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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 39 Recap

Gao Hu knew that his daughter had entered the palace to plead for love, so he hated iron for not being steel, but Gao Hui made up his mind that he must seek justice for Zhao Pan’er, which is also considered to repay the other party’s kindness. After much consideration, the officials notified the nobles to summon Xiao Qinyan, and ordered the release of Gu Qianfan, which was the same as before.

Because of this, Zhang Yun respectfully invited Gu Qianfan to present a good medicine for ear diseases. Gu Qianfan thought that Zhang Yun was working for the court and would not be held accountable. When he came to the Yongan Building, he learned that Zhao Paner had gone to Kaifeng to sue Ouyang Xu. However, the attendant beside the queen had already greeted Kaifeng Mansion, so the case was not heard publicly.

Seeing that the yamen gate was closed, and the onlookers were eating melons and talking outside, Gu Qianfan came out of the guards division, and could only hold his troops. Zhao Paner sued Ouyang Xu on the spot for repenting of the marriage and demoting his wife to a concubine. Return home to tell.

Because of Zhao Pan’er’s status as a musician, the common people stood indiscriminately in Ouyang Xu’s camp and scolded him in various ways. Zhao Pan’er finally breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that Gu Qianfan was safe and sound. At the same time, she also decided to continue to sue, just to block these lingering voices.

Even if Zhao Paner and others are a hundred times more capable and a thousand times kinder than these men, in their eyes, they are still rotten women. Originally, Ouyang Xu was sued to rescue Gu Qianfan, but now Ouyang Xu is punished by the law even if he is suffering from sewage. Gu Qianfan was not afraid of the Queen’s intimidation, and still chose to support Zhao Pan’er and accompany her vigorously.

A black-faced boy walked out of the crowd and took the initiative to show Zhao Paner the way, suggesting that she go to the Dengwen Drum Temple outside the gate of Tokyo. All of them are subject to their words, and their appearances can be compared to emperors. Since the Dengwen Drum Court only accepts criminal prosecutions for crimes such as corruption, robbery and murder, other cases need to be filed one by one from the county to the state, otherwise it will be an over-prosecution, and you must first be sentenced to 20 square meters. Can.

With the support of Gu Qianfan and the company of Sun Sanniang and Song Yinzhang, Zhao Paner beat the Dengwen drum, and the sound of the drum, which had not been played for a long time, spread all over the city of Tokyo, attracting the attention of officials and ministers. Zhao Pan’er was willing to lead 20 gauntlets in accordance with the law, but she did not expect the queen to interfere, causing the hip battle to become a spine battle.

Under everyone’s attention, Zhao Pan’er could not bear the severe punishment, vomited out a mouthful of blood, and gradually fell into a coma. Gu Qianfan and Sun Sanniang rushed forward to stop her. On the other hand, Ouyang Xu seemed to be stunned, constantly talking about killing her, and the rest of the onlookers couldn’t bear to look directly at her. Gu Qianfan, in his capacity as the imperial city envoy, angrily scolded the judge for abusing heavy sentences, fearing that it would be unfair, so he picked up Zhao Pan’er and went out, only to wait for the remaining fourteen battles after everything was found out.

When the officials learned of Zhao Pan’er’s experience and her identity, they were filled with emotion. It was her own fault back then, but Zhao Pan’er didn’t hold any grudges in her heart, and even the palace maids spoke highly of her. But when the official family heard about Gu Qianfan’s robbery of the execution ground, he immediately went over to question the queen, and now the outside world has spread a lot of uproar, thinking that the injustice of the Drum Academy also represents the injustice of the court.

The queen didn’t know herself, but felt aggrieved. The official family had treated her kindly and indulgently over the years, and expressed that she only had pity for Zhao Pan’er, and had no thoughts between men and women. The so-called way of governing a country is both strict and lenient. The reason why the official family will forbear the clear stream is to remember the teachings of the father and the emperor back then, that everything needs to be based on the principles of nature and public opinion. However, the queen arbitrarily made unwarranted accusations, and she also cooperated with Qi Mu and others. How different.

Gu Qianfan was guarding Zhao Pan’er. Seeing her injury was so serious, she was naturally uncomfortable, but the most urgent task was to come up with a countermeasure. Before Zhao Paner woke up, Gu Qianfan entrusted Sun Sanniang and Song Yinzhang to take care of her. He sneaked into the queen’s bedroom in the middle of the night and took the initiative to show her sincerity to the queen.

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