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The Story of Xing Fu 幸福到万家 Episode 4 Recap

The matchmaker hurried back to Wanjia Village and told Wang Youde the second old man of happiness. The mother-in-law laughed when she heard it, and felt that happiness was really like herself when she was young. She gave the matchmaker an idea, and the matchmaker didn’t know if it would work, but she went to Wanshantang anyway.

According to what Lin Guizhi said, the matchmaker reiterated to Wan Shantan about it, but Wan Shantang didn’t care, and let the Wang family handle the housework by themselves, whether Wang Qinglai and Xingfu broke up, or divorced, it had nothing to do with the village committee. The matchmaker had to tell Wang Youde and Lin Guizhi what Wanshantang said. Lin Guizhi had no choice but to ask the matchmaker to go to He’s house to clear it up again.

Lucky received a call from Daxun, but it was Daxun’s mother who broke up with Lucky on behalf of Daxun because she had embarrassed their family. Happiness and her mother made the meal, she went to the house and called Lucky to come out to eat.

Unexpectedly, Lucky drank wine again. When she saw her sister come in, Lucky cried and told Daxun that Daxun had broken up with herself. The mother in the living room It also hurts to hear. The matchmaker came the next day and asked Xingfu to go back with him, otherwise the Wang family really wanted Xingfu and Wang Qinglai to divorce. Happy to go out, even if the Wang family doesn’t want her, she still has to ask for an explanation for her sister.

That night, Wang Qinglai sat on Dahong’s wedding bed, hesitating whether to call Xingfu. At this time, Xingfu was at her mother’s house, and she was silent when she saw the happy word in the room that had not been removed. Xingfu went out to Wanjiazhuang early in the morning. Lucky called her and learned that she had gone to Wanshantang again.

In a hurry, the mother blurted out that happiness is all about luck, and if this really ruined the marriage, how should happiness live in the future. When Lucky heard this, she felt that her mother was blaming herself. Her mother consciously made a slip of the tongue and couldn’t help but hug Lucky and regret it. After all, she and Happiness were both her own girls, and she felt distressed for both.

Happy to meet Wanshantang again, and tell the tragedy of his sister. If Wanshantang doesn’t give her an explanation, then happiness will continue to report. If Wanshantang gave her an explanation, she would not divorce Wang Qinglai, but it still depends on the meaning of her husband’s family. Wang Qinglai heard that happiness was in the village committee.

When he passed by on a motorcycle, happiness had already left. Lin Guizhi had no choice but to make his son mentally prepared for this marriage. Wang Shantang asked his son to apologize to He Lucky after the meeting. Wan Chuanjia is the general manager of the Wanjia Group, and he manages hundreds of people. He doesn’t want to go, and he can’t afford to lose this person.

Lucky left home, she left a letter to happiness, the matter has come to this point, she does not want to make her sister’s life uneasy because of her own affairs. Wang Qing came to pick up Xingfu, but Xingfu did not go back with him. Before the meeting to discuss the establishment of a health care product factory, Wanshantang mentioned the cancellation of the bad custom of marriage.

Others had no opinion. Wanshantang asked people to go to the village committee to post a notice that no matter who married a daughter-in-law or a daughter in the future, no remarriage was allowed. As for the transformation of a health care product factory, some people put forward their own ideas. Wan Chuanjia was in a bad mood. When he saw that some people were afraid of their heads and tails, for fear that the factory would not make any profit after the completion of the factory, he directly lost his temper at the meeting.

Wanshantang mediated, and everyone reluctantly agreed to build a factory. Fortunately, she came to the city alone and found a place to live. The rent for a small room was only 800 yuan, which put a lot of pressure on her who did not have a job.

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