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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 2 Recap

A few black shadows dashed through the palace lane like lightning, and went straight into the depths of the rock-like night. After a while, Ling Budo walked out quickly, his lieutenant and brothers following him. Passing outside the Marquis of Chengyang’s mansion, Liang Qiuqisi and the recent rumors in the community are all detrimental to the father-son relationship between Ling Budo and the Marquis of Chengyang, and the guilt is endless.

But Ling Budo didn’t care, after all, he was used to it, but the emperor wanted to suspend the investigation, which is enough to show that there are many behind the ordnance case. All the subordinates knew that “stolenly changing weapons” was a thorn in Ling Buxuan’s heart for many years, so when he recalled how many times Li Guanfu blocked him, he appointed Liang Qiuqi and Liang Qiufei to surveil him secretly.

How could he know that Cheng Shaoshang ordered someone to deliver the package, in addition to the grass ring, there was also a tattered silk cloth. According to the clues provided by Cheng Shaoshang, Ling Budo took someone to check Ge’s House, and as expected, he found that Uncle Dong had invested 80,000 yuan in the account book, which was enough to explain the source of the other party’s stolen money.

Now that Uncle Dong is greedy for ink weapons, and the evidence is conclusive, Mrs. Cheng is so anxious that she discusses with Ge Shi and others about countermeasures. Old lady Cheng’s maiden name was Dong. When the world was in chaos, only she and her younger brother were left in the Dong family until Cheng Shi started to make a fortune. Since then, Uncle Dong has lived with the Cheng family.

The second house Ge Shi believed that Cheng Shaoshang was ruthless in revenge, and was refuted by the big house and his wife. Cheng Shi was eager to protect his daughter, and because his mother kept crying, he was in a dilemma. After some quarrel, Mrs. Cheng couldn’t listen anymore and scolded everyone to go out.

Ge Shi deliberately arranged for Cheng Shi and Xiao Yuanyi to live in a side room on the grounds of reunion, but in fact they wanted to occupy the main room. Xiao Yuanyi looked away and promised to live in a side room, but the aura was so intimidating that Ge Shi was so frightened that he realized that the other party should not be underestimated.

In order to continue to pretend to be weak, Cheng Shaoshang smeared honey while others were not prepared, which seemed to be deficient in qi and blood, making him even weaker. Cheng Shi looked at his daughter distressedly, but Xiao Yuanyi noticed the strangeness on Cheng Shaoshang’s mouth, so he quietly covered her with a quilt, and called the lotus room outside to inquire about the situation.

Under the narration of Lianfang, the couple knew that Cheng Shaoshang was not welcome, and they were often sent to Zhuangzi in the countryside. And all of this stemmed from the fact that Ge was married to the Cheng family for decades, but never had any children, so he thought of adopting his ten-year-old nephew Yaoge. , and what happened after that.

Xiao Yuanyi carefully inquired about the facts, and basically concluded that Cheng Shaoshang was not completely innocent, including today’s sudden fainting, which was caused by the injury to the spleen and stomach, which showed that he did not have the habit of nurturing a daughter. Cheng Shaoshang listened to the chatter outside, with all kinds of feelings in his heart. He thought that his parents would be able to live a free life when they came back, but now it seems to be fantastic.

Although the good medicine is bitter and beneficial to the disease, Cheng Shaoshang is not a serious problem. It is really difficult to swallow the bitter medicine sent into the room every day. At this time, Cheng Shaoshang heard the movement outside the door, and immediately pretended to be weak and lay on the bed, the door curtain was lifted, bringing in a slight chill, Cheng Shi and Xiao Yuanyi only brought Qing Li into the room.

Just now, the lotus house, who was still talking about how many rare materials were added to the medicine, immediately took the medicine bowl away from his hand, supported Cheng Shaoshang up, and bowed his arms in salute. Seeing that his daughter was in better spirits than yesterday, Cheng Shi was also happy and sat on the couch happily, but it was Xiao Yuanyi who insisted again and again, and Cheng Shaoshang had to swallow a few sips of the soup.

The family was gossiping, and before Cheng Shaoshang had finished drinking the medicine, they heard a sharp and rough old woman crying in the distance. It lasted for seven or eight seconds without stopping. Cheng Shi had no choice but to take his wife to the front yard.

Seeing the old lady Cheng crying and screaming, looking for life and death, the whole person was quite embarrassed. Cheng Shaoshang knew that the good show was officially started, so he and the lotus room hid by the fence to spy on the Cheng family’s mother and son fighting. Although Cheng Shi was kind-hearted, he would never condone and protect Uncle Dong. He simply slumped on the ground with tears in his eyes. He first cried about his difficulties, and then threatened to hand over all the money to his aunt.

Sure enough, the confidant Mo Ruozi, Cheng Shi fully took advantage of Mrs. Cheng’s seven inches, so that she could not succeed overnight, and the farce ended hastily. Cheng Shaoshang watched with relish, but did not notice Xiao Yuanyi behind him, until Xiao Yuanyi suddenly spoke up and scolded her for not being allowed to meddle in the affairs of adults in the future.

Ever since Uncle Dong was imprisoned, he has been listening to endless screams all day long, like a frightened bird. Under Xiao Yuanyi’s suggestion, Cheng Shi sought out Mrs. Cheng’s confidant sister, Hu Li, to accuse the DPRK of serious corruption and stealing weapons, resulting in heavy casualties.

Madam Cheng looked at her son’s body with scars of knives, and finally realized the stakes and understood that Uncle Dong’s evil deeds would endanger the Cheng family. Between the rise and fall of her younger brother and the whole family, Madam Cheng resolutely chose to kill her relatives in a righteous way. It happened that Aunt Dong wanted to convict Cheng Shi for her husband, so she was so angry that Madam Cheng ordered her to be expelled from the house.

At this point the dust had settled, Cheng Shaoshang pondered Xiao Yuanyi behind his back, and felt that she was definitely not someone who seemed to bow down to soft words on the surface. Originally, Xiao Yuanyi was carrying a ruler to tailor her daughter’s clothes, but when she heard Cheng Shaoshang’s words, she moved her family law in a fit of rage and ordered her to stay in the house and not go out.

Cheng Shi comforted the old lady Cheng and returned to the room, and found that the lady was sighing, and only after inquiring did she find out that it was related to her daughter. At the beginning, Xiao Yuanyi felt that Erlang should be disciplined strictly, otherwise he would accidentally implicate the whole family after entering office, but seeing Cheng Shaoshang’s ability to cause trouble, he regretted leaving him in the mansion, so he made up his mind to teach him well, not to make mistakes again and again. Mistake each other for life.

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