lived in Fengling County and made a living by making iron for generations. Later, Xu Jinzhong was supported and promoted all the way to Shang Fangling, who was in charge of weapons. As for where the weapons were transported, Uncle Dong did not know.

As Cheng Shaoshang’s body gradually recovered, what was waiting for her was the sudden arrival of letters, and in this pile of letters, only three or four characters were recognized, and her level of knowledge was comparable to illiteracy. Xiao Yuanyi tried every means to train her daughter to be a well-known and well-known lady, but Cheng Shao-shang’s foundation was too poor, and she was slack in learning, which made her a headache.

Although Uncle Dong was exempted from the death penalty, he could not escape the crime, and finally ended up being assigned to the frontier, and he could go to the Cheng family to say goodbye before leaving. The daughter of the second room, Cheng Cha, arrived late. She is very different from Cheng Shaoshang.

Hearing Uncle Dong’s cries coming from outside the door, a group of women filed out. How could Uncle Dong become angry on the spot because Mrs. Cheng could not be saved. The disgust for Xiao Yuanyi, and Ge Shi’s deliberate forbidding Cheng Shaoshang to read and write, and even greedily swallow the silver taels that Cheng Shi sent home.

This remark made Madam Cheng panic in her heart, so anxious that Mrs. Ge’s face turned red, and she refuted Uncle Dong’s empty slander. Ling Budo stood at a high place to witness the whole process. The Liang brothers reported to him that Xu Jinzhong’s whereabouts were unknown, and he had no family, wife and children to investigate. Finally, under Ling Budo’s suggestion, he thought of the only place to go.

After finally sending Uncle Dong away, Mrs. Cheng finally fell into a big rock in her heart and pretended to scold Ge Shi a few words, which could also be a consignment sale. On the other hand, when the concubine mentioned the right to live in the main house, Ge Shi naturally refused to do so, but he could not attack in front of Mrs. Cheng, and he insulted the second master Cheng Cheng that night.

After all, in the eyes of everyone, Mrs. Cheng has three sons, the eldest brother fights as a general, and the third brother studies as an official, but the eldest Cheng Cheng is the only one who does nothing in front of the booklet all day. The more he thought about it, the more angry he became, and he threw the tablet into the brazier in a fit of rage. Fortunately, his daughter Cheng Cha appeared in time to protect her father, but it caused her dissatisfaction.

Under Xiao Yuanyi’s urging, Cheng Shaoshang stood at the desk and raised a lamp to read and write, but he felt the pressure doubled. In the past, the lack of clothing and food was caused by Jungu and others making things difficult for him, but now his mother has to face corporal punishment when she returns. Listening to Cheng Shaoshang’s confession, Xiao Yuanyi’s indifferent face once again showed a complicated expression, she resolutely dismantled what Cheng Shaoshang had done before, and bluntly said that this kind of behavior is bad, and if it is not restrained, it will bring disaster to the whole family.

However, Cheng Shaoshang didn’t think he was wrong at all. After all, in her opinion, Xiao Yuanyi had endured for decades, and in the end, Ge Shi had occupied the main house. But thinking about it carefully, Cheng Shaoshang felt suspicious again, so he took the initiative to find Ge Shi, deliberately revealing that he had a bad relationship with his mother, implying that if she wanted to continue living in the main house, she should use “children” as an excuse.

Sure enough, Mrs. Ge listened to Cheng Shaoshang, relying on Mrs. Cheng’s preference for ghosts and nonsense, saying that the old fairy asserted that the main house was beneficial to Zixi, so she decided to continue living in the main house until she became pregnant and gave birth to her son. Originally, Mrs. Cheng and Xiao Yuanyi had a bad relationship, not to mention that the matter was related to the children, so she readily agreed.

Because of this, Ge Shi thought that he had taken the limelight and ridiculed Xiao Yuanyi for being betrayed by his own daughter. But she didn’t know that Cheng Shaoshang guessed that the reason why Xiao Yuanyi didn’t compete for the main house must be related to the reward of the imperial court, and she would have a new residence. Xiao Yuanyi’s eyes were still a deep pool, but there were already waves in her heart, and Cheng Shaoshang’s intelligence made her more and more uneasy, and warned her daughter to do it herself.

On the same day, the imperial edict was passed to Chengfu. Because Cheng Shi repeatedly made military exploits, he sealed off the prince of the customs, acquired the town of Quling, donated hundreds of acres of fertile land, and dozens of boxes of treasures and jewelry. Mrs. Cheng was overjoyed and was full of praise for her son. Cheng Shi knew that the second brother liked to read, so he gave the book to the other, and let Mrs. Cheng choose the jewelry she liked.

When Ge Shi heard that the emperor rewarded the mansion, Xiao Yuanyi did not deny it, claiming that he would take the whole family to move to the new house, but Ge Shi stayed in the main house of the old house until he gave birth to his son. Cheng Shi and Xiao Yuanyi sang a harmony, and directly taught Ge Shi’s speechless rebuttal. After all, she made an oath on the grounds of an immortal, and even Mrs. Cheng saw it.

It was precisely because Ge Shi was defeated in front of Xiao Yuanyi, so full of resentment, he rushed into the boudoir and scolded Cheng Shaoyong for being vicious, pretending to offer a plan, and slandering his biological mother, but in fact he wanted to deceive her to stay in the old house. Cheng Shaoshang was still indifferent, pretending to be innocent, and his remarks made Ge Shi’s words unwilling to say anything. Xiao Yuanyi saw that her daughter had deliberately set a trap for herself, so she simply decided to do it.

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