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The Story of Xing Fu 幸福到万家 Episode 3 Recap

My mother-in-law suggested that when Xingfu returns home, ask Luck what she thinks. After all, she is the master of this matter. The next day, Wang Qinglai came back with happiness, and Wang Xiuyu came back from the outside in a huff, without saying hello to anyone.

When she heard that her mother was concerned about her own money and wanted to use her own money to help her second brother Wang Qingzhi arrange future marriages, she dragged a suitcase and wanted to go to work in the city. The whole family tried to persuade her, and because of this, they learned that Wang Xiuyu was fired by Xuemei from Wanjia Group.

Xingfu and Wang Qing went back to the door. Xingfu learned that Lucky Da had taken a bath three times a day since she got home. She went up to the door to ask with concern. The mother-in-law told Wang Qinglai that luck was not good. She would not eat until three meals a day were served on the side. Her boyfriend also called every day to ask where he was being touched and whether he was being watched. After Lucky took a bath, Lucky saw her sister’s injuries and felt distressed. She told her sister not to hold her back, but Lucky told her to stop worrying about her own affairs.

Wang Qinglai received a call from his brother and learned that Wang Xiuyu was expelled from the group. He asked Xingfu to go back with himself. Xingfu couldn’t worry about his sister and immediately refused to go back with him. Wang Qinglai was suddenly a little angry, and felt that only her sister was in her eyes. Luckily, she has low self-esteem. Although she had good grades in college, she has been unable to find any job since graduation. Happiness comforts her. As long as she works hard, she will have a clear conscience for what she will be in the future.

Xingfu was really worried. She told her mother that she was going to report the case, but her mother quickly stopped her and reported the case for the marriage. I was afraid that Xingfu would be in a difficult situation in Wanjiazhuang in the future. After the meal was ready, Wang Qinglai disappeared, and Xingfu didn’t answer the phone. Wang Xiuyu was in a bad mood and didn’t eat a few bites of food. Wang Youde once again blamed happiness for being troubled. Wang Qingzhi thought that happiness was right. He quarreled with his father for a few words. Wang Qinglai came back alone on his motorcycle.

The brothers met Wang Chuanjia and told about Wang Xiuyu’s dismissal. When Wang Chuanjia asked, they found out that his wife had interfered with the group’s personnel without authorization. He slapped her in anger, and then asked Xiuyu to come back to work.

Although his wife did something wrong, Wan Chuanjia calmed down, knowing that he was too reckless, and his tone softened, and he took her proposal to buy CT equipment to heart. The second old man Wang Youde asked the matchmaker to run a trip to persuade Xingfu to come back, because Wang Qinglai was really unwilling to pick him up. Lucky here is on the phone with Daxun. He has been asking about the marriage troubles, uncovering Lucky’s scars, and Lucky is crying.

Xingfu plans to go back tomorrow, but when her mother thinks that she can’t do it, she has to ask Wang Qing to pick her up, otherwise, if she goes back in the future, her happy days will be sad. After all, this time Wang Qing came to say hello and left her and left without saying a word. The matchmaker came to tell Mother He that happiness had smashed the head of Wan Chuanjia a lot of blood for the sake of luck. This frightened Mother He, and she quickly said that she would no longer care about luck with Wan Chuanjia.

Xingfu heard the conversation between the matchmaker and mother, and immediately opened the door to explain that the matter was not that serious. Now that the matchmaker is here, Xingfu asked her to go back and send a message to Wang Qinglai, either he would come to pick him up, or he would go to Wan Chuan’s family to ask for an explanation for his sister.

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