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The Story of Xing Fu 幸福到万家 Episode 6 Recap

Happiness wants to build a greenhouse and make a vegetable base. She told Wang Youde and Lin Guizhi about this idea. Now the time is right and the conditions are suitable. Wang Youde was reluctant, and the family only had about 100,000 yuan, which was for the future marriage of Wang Qingzhi. Wang Qinglai and Lin Guizhi both agreed, but Wang Youde was hesitant.

When Wang Qingzhi contacted Guan Tao, there was nothing else, he just hoped that he could take care of his luck. When renting the land and measuring the area, Xingfu bargained with the other party, and no one else could take it for a little bit of cheapness. It is a pity that Wang Qinglai has spoken, and happiness is not good for his face. He promised that the area would remain unchanged, and he would be charged 50 yuan less every year.

Happiness and Qinglai just finished measuring the area, and the people who built the greenhouse came. Lucky contacted Xingfu and learned that she had started renting land to build a greenhouse, and her money was tight. Lucky was not lucky to tell her that she had no money. The rent has come to the due time, but luck has not yet paid the salary, so I can only turn a blind eye, and take a casual lunch every day.

Guan Tao discovered her embarrassment and wanted to lend her money to tide over this difficulty first, but luckily influenced by her mother, she did not lend her hand to others easily, so she accepted Guan Tao’s kindness, but she did not ask Guan Tao. lend her money.

Lin Guizhi came here, and found that happiness seemed to be pregnant, so she happily asked Wang Qinglai to bring happiness to the health center for examination, and she was pregnant. Happiness told the good news to her mother and sister successively. She was going to buy a computer in the city, and by the way, she was lucky. The Wang family called Xiuyu back for dinner at noon and told her the good news of her happy pregnancy.

Since these days, Lin Guizhi and Wang Youde have seen that their ability to be happy is very strong, and they are sincerely thinking about this family. The two elders discussed giving the family to Qinglai and Xingfu, and handed over the keys to the whole family to her.

Luckily, she was kicked out by the landlord due to arrears in rent. With nowhere to stay, she had to wait for everyone in the office to leave, and secretly went to the law firm to spend the night. Unexpectedly, Guan Tao came back to get the documents and found her, but Guan Tao didn’t tell anyone about it, and he was very lucky. Fortunately for the first time into society, Guan Tao saw all the dilemmas, and she sat in the law firm all night sadly.

Happiness came to the city, and Lucky went to see her after work. Happiness did not rush her to buy a computer with her, but brought Lucky to dinner first. Seeing Lucky gobbling her food, happiness couldn’t help feeling distressed.

Happiness asked her if she was doing well, Lucky couldn’t help crying, but she still lied and said that she was doing well. After eating, Xing Xing secretly followed Luck, and accidentally found out that she lived in the company, and her sister obviously had no money, so she didn’t even have a place to stay. Xingfu helped her pack her things, let her go to a hotel with him tonight, and find a house for her tomorrow.

Later, Wang Qinglai came back with happiness, and she didn’t buy a computer, so she gave Lucky all the money. Lin Guizhi has no opinion, but Wang Youde still cares about money. Luckily remembered Guan Tao’s words, she found time to go to the bank to apply for a credit card, just hoping to make her life better.

Because of the land problem, the contract has not been signed. Wanshantang told his son that he must take environmental protection in mind. He Lucky has always worked hard, but Director Han is not looking for her hard work, but her youthful vigor. Under the guise of nurturing her, Director Han asked her to buy two sets of beautiful clothes and go on a business trip to Shanghai with him.

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