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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 38 Recap

Fu Zifang found out that the relationship between Sun Sanniang and Du Changfeng was difficult to accept for a while, so he searched for life by the river. Song Yinzhang knew that the river was not deep, so he pushed him down. Sun Sanniang was disappointed with Fu Zifang and turned around and left. At night, Fu Zifang went home alone and apologized to Sun Sanniang, and the mother and son released their suspicions.

Fortunately, Yongan Building and Song Yinzhang took care of it on their behalf. Recently, the business has been quite prosperous, and it is not inferior to Zhao Paner. Gu Qianfan revealed to Zhao Pan’er that Ouyang Xu was killed on the way to his post. The identity of the murderer is currently unknown, but he felt very strange that an official impeached Gu Qianfan for marrying a business woman in the court today.

As soon as the words fell, Zhang Yun, the chief of the guards, brought someone to the door, and ordered Gu Qianfan to be taken to the guard’s private prison for investigation. Due to the official order not to use severe punishment, Zhang Yun used waterboarding to pressure Gu Qianfan and forced him to hand over the pictures of the night banquet. However, Gu Qianfan said that he had never seen the pictures of the banquet, nor had he instructed others to forge pictures of the banquet to deceive officials.

On the contrary, Commander Cui pretended to be a cat demon. Zhang Yun and Commander Cui had a deep friendship, and took this opportunity to seek revenge. Seeing that Gu Qianfan refused to confess, he ordered a severe punishment. Gu Qianfan endured the pain and warned Zhang Yun not to be instigated by others, but Zhang Yun did not listen to the persuasion and continued to increase the punishment.

The relationship between Gu Qianfan and Zhao Paner has been rumored to the outside world, and it has also led the officials to speculate that Gu Qianfan colluded with the later party and instructed Zhao Paner to fabricate the night banquet. Now that Qi Mu is not in the capital, Zhao Paner thinks that Xiao Qinyan will never stand by and watch, so now they have to wait patiently. Only by acting calmly can they gain the trust of the officials.

Chi Pan wanted to marry Zhao Pan’er out of selfishness, so that he could avoid the officials’ investigation, and the rumors would be broken without attacking. However, Zhao Paner politely declined Chi Pan’s kindness, and regardless of whether she had identified Gu Qianfan, even if she really married Chi Pan, it would be difficult to prove her innocence. If the officials want to investigate carefully, it will not be difficult.

Now Zhao Paner is very worried about Gu Qianfan’s situation. Du Changfeng thought that Chi Pan was the shopkeeper of Yong’an Building, and it was inconvenient to come forward rashly, so he went to visit instead of everyone and found out Gu Qianfan’s ear problem. Gu Qianfan asked Du Changfeng to pass the message to Zhao Pan’er and the others. At least right now, they should not act rashly. The reason why the official family has not yet attacked Yong’an Tower is because they are skeptical, not to mention that Gu Qianfan has Lei Jing’s handle in his hand. Intercede in front of home.

When Zhao Paner learned about this, she asked Chen Lian to help distract her, while she went to see Xiao Qinyan alone, hoping that the other party could save Gu Qianfan. Although Xiao Qinyan agreed on the surface, he was already thinking about a plan in his heart. In the end, Xiao Wei took Zhao Paner from the carriage and revealed to her that Xiao Qinyan was a person who sacrificed his family for the benefit, so he hoped that Zhao Paner and Gu Qianfan would Everyone is safe and sound, and don’t listen to Xiao Qinyan’s lies.

As Gu Qianfan expected, Lei Jing helped him exonerate in front of the official family. At the same time, Chen Lian thought of a countermeasure, that is, to buy Ouyang Xu, try to make him change his mind and push the blame to Qingliu. Zhao Pan’er learned that Ouyang Xu had survived and decided to meet him in person, while Chen Lian stayed nearby.

When he came to Ouyang Xu’s residence, Zhao Pan’er explained the situation directly, and couldn’t understand why he wanted to kill him. Ouyang Xu said that he had nowhere to go, and immediately fell to his knees after speaking. Just as Zhao Pan’er approached, Ouyang Xu’s eyes were red like crazy, and he choked Zhao Pan’er’s neck tightly, hating why she failed him, and wanted to fall in love with Gu Qianfan.

Ouyang Xu completely lost his mind, and when he realized that Zhao Pan’er didn’t respond, he froze in place. Taking advantage of Ouyang Xu’s inattention, Zhao Pan’er got up and hit him on the head, but he was not Ouyang Xu’s opponent after all. Fortunately, Chen Lian heard the voice and rushed in and took Zhao Pan’er out of the residence.

Gao Hui insisted on seeing the official family regardless of the obstruction, and bluntly said that Zhao Pan’er was her best friend, so she knew the person of the other party very well, and believed that she would never rely on her power to monopolize fragrances. In order to prove Zhao Pan’er’s innocence, Gao Hui truthfully stated what she knew. Poor Zhao Pan’er, as a woman, has no support in Beijing. The reason why there is today’s Yong’an Building is that all the results obtained by hard work, and I believe in the official The family will definitely be aware of the situation, and don’t let the court battle ruin innocent people.

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