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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 37 Recap

After Zhao Pan’er’s persuasion, Fu Zifang came to the school to study honestly, but Sun Sanniang was a little reluctant. Du Changfeng thinks that it doesn’t matter if Fu Zifang is a baby. The problem is that Fu Zifang is already fourteen years old. He will be able to pay taxes next year, and he should live independently. What’s more, Du Changfeng and Sun Sanniang are going to get married sooner or later, so Fu Zifang is also his son, so he will naturally take good care of him. Sun Sanniang was very moved and went up to kiss Du Changfeng.

Since Gu Qianfan and Zhao Pan’er got back together, they were like glue, Zhao Pan’er deliberately teased Gu Qianfan, and seeing him jealous of Chi Pan, he just thought it was quite cute and funny. Gu Qianfan knew that even if Zhao Pan’er let go of her previous hatred, there would be more or less haze in her heart. He was willing to accompany Zhao Pan’er, and was willing to use time to slowly heal each other’s wounds.

Zhao Pan’er’s eyes were flushed when she heard it, and she learned from Gu Qianfan that Ouyang Xu was employed in Suzhou, which seemed to be peaceful, and the officials did not punish him for demoting him. But Ouyang Xu couldn’t accept this reality, so he handed over the house deed to Ziming, let him sell it and realize it, and find a relationship as soon as possible.

Uncle De stopped him and refused to let Ouyang Xu consume the last fortune of the Ouyang family. However, Ouyang Xu was stubborn, and he could not accept his move to a miasmatic, humid and hot place like Lingnan, which was already Ren Deguan. Ge Qing is an important post, but the capriciousness of the official family makes him completely crazy, and he believes that it was deliberately done by Gu Qianfan and Qi Mu.

One day, Ouyang Xu suddenly came to the Yongan Building. Song Yinzhang’s attitude towards Ouyang Xu’s appearance was extremely disgusting and unwelcome. Ouyang Xu said that he was about to leave Tokyo, so before leaving, he asked Song Yinzhang to hand over the letter on his behalf. Ge Zhaodi sighed that although Ouyang Xu was a beast, he still looked like a talent.

Zhao Pan’er saw the content of the letter and guessed that Ouyang Xu was trying to show weakness by relying on his old love. No matter for Zhao Pan’er or Ouyang Xu, the best punishment is to break the Qingyun road. Now all the major restaurants know that Yong’an House has purchased the whole city’s spices. It just so happens that tomorrow is the first day of the new year. The boss of Pan House personally invited Yong’an House to discuss the wine and purchase together. Obviously, the guild is recruiting them. I believe it will not work. How long does it take to change from a foot shop to a real shop.

Due to Uncle De’s reasons, the land deed was not sold, but paid for 400 yuan. Ouyang Xu had beaten Zi Ming to the point of inhumanity, and finally became so mad that he killed Uncle De, completely inhuman. Even Ziming, who had been with Ouyang Xu for many days, was still frightened by him.

Gu Qianfan personally picked out gifts for Zhao Paner, large boxes and small bags piled up the whole house, and even bought a puppy to accompany him. Although Gu Qianfan and Zhao Pan’er were reconciled, Chi Pan still didn’t think the two would last long, and even believed that as long as he swung his pick well, he would definitely be able to dig a wall.

At this time, Zhao Pan’er raised an umbrella and walked out. Before Chi Pan could speak, she saw Gu Qianfan holding Zhao Pan’er and looking at him provocatively. Chi Pan chased after him so anxiously that in the carriage, the two men stared at each other for half an hour, even if their eyes were red and tearful, they would not admit defeat, until Zhao Paner suddenly proposed a truce.

As for the matter of buying wine next year, Zhao Paner thinks that it should be declined. After all, the main store is just a big name, and it may not be affordable to do it. Yongan Building has only been used for a long time. If the stalls are spread too much, I am afraid it will be difficult to support. Chi Pan felt that Zhao Paner’s words were reasonable, and he considered that he was only invited to the banquet today. How could he know that there was a problem in the road ahead, which made it difficult for the carriage to travel, so the three simply walked over.

The assassin had already been ambushed on the bridge. Seeing that Gu Qianfan and Zhao Pan’er were getting closer and closer, they deliberately cut the rope and smashed dozens of thick logs down. Gu Qianfan protected Zhao Pan’er with his body, and both of them were injured because of it, so they stayed in Gu’s house to recuperate in the past few days. When Du Changfeng learned of this, he hurriedly came to Sun Sanniang, lest she would be injured too.

The owner of Pan Lou discussed with others to deal with Yongan Building, Song Yinzhang replaced Zhao Paner as the shopkeeper, and he did a good job. How do you know that Changle County Master accused Yongan Building of selling rancid food, but fortunately Song Yinzhang brought a medical officer to come and confirmed that the food had been packaged. Changle County Master Mansion also apologized to Yongan Building for this.

However, one wave after another, Li Qing’s family, who was in charge of selling wine before, suddenly changed their attitude and refused to sell wine to Yongan Building. Song Yinzhang decided to ask Chi Pan to come forward to solve it, but after encountering the last incident, Chi Pan locked himself in the room all day, and the door did not open the door. Soon to be closed.

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